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  1. i see I will try that. By any chance, is there a way of getting a free online CR from Transunion, Ive already used annual credit report, so i cant use that.
  2. Has anyone gotten a loan with E-Loans Auto Finance? I currently want to refinance my vehicle to get a lower interest rate and would like to know what scores are needed? Also, do you know what credit reports they pull for someone living in California?
  3. Im not sure man. My charge off is not paid, they still gave it to me.
  4. Im sorry, i made a mistake. BofA pulled my TU report, which only has one charge off. The charge off is about 5 years old.
  5. I have one collection and one charge off on my report that BofA pulled and was still approved for this card.
  6. im not sure if you should wait. Its weird. They pulled my EQ report and I have a 606 score with them. Although I was denied the unsecured, one week later I get this offer. Does anyone know how long it needs to be secured in order to become unsecured?
  7. I applied for a normal unsecured card from BofA and jsut today recieved a letter that I qualify for the $99/$500 card. As we speak im putting my check in the mail.
  8. Hello guys. I am able to get an updated report from EX everyday from their website, and was wondering if anyone knew of any way to get a free updated report directly from transunion?
  9. I had the same issue with a public record that was not mine. I didputed and disputed. Always came back verified. What finally did get it off was the following: 1. Call the CRA, ask them what address is being reported along with that tax lien. Hang up 2. Look at PERSONAL INFO section on your credit report. You will see the address that the CRA representative gave you, listed there in the list of addresses. 3. Call the CRA again. Tell them you want to dispute some personal information that is wrong. Tell him you want to dispute the address the first rep gave you. They will open up a dispute,
  10. Call 1 800 493 1058 Initially, it will be an automated machine asking you what you want to dispute. Listen to all of it, and tell the machine you want to dispute inquiries. Once you tell the mahcine you want to dispute inquiries, it will transfer you to a live person.
  11. Every time i speak with Exp. i tell them that I did not initiate the inquiries. they dispute, and 90% of the time they remove them. Im speaking from my experience. Dont come out and straight out tell them you want to dispute them. Tell them you never requested those inquiries. Also, try to have them investigate maybe 3 or 4 every time.
  12. The date of last activity IS wrong on all of them. How can I use that against my advantage? Will goodwill letters work if the debt has been charged off?
  13. Hello again guys. Although I've been successful in getting some items removed, Its been a nightmare trying to remove 3 negative trade lines from original creditors. Two of them are from small Jewelers Store, the other is from a Robinsons May Store card. Everytime I dispute, it comes back verified! HELP! Any help with this would be appreciated. JH
  15. I dont know know about EQ and TU. However, I called Experian about a week ago and was able to remove 5 of my old mailing addresses. Keep in mind that addresses are linked to accounts on your credit report. So, if you dispute an address, Experian will also dispute and account linked to taht address, regardless if the account is negative or positive.
  16. There is no way to find out what addresses are connected to which TLs. The only way ive been able to find out is by calling the CRAs. I recently called EX and EQ and had them remove 5 of my previous addresses all linked to negative TLs and one positive account. The rep told me that the only way to remove the addresses was to dispute the accounts good and bad. So i went ahead and did that. I checked my report the next day and all the addresses I disputed were removed, and the accounts were in dispute. Im hoping that they can remove the negative accounts.
  17. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial, after that its 9.95 a month and you can pull daily reports from all 3 Bureaus.
  18. I have sent disputes to Experian (they are the only ones that show them) and they come back as verified, TWICE. If I could avoid the court and get them removed it would be nice. My dad wouldnt mind having them on hi report, he has never had credit in his life. The only reason he went BK was to get his drivers license back (long Story) Worse yet, my father's BK was showing up under my report until I faxed them my dad's discharge papers. My dad already said he is willing to write them letters.
  19. I didnt know that inquiries were removed by pulling your report through My Credit is this possible?
  20. I have a question. I appreciate in advance any info you can give me. On my report, I have a couple of negatives that belong to my dad, since we have the same first and last name. I have had the thoughest time getting them to fall off. Can I have my dad compose a letter saying that the account belongs to him and not me? Will that make the CRAs take them off my report? These negatives were on my dads report, but showed up on mine after he filed for CHP. 7 BK.
  21. Thanks a lot for all the info!! ) The Negative OC TLs I have removed since a while back, but I still had the collection agencies' TLs showing up. I finally had those come off and my score dropped. I still need to remove 3 more negatives all from the OC showing up on Experian. Just recently I had Experian remove all my Old addresses, once they did that, I redisputed the negatives and they started coming off.
  22. I got 2 collection accounts removed from my Experian report, I go to check my score, and what do I see?? My score dropped 5 points!! Wassup with that?? I thought scores were supposed to go up with removed collections. Does it have anything to do with me checking my score thru My Credit Keeper instead of my real FICO Score?