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  1. I meant CA, I haven't been here for a while and forgot about the jargons My EQ and TU scores are fine, in the 700's, but EX is lagging behind, everytime I dispute, it came back as verified ;(, anybody had any luck with experien if following up with a 'method of verification' letter? And that's good to know that CA can't report this old alleged debt to CRA, thanks!
  2. I got a letter from a CO today about a debt from electric company in ohio from 1996, I have neither a clue nor any idea what this is about. Do I need to worry about this going on my credit report since it's so old? my understanding is CO is not legally allowed to report this to the credit bereaus since it's past the statue of limitation. What's the penalty for the CO if it's bold enough to report it to the CRA's. thanks.
  3. I couldn't believe I'm getting these approvals either, there is light at the end of the tunnel! with citi select, the person told me I had to ask EX to remove the alert then reapply or ask EX to add contact number for the alert. The other cards just called me and verified info, that was it. Since they pulled my EX report, which is the worst, and I already got other approvals, I don't want to pursue any further on this. Also, just found out amex pulled my EQ as well, not sure if they pulled any other reports, as I'm not monitoring my TU and EX reports currently.
  4. so for the record, these are the results for my recent CC applications: GM Card - $2000 (pulled eq), won't increase limit after I ask, says active acct history is short. Amex blue cash - $3000 , increased from $2000 when i requested Juniper (Carnival Sea mile MC) - $3500, won't increase the limit HBSC - declined, suggested secured card ( i thought this is same as household bank, but they must have pulled something other than EQ) Bank of America - (pulled EX) declined, suggested secured card Citi Select - (pulled EX), ask me to remove fraud alert and reapply, likely approve if I do EQ -728 (last collection suddenly disappeared, went up from 672) TU - 692 (1 co, 2 late) - think Amex or Juniper pulled this EX - 663 (3-4 co, 1-2 late) my credit has improved from last year, and I think paying off the co on my TU might have helped, even though it remained on the CR.
  5. I will try dcu in the future, still waiting for response from GM Card, I had two secured card from last year I'm trying to convert to regular card in a month or two. It came a long way from can't get anything other than secured card to getting approved for regular cards, I'm happy
  6. I went to their web and don't thinkI couldn't qualify as a member, I just got call from Carnival Seamile Master card and they asked me a few question about my address/name/etc, and got approved for $3500, wooohooo! I guess I'm good for a while, I will update later where they pulled cr when i know them.
  7. Thanks for the reply! I went online yesterday and applied for 3 cards: HSBC credit card, it came back immediately declined with a suggetion for secured card - I thought HSBC (or household) pulls Equifax, but maybe not. Carnival Seamiles (juniper) - heard Juniper was easy to qualify, but message says still processing, will see how it goes. American Express Blue Cash - says processing, got email asking to call, they asked me name, address, and that was all, was told approved for $2000, I was happy and forgot to ask for an increase on credit line. not sure who they pulled yet. my scores: equifax 728 - no baddies tu - 693 - 1 co, 2 late, lots of inqs ex - 663 - 3 co, 2 late
  8. I couldn't find a link to apply for a usaa credit card?
  9. actually it's something like that, it used to be under PHS -pierce hamilton stern, now it shows up as Hunter Warfield - I went to the web site, think it's the same company though, just name change. the collection reapeared on my transunion report, which at one point is deleted through dispute. Can they do that without sending me a letter first? Is that ground for deletion? Then it disappeared on my eqx report, if the co reappears later, can I ask cra for deletion if I don't get a letter? They CRA's and the CA's are so messed up.
  10. Last time I checked my equifax score is 728 - shot up from 672 with one last collection gone, my last collection mysteriously disappeared. I hope it doesn't come back. my other two cra score is worse, what's a good major credit card company that pulls from equifax only, I know GM Card is one (household), already applied, want to do another one. I live in AZ.
  11. It seems once you had a few collections or negs, removing 1 or 2 doesn't affect the score as much, I noticed my score jumped 20 pts or so when I removed last collection (with still 2 lates left) but the earlier CA removal affects the score relatively little. In general, there is a big difference between 1 collection vs 0 collection, not as much between 3 and 5. In any case, the less badies, the faster the score will go up with the positive trade lines.
  12. maybe sometimes things just take a little patience and time, I tried jumping up and down when I was in trouble before, it didn't work.
  13. My last two employers says they would check credit, neither of them actually did.
  14. there are many ways to 'rebuild' credit and build positive tradelines, I'd try secured credit card, store cards, before I take a computer loan to pay high interests on things that won't be worth anything in a year or two.
  15. what are some acceptable reason for dispute other than "account is not mine"? I called experian today, they said my last dispute is inprogress, but one has already been verified because I already disputed it as "account is not mine" before. Can someone give me a list so I can send it in over and over again until they call it frivolous