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  1. i hope this is not what mck is doing. i have heard people tell of only getting monthly updates but i was still getting daily ones. well guess what, the day after they pulled fees from my bank, they tell me of the monthly only pulls. maybe a lil paranoid but wonder if it is happening to anyone else. pretty scummy if you ask me.
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    are credit bureaus required to list dola? i have a crap1 account that has come off of eq and trans but not exp(hate them). i disputed and of course it was verified and then i called and asked rep about dola. they do not have it, rep just starting figuring, well it was 180 past due on this date so you should have this off in 6 months. well it lists the reported date as 9-1998 and date opened as 6-1998. so i disputed again but am not too optimistic about it. only have 2 out of 7 negs on eq and trans left but experian is killing me, 5 still neg and 3 of those are flat out bogus. arggghhh. anyhow, thanks for all the help on this board, have gone from mid 500 to mid 600s in less than a year.
  3. i'm stunned. i just checked with mck and the tradeline was removed from all three. this after they all verified the info. keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way. the tradeline negatives happened in 2000 so not really sure what happened but a very nice jump in the scores. wooohooooo
  4. here's my situation. i have a tradeline 5 years old that i have disputed at least twice with each bureau. The information is wrong, so i tried to contact the oc to get it straightened out. the problem is that the phone number and address on each of the bureaus is wrong and all are the same by the way. i talked to a rep at transunion and she said that since they mailed the dispute to the oc, i must have done something wrong. made me feel like a liar. i repeated " you mailed in the dispute" (i know thats bogus) she said yes. i asked if she minded if i recorded our call, lol. she said no. what i would like to do is send the bureaus the info that proves the tradeline is being reported wrong, send letter to state attorney office complaining about the bad contact information and finally suing the bureaus for willful noncompliance when they don't update the information. i feel this will correct the wrong info but i would rather have the tradeline deleted. is there another recourse i should take? thanks in advance
  5. being somewhat new in trying to repair my credit, I keep getting amazed how these credit companies and credit bureaus work. I have been trying to get a judgement off of my credit report for 6 months now to no avail. It honestly should not be there but always came back verified. So yesterday I call the bureau and said I need to get this off because my mortgage won't get approved with this on it, can i send or fax you the info to do so. The lady said " you know what , that doesn't look right to me, I can go ahead and delete it". I did get here name, time of call and such and am pleased it came off but geez, it seems they just arbitrarly do want they want. maybe i should of hit her up for a couple of other deletes or maybe request her next time i call. lol
  6. i have the same problem with transunion saying they don't dispute inquiries. I presented the case that if it was affecting my score or my ability to obtain credit then it should be disputable.the rep told me that it does not affect my score and that different companies will use credit inquiries different ways and i need to contact inquiring companies if i want to dispute them. she also said mine didn't look too bad. lol. are they in any kind of violation here? came here looking to clean up my credit but after seeing how bureaus and credit companies work i am getting a lil sue happy.
  7. i had the dreaded crap1 account that was recently taken off of eq and trans due to 7 year status but not experian. i asked the rep about the date of last activity. she said they didn't have it. arrghhh. i then asked how they had the account being reported before they had it being open. told me it must be a glitch in the system. not sure if i should laugh or cry at this point. then i questioned a judgement that was verified. i asked how that was possible since it does not exist, i checked myself with the public records. she said she didn't know because it was done thru their texas office. these are the companies that are affecting our financing and pursuit of happiness. no question here just had to vent a little.
  8. long story short here. had a credit union checking account, went overdrawn(divorce issue) and now being reported as a bad debt on credit file. i haven't seen this being adressed before. is this a commonly reported item? like an idiot, i paid it because it was only 75 dollars and have since written a goodwill letter to remove but these people don't understand much about their reporting, they act like it is their godfearing duty to report it.i have actually built a decent relationship with my contact there on another matter but they just keep telling me there is no way they cannot report it. any suggestions?
  9. i just sent a letter of validation to a collection agency. the account was paid to the original creditor after it went to collections. the ca called me and said they reported the information as being paid. i told them it wasn't mine and to fulfill their debt validation obligation. they said they don't have to, they just need to report it as being paid. i have records of the letter and all phone conversations. i guess i'll just wait for the 30 days to lapse and sue. is this right? seems too easy.
  10. thanks for the reply. i am hoping the cra's do verify because i looked up public records on the internet and it proves it wasn't a foreclosure. it took about 30 seconds. thanks. maybe a chance to play hardball and get the whole thing removed.
  11. I just called mortgage company which was bought out by another company but after about 30 min they found my record which said it was a foreclosure. i then called broker that sold the house and was assured it did not go to the foreclosure status. now, the question is to challenge the mortgage company or the credit bureaus. i would think mortgage place would just update my records with late payments but is it possible to get bureaus to delete due to erroneos information? any suggestions would be appreciated thanks
  12. I noticed on my equifax report that a mortgage i had 5 years ago still shows as being open while the other 2 agencies shows closed. Does this affect my score at all being it is 5 years old? is it worth correcting? it also states it was a foreclosure under the additional information heading when it was a pre-foreclosure sale. is there much difference there? and finally, is there any way to get this item deleted early? thanks for any help.