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  1. After reading this forum, and one year working on my credit got my TU score from 601 to 680 and hooter just gave me a 10,000 limit!, wow I feel like a new man, thank Credit info center
  2. I have moved from louisiana ton hawaii and I have a charge off with date of last activity 10/2000, my question how does that effect the SOL. Does the clock contiune from the date of last activity or does it start over when i moved? i'm assuming that it just contiunes and is enforcable with hawaii's 6 year law. I'm just curious, the account was sold long ago to a JDB and haven't heard anything for awhile from them, just hopeing to coast until this october , the six year mark, then If my premise is correct will be uncollectable in this state and off my CR in another year, thanks in advance fot
  3. Have 2 badies left tried to dispute a couple of times, verified both times(tried not mine and wrong balance). Anyone have any luck getting either one of these company to delete? just kinda at a roadblock with these 2. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey, kinda stuck. I have a paid charge off with Dell. the date of last activity is 7/2004. I have attempted to dispute 3 times, not mine, trade line and wrong amount and they have verified every time. Changed tradeline to paid charge off. I would love to get this one off my report, only 2 badies left, thanks for any ideas.
  5. I have a debt origanating in louisiana in 1998, i moved to california in 2000 and made the last payment on the account 09/2000. last year i moved to hawaii. i have been in 3 different states, for which state does the sol apply to me? The debt has been sold to Sherman and they just started calling again(they left me alone for the last year). The collection attorney is located in Cali. the reason i am asking because if its california the SOL has run out last october i believe, if its hawaii its SOL is 6 years on open acounts, thus i am not protected. Thanks in advance
  6. I just signed up on wednsday and still can't access reports online as well. Talked to customer service and they said it will take 72 hours from when they process your membership, which also takes a couple of days, so it sounds like it takes about a week until you can access online.
  7. thanks for the info, i disputed ex with not my account and TU & EQ with paid never late, in hind sight I should have used not mine/unknown account with them all, that would have given me another shot with all of them. So i guess i will wait a couple of months and try again. What would be my best chance to redispute it with? one of my concerns is that Ex verifed in just a couple of days and made the tradeline paid, charge off from just charge off. Thanks in advance. ----TU 583 FICO'S 4/1/05 ----EX 608 ----EQ 636
  8. Hi, I recently disputed a paid charge off from dell fin. that the trade line originally read ******Charge off*** and they verifed and now reports******paid, Charge off**** Am i stuck or should i try another angle with disupting? I think Dell is pretty savvy when it comes to reponding to CRA'a they verified to all 3 agencies. as far as DV the original contact was online so I don't know how that works. thanks in advance ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TU 583 EX608 Eq 636
  9. HI, I am would like to get a loan on my paid off car with a blue book value of aprox 14K. I need 5k for dental work and thought this might be my best chance to secure a loan. My current fico's are TU 589, EXP 609 and EQU 629. my credit report has one unpaid CO from 11/2000 for 5800 that Sherman has bought and another CO paid from 2 years ago. I have no late payments on the rest of accounts since 1/2004 and my balances are under 30% on my current accounts. I have 3 live CC 1 with a CL of 1900, another with a CR of 1330 and the last with a CL of $500 and one CC from providian that they closed b
  10. Hi, I have a charge off with the last date of activity 10/2000 its from a cc with a balance of $5,800. the original creiditor sold the account to Sherman Acq. my issue is i have just moved from califorina where the debts SOL had expired it was over 4 years, but i moved to Hawaii and have discovered the SOL is 6 years here. I have not heard from Sherman since about june 2004. I am trying to coast through this until it expires but that is a long time and fear my luck can't be that good and they will attempt to collect when they find out I have moved thus having an additional year and a half to c