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  1. I'm willing to bet good money that the Feds give these specific collectors broader powers (and us, fewer resources for problem solving) - it would fit with the trend of the last six years of this admin. I won't mention the cronyism that would likely be involved as to which companies get picked for this. Welcome to the sixteenth century - these idiots are even contemplating privatizing tax collection.
  2. I tried using my old address, but that didn't work either. I am not going to send (for the fifth time) a copy of my SS/DL thru the mail - this alone is another security risk for us. I also won't give up my firstborn. (lol) We just have to keep hammering onwards for common sense. I have enlisted the aid of my Congressman on this one, since they are essentially denying me my legal rights. I would suggest you do the same; they are there to go to bat - at least in theory - for constituents....and mine is up for reelection. Hopefully yours is too. Will post what happens as it unfolds.
  3. I'm livid. I've been trying to exercise my rights under the FCRA Act of '03, and obtain my free credit reports. Each major reporting bureau is denying me, stating that my current address does not match the one on file, and that only a credit or debt company can update it. Until then, I cannot obtain a report. WTF? Now we have to apply for credit or incurr a debt to obtain a free report? Noone ever moves, nor are we capable of updating our own personal info? Has anyone else had this problem?
  4. I understand. Family orders must be a nightmare to enforce. I wish you good luck if you pursue it!
  5. I never did, nor do I sign them. All correspondence is typed, and referenced purely by the account number.
  6. I've wondered about that, and have seen case law that denied a CA PP for a hard inquiry, but opposing views here. I just went round 1 with NCO on this; they assumed a medical collection, and put a hard inquiry on my report. I argued it and demanded removal, and they responded: "Please be advised that Going-To-Pay-For-My-Miata Hospital has placed the above account with our offices for collection and a copy of your credit report was obtained in conjunction therewith. As a result of this permissable purpose, we see no authority for removal of this inquiry." Are they correct, or can I start round
  7. My experience with this company: Joined on a 30-day free trial on Feb 1st. Receive the confirmation email; login to the site, poke around a bit and then click to order my FREE (the carrot of the 30-day free trial) 3-bureau report with one Credit Score. Screen asks for a number that I did not receive in confirmation email, and states that if I have not received it within 5 days to c0ntact 1-800-can't-ever-get-thru. I send a couple of emails over the next few weeks, also, with no response. During the last week of the 30 day period, I send an irate email outlining the entire experience and demand
  8. Boy, I don't know...I think that's one of those cases where what happens is going to totally depend on the judges personality. It could be viewed as frivolous, or it could be viewed as continuing past behaviors. It would appear that you only have two choices: small claims for the earrings, or family court for violations of orders. If the little girls ears were swollen and irritated, and he hadn't removed the earrings, wouldn't he also have been negligent in caring for her? (See where I'm going with this?) I think you're stuck with small claims. Hope you don't mind me playing devils advocate
  9. I have a silly question: is it possible that he removed the earrings because her ears were irritated? Sowwy - it just crossed my mind because you said one lobe was swollen.
  10. I had the exact same situation with AFNI and Sprint for about $300, the date was 2002. I DV'd them both - no response. DV'd both again almost two months later, included copy of previous mail and proof of delivery. This time, got a response from AFNI that all reporting had ceased on that account, and they no longer handled it, I should contact SPRINT. Sent CRA's copy of AFNI letter with delete request. (Took a few months, but I did eventually get it AFNI off all of them.) Sent another DV to Sprint, included previous copies and POD, demanded that they validate or remove this account from my n
  11. Just to add a positive note, and encourage the new people - When I started this almost six months ago, I had more than 13 negatives on my CR. It has taken a lot of patience (write, write, hurry-up-and-wait) and the invaluable assistance of this Forum...but today :::drum roll:: I only have two negs left, both of which are medical and for well under $200.00 each. I have three positives, and a new credit card on the way. (Not to really use, just minimally, to establish credit; I hadn't ever used credit) I thought I was going to have to go to court on a couple of cases, but they folded or mysterio
  12. Worth a quick read: This is a shame, as well as adding two negatives to someones CR regarding the same account. Perhaps CA's that purchase a charge off should not be able to report at all regarding the account - as they have extended no credit to that consumer, and the OC listed it already. Come to think of it, that might be a great new way of insuring accurate CR, too - no CRA can list anything more than once relating to the same debt unless the previous listing/listor has removed theirs.
  13. "((Who is really Mrs)) " Er...that's in :::drum roll::: 'Ms Thang' (lol) He's adorable...I'll have to try to catch him in something. Thanks for the info!