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  1. Amex usually posts about the 5th of the month.
  2. latest fako's as of 6/19/06 eq 605 ex 608 tu 576 just an update 7 positives 4 baddies. Time to work on the inquries..
  3. yes I did but they never responded.
  4. Why are you going to offer a settlement when they have not even given you any proof that the debt is yours. You yourself dont even know if it is your debt. Make sure you file an answer for court. No knowledge of the alleged debt sounds like a good answer to me.
  5. I have been fighting an auto repo for a while now. lvnv showed up in October on my credit reports. I received my Dunning lettter in December for it. I disputed the debt and of course they verified it as being right. New dates and such totally reaging it and also listing it for about 4 grand more than the original amount showing on the oc's report. Well I get my report back yesterday, of course its verified again but here's the kicker. The oc has now changed their amount to reflect the over inflated amount of LVNV's tl. I have been keeping up with my disputes and all the bogus info but Now what? How do I keep fighting it when now the oc mirrors the JDB site. Also what is the SOL on a auto loan in Georgia?
  6. Which means they will pull your credit a lot and tank your scores with inquiries..
  7. I was denied it. I think I will send a letter askingthem to review it again.
  8. Yeah I am. Ordered a new laptop. Will pay it off in a month.
  9. yes it is. They are also reporting to all three cra's
  10. I got 1500 with scores in the low 600's, upper 500's
  11. My Credit limit just increased from 500 to 1100..
  12. First off. Take the paperwork to your bank and get your money unfrozen.. Second prepare your defense for court. Work up a settlement for yourself so that you will be ready when the lawyers approach you about settling. As part of the settlement make sure you work in something about deleting the negative info off your credit reports.
  13. Well Like I said this was a deal through my job. I am sure if it wasnt amex would not have given me a card. Just checked my experian and Amex is now showing on it.
  14. try planetfeedback.com I have good success using this to contact ceo's and such.
  15. its 30 days unless you got the report from your annual free credit report. Then it is 45 days.
  16. Check with Charles over in the mortgage section. He was able to get me approved and my scores are lower than yours and I have a repo thats 3 years old.
  17. Go to the Amex website. They have a link there to add another cardholder. But you will have to wait until she gets the card so that she can set up the card online. it takes about 10 days to get the card in the mail.
  18. Number one reason why is because if they actually did follow through and check up on the letter and found it to be bogus, you could fall into default on your loan and have your home foreclosed on. Not worth the chance.
  19. WWW.decu.org Delta Community Credit Union. You live in Georgia. they have branches all over the state and other states. it shouldnt be a problem for you to join here. I have been a member for 9 years.
  20. Really thats something you should get a lawyer for. I hate to see you get something on the internet and have it not be legal. Wills are so funny. My mothers will was considered invalid in Texas when she died because she didnt have 2 witnesses just one witness.
  21. The homes that my father have are really nice. He just happens to get really good deals. He also rehabs the ones that need work before you buy it. You just have to shop around. The money you pay during the lease goes to the owner. Its a little in their pocket But most of it goes to the mortgage on the house.
  22. Actually they did pull my trans union. Which is my highest at 614. they do report. This is a normal Amex Sky Miles card. Just some deal that my employer made.
  23. My Dad does this. Its actually a good deal if you use that time to rebuild your credit. As a matter of fact when he rents a house house he mentions this website as a resource to help rebuild their credit. What happens is you have to pay usually 2 to 4 thousand down to get into the house. That money is put into an interest bearing account. You make your payments on time and at the end of your lease The money and interest is rolled into your down payment, but if you dont clean your credit and you are unable to finance the home when your lease is up then you forfeit the money and interest. Amazingly he has been lucky and the people have not trashed the homes and all have bought the houses at the end of the lease term. I wish I could have done this for me. But he live about 900 miles from me, so that was not an option. I had to clean up then purchase.
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