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  1. Am I disputing with the CRA? Or am I writing a letter to the mortgage company for the dispute? I am on vacation this week and intend on doing lots of work on my and my hubby's reports, so input is appreciated!
  2. Still looking on some advice on where to go next with this, if anyone has any to share
  3. The IRS Form I have is from 2004 form 1099-A--Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property. It is proof that the forclosure is complete, and that they are reporting and verifying false information. Should I sue? Shoule I write them a letter first? I am off to work but will be back this afternoon. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again! Chelle
  4. It would be the date of last activity. When was the last time you made a payment? I think the 7 year clock starts at the date you made the last payment to them, plus 6 months? Please someone correct me if I am wrong HTH
  5. Hello, It has been a while since I have been here! I am still having the same problems. 10/2004, our home was foreclosed on due to layoff. Let me rephrase that, on 10/5/2004 the foreclosure on our home was complete (sold at auction on that day.) As of today, the credit entry from First Horizon Home Loan Corp still says this in the Add'l information section: Foreclosure process started; real estate mortgage. I have disputed the information as credit entry on my report twice, stating that the information is not being reported correctly (I did not say what was incorrect, just simply that it w
  6. I disputed a OC because it had the wrong info on balanace and what not.......anyhow the OC corrected the information as "PAID AFTER CHARGE OFF/COLLECTION" and it has a 0 balance........should I dispute this again (actually I don't think I CAN dispute it again because this was the second time) I have not paid a dime on it, are they reaging the account? hrmm looking at it again, it says date open 6/2004, date closed 3/2005, date paid 10/2004?? 10/2004 was when I went late on the account, so I guess they are not reaging it but this is weird. It also says it was purchased by another lender, doe
  7. Well I have waited and waited....and still nothing in the mail from this company?? I do not even know what it was for? Anyway, there is nothing new on the for now I will assume that they are going to do nothing. Funny they never called back, but after looking up some info about the company they have been sued for harassing phone calls before
  8. We are having the same problem on CSC. It is Midland Credit Management. We got a letter stated that the Midland TL and the OC TL were deleted. But Midland was showing up on there on the day I got the letter and has been there ever since. Weird.
  9. I do understand that it has to be in writing, but have had success with companies by telling them I do not wish for them to callme anymore right over the phone. I was nothing but polite to this woman and she went off on me. I don't feel like I provoked it at all. This was the first communication with this company. They have not mailed anything AT ALL to my home yet so I do not have their address or anything. I have lived here for over a year.
  10. I probably will especially if they do call again. Payday is Friday The didn't call today, so I wonder why she told me she could "Call every day until I pay their client!" LOL Thanks for the heads up on the phone recorders! Chelle
  11. Ah and does anyone know the best way to record phone calls, what I would need, about how much it costs, that sort of thing? Thanks in advance!! I really need to start doing this. I think this company is National Financial Systems, and if so they have been investigated by the FTC for this sort of thing before
  12. I am soooooooooo angry and hot right now!! There was a message on my machine from National Financial, so I called the number. The reason I called was to make sure that it was not a creditor that I had already ordered to not contact me by phone, and it was not. The conversation went like this: Transfer to someone, transfer to someone else, I wish I had written down the ladies name grrrrrrrrr. Verifies my name and I told her that was me. I asked her what the call was in regards to, and she told me she was calling in regards to a recent credit card that was charged off in my name, and asks me
  13. Well now they seem to have verified with EX too as of 06/21/2005 (couldn't check his report earlier)
  14. This is on DH file. MCM trying to collect on an Orchard Bank Credit card account. We DV'd on 6/3/2005, and got the green card back on 6/7/2005. At this point we disputed with the CRA. Still pending there. We got a letter from them dated 6/7/2005 that simply states this: Dear XXXX, MRC Receivables Corp purchased all right, title, and interest for the above referenced HOUSEHOLD/ORCHARD BANK account on 11-26-2002. Midland Credit Management Inc., is the servicer, on behalf of MRC Receivables Corp. Our records indicate XXX with social security number XXXXXX as the responsible party on this a
  15. Okies, that is kinda what I figured. Too bad it was TU and not EQ. Not too many people use TU around here. Thanks! Chelle