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  1. Congrats! I read some of your previous posts on your case and I am happy to hear you won!!
  2. Asset talked about this during their Q1 Earnings call. It was a hoot to listen to: http://edge.media-server.com/m/p/8ie5kaf9/lan/en (I mean they taked about high turnover. They didn't talk about employees going postal. Maybe that will come during the Q2 call.) For the Q2 call, we should all listen in and make fun of it here.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback! I appreciate it. If the JDB dismissed without prejudice but continues to charge interest, can they sue for a higher amount than the original lawsuit before the SOL runs out?
  4. How do JDBs calculate interest and is there a limit to what they can charge? If a case filed by a JDB is dismissed without prejudice, can a JDB continue to "charge you interest?" and report it on your credit report? Do they have to notify you they are doing this? Say a $4,000 case is dismissed without prejudice. Can a JDB wait until just before the SOL runs out and file again for $4,000 plus interest charges that were compounded monthly?
  5. I agree. And I just took another look at my credit report. It is showing the original BofA tradeline with a date of last payment of May 15, 2006. The SOL in my state is 5 years. So if they wanted to sue me they should have done it a year ago, because this seems to be 1 year past the SOL. Looks like I don't have must to worry about now, but I need to get BofA off my reports before it's due to fall off.
  6. If you do a search on this site you will find lots of info on soft inquiries. I purposely did not mention the bureau to protect my privacy.
  7. I bet the plaintiff's attorney took one look at you and your binders and was intimidated! Good job!
  8. I think these guys must be affiliated with A**st Acceptance. I noticed 2 soft inquires from them. What could this mean? FULTON, FRIEDMAN & GULLA Address: PO BOX 2123 WARREN MI 48090 No phone number available Date of Request: 06/03/2012 03/28/2012
  9. I just noticed a soft inquiry from CACH LLC. I read that they bought a bunch of old BofA charge-offs without much documentation. I have an old BofA charge-off on my credit reports. But there is no sign of CACH other than this soft from CACH. Has anyone had experience with CACH? Are they likely the new owner of my BofA charge-off? CACH LLC 4340 S MONACO 2ND FLOOR DENVER, CO 80237 (303) 296-3345 Requested On: 06/01/2012 Permissible Purpose: TO ACQUIRE/SERVICE/INSURE ACCOUNT Here's more on BofA and CACH: Bank of America and Cach LLC Involved in Suspicious Debt Collections Happenings |
  10. Haha - till the STDs fall off? No, it was a real question. I am trying to figure out hoe to get Asset off my credit reports
  11. I know it is my right. I wonder though, if I dispute now, which for these accounts is at the 6 or 9 month mark and they come back verified, and then I dispute again in 9 months, will the CRAs tell me the dispute is frivolous? So what I am asking is - is it better to wait until the 18 month mark when the OC is less likely to be able to verify it.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback. I just pulled my reports from all three CRAs and I see Asset is on all three reports, but the OC is not. Any advice on how to gett Asset off my reports now that they have dismissed the cases? Or do I have to wait till they just fall off?
  13. I would like dispute 4 accounts that each have one listing as 30 days late. Three of these accounts show I was 30 days late in Dec. 2011. The other account show I was late in Sept 2011. All of these accounts are currently open. I read that you should wait to disput lates for 18 to 24 months, as it is less likely they will get verified. Is there any harm in trying to dispute these now, and if it doesn't work, trying again at the 18 month mark?
  14. Thanks for the reassurance. Now, I need to get the courage up to order my credit reports and see if this is on there. I assume I need to wait till the SOL is up before I dispute it.
  15. I am about to begin credit repair, and I know I will have things to dispute. I read that the CRAs have 45 days to verify on a free report vs 30 days on one you pay for. It's been about 4 years since I even seen my reports, so I know I can order free ones, but to give myself the best odds, should I pay for my reports?
  16. Haha. It's reasurring to know that Asset isnt out too much money from their loss! I just hope I can put all this behind me.
  17. Thanks for the quick replies. I will check my court's website from time to time to see if they or someone else tries to sue. I was just curious as to what you guys have seen as typical JDB behavior in this situation. I had the opportunity to visit the courthouse and watch the attorneys for the various JDBs getting tons of default judgements because defendants failed to show up and defend themselves. For the few defendants that did show up - the JDB's attorney seemed to try and negotiate something with them in the hall first. The courtroom was so packed with defendants there was no place to sit! So I realized that they are extremely busy and it seemed unlikely they would recycle an old case with tons of new ones that are easy wins coming in daily!
  18. Ok, here are a few details: one debt was about $2000 and the other was about $9000. I think these are about 4 years old, from what I could tell, Asset had a Final cc stmt, I had no evidence, and Asset voluntarily dismissed both cases.
  19. Thanks for the responses. Has anyone had this happen that they refile or sell the debts? I am close to the SOL in my state. I guess I need the date of last payments on the original accounts. What is the best way to do that? Contact the original cc company or check my credit reports?
  20. A$$et Acceptance dismissed 2 cases against me. What are the chances they will refile? Has anyone had a JDB dismiss a case, only to refile later?
  21. If you have to - I would suggest doing what the poster who went to the ER suggested. I have heard several stories of people going to the ER for something they thought was really bad, but turned out to be nothing. It could be appendicitis or a panic attack.
  22. This account did originate in IL. I was thinking of calling Verizon on Monday and asking if they have any record of the account. If Verizon has no record, I can include that info in my DV letter to AFNI.
  23. Thank you for the above post. I am still wondering....should I debt validate them? Is this really old enough that I do not have to worry about it. Again, I had this account until about November 1997. Is it possible they could throw this on my credit report?
  24. I just received a collection notice from Afni. The notice states that the original creditor is Verizon and shows a landline phone number I had almost 10 years ago in 1997. (I has service with GTE at the time, and GTE was eventually bought by Verizon). I checked all 3 credit reports, and I have no collections or negative information showing. There is however, a soft inquiry on my TU report from Afni. I am in IL and I think this is past the SOL. Would a collection on an old phone account be considered an "open ended account," therby making this past the SOL of 5 yrs?