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  1. Good, Thanks a bunch everyone for all this info. I did get an auto loan while i had the bankruptcy in my report. How do i figure out punitive damages?
  2. Thanks for the reply. Can I also sue them for refusing to verify? One of the times i disputed as not mine, they refused to validate, stating they had already validated. I then opened another dispute via the phone, and the rep gave me their fax number and asked me to fax them my father's discharge papers as proof of it not being mine, the I recieved a letter one week later saying they verified it as mi ne.
  3. Ok here is it. I have never sued anyone, but this time I HAVE TO!@!!! Trasnunion wont remove a Chapter 7 BK that belongs to my father! I have already disputed about 4 times and all those times it comes back verified. This is truly not mine, so Im guessing that ill sue them and have the remove it. Can you guys give me some advice on how to sue? Im a little intimidated by the courts, but I know ill win cause i have ALL the paper trial. Also, how much can I sue for? I live in California and i know i can get some money out of them in addition to the deletion.
  4. awwwwww.....I was getting my hopes up!! Anywho, Its back to sending out letters.
  5. Is it possible that they completely wiped me out of their system? If so, does this mean that i will get a clean slate with Experian?? Im asking this cause I had a few items there that I wanted to get rid of.
  6. Call this number 1 800 493 1058 I got a live person.
  7. I called Experian yesterday to dispute an incorrect address that was showing up on my report, and they said they will investigate. The rep asked me for my email address so they could send me confirmation of when the investigation was complete. Well today I recieved an email of the investigation being complete. I tried to view the results and the website gave me an error about not being able to pull my report. So I call experian and tell them the situation. The rep I speak to tells me that they cant find me in their system. Puts me on hold for like 10 minutes, and comes back and tells me they a
  8. I had a BK that belongs to my dad, and was showing up on my EQ, and TU reports. They both took it off on the second dispute. I was getting ready to sue. Now I have 2 more items that i need to remove, one of them being ASSet Acceptance....Any tips on how to deal with them?? The balance I owe them is only $325.00, but i dont want to pay them unless i know its going to come off. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello again ladies and gents. i have a question. Ive sent out a validation letter to an original creditor who is reporting on my credit reports. The 30 have passed and I never heard back from them. What do I send to the CRAs to prove that they didnt validate so that they remove it?? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello all. I got a quick question that I hope you can help me with. Last year my dad filed for Chp. 7 bankruptcy. Him and myself have the same name and the same address since I still live with my parents. Well, heres the kicker. The bankruptcy is showing up in his credit report, and ALSO ON MINE!!! I have tried about 4 different times to dispute it and the CRAs send me a letter back saying they verified the item as being mine. Last time I tried to dispute it, TU sent me a letter saying they were no longer going to dispute it since they believe it is frivolous. Here is my question: How the heck