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  1. I would suggest to go with a credit union if you are a member of one. If you are not a member of one, join one. You can join patelco and USAA for free, and also PENFED for 25 bucks
  2. Cool, thanks for the response. Im not fluent in law, would anyone be kind enough to give me a summary on how and where to sue? Smalll claims?
  3. I have a collection agency listed on my Equifax file. I called collection agency and spoke to a VP there. She verified on the phone that the account does not belong to me and faxed me over a letter where she states that the account is not mine. In the letter she included the e-Oscar confirmation # stating she submitted the deletion. Now, Equifax has not deleted the trade line, and ive sent the letter from the collection agency twice, and twice they verified it. What can I do to get it off NOW? Do you guys suggest lawsuit against equifax??
  4. CreditDiva, what did you tell them in order to get the CLI? I tried to get one and they said no way. Anyone in particular you spoke with?
  5. What Xanathos is basically saying is that its not likely you'll get a 9000 car loan for a car that is 9 years old. I dont think he was talking bad about your car choices.
  6. maybe you have a split file on one of your reports (EQ or TU for example) This was happening to me, I thought my inquiries were not showing up, until I found out I had split files with EQ. i called them and had them merge the 2 files, and the inquiries showed up.
  7. So today I found out that my Equifax file has split!! I dont know what to do. Both files have positive and negative accounts. Is this bad or good? Can any one advise me as to what to do? Also, if someone pulls my report, do they see one part of the file, or both files combined?
  8. I still havent recieved my card. I got a letter last week from BofA saying they needed address verification. So I sent them a utility bill. Hoping I get it soon. The check I sent them has not been cashed, however. I'll keep you posted.
  9. I have 2 collection accounts from Rickebacker. Here is the story. Over the past years, I have been arrested for driving with a suspended license. Both times i was arrested the police towed and impounded my car. Both times I never bother to get the cars back (rust buckets) The towing companies are now charging me 1,000 dollara each and sent me to collections. Never mind that they sold my vehicles and kept the profits.
  10. Same here. I cant pull daily any more. Going to cancel mine too.
  11. Does anyone know an e-mail address for a higher-up in Asset Acceptance? If you do, can you please provide me with it?
  12. I have not gone through the DV process. I was thinking if a PFD was possible, that would be faster. However, now that they refused, can I still send them a DV letter?
  13. You can call Experian to dispute by phone at this # 1-800-493-1058 Hope this helps
  14. Do you guys think that if i send a Pay for Delete letter, they will agree? Maybe they are reluctant to agree to a pay for delete letter over the phone because they are being recorded. Who knows.
  15. will the OC want to deal with me even if the debt was charged off and handed over to a collection agency.
  16. She did insist that a paid collection is just as good as having it removed. It just baffles me that they did not scream or curse at me this time.
  17. Today I called Asset and spoke to a Denise. She was actually curteous, and did not raise her voice once. I asked if I could get my account removed if I paid in full. She said no way. I was on the phone for about 20 minutes trying to pursue her to PFD and she wouldnt budge. I finally told her I will sit on the accoutn for another 2 years until it came off on its own, and she said "Fine" and hung up.....( Im stumped on t his one. Ive tried everything to get this off my reports. Any ideas?
  18. Ok here is the scoop I have 3 un-paid charge-offs showing up on my Exp report. I have been successful in getting the collection agencies for those accounts off my report. However, the original creditor's charge off still shows up. What do you guys recomment is the best way to get them off? The total amount between the 3 charge offs is no more that $500 dollars and I can pay it, but I also want to know how to remove them. Any help is appreciated.
  19. Hey ladies and gents: I have been looking all over the board for a good pay for delete letter that I want to send to Asset Acceptance over a $360 account. Does anyone have a letter they can post or a place where I can get one?
  20. thats weird, cuz again i sent my check 2 weeks ago, and they havent even cashed the check....
  21. Rising_score, did you already mail in your check? I mailed mine about 2 weeks ago, but my check hasnt been cashed yet. Any one have ideas why it hasnt been cashed?
  22. Sign up for It is pretty much the same as privacy guard, but it still lets you pull daily reports there.
  23. :)Thanks for the reply. I have seen the email link to it and will do that. I was just wondering if i was the only one that was having that issue.
  24. Everytime I try to start on online investigation with Equifax, I type in my report #, last name, street number, and last 4 of social, then it says "Starting your investigation" then gives me an error saying : "Sorry, we are unable to start an online investigation request for you at this time. You may contact us to initiate another investigation request by using the telephone number or address listed on your Equifax Credit Report" Does anyone know why? Equifax has never let me do an online investigation.