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  1. Hello everyone, Long time, no post! I had an Orchard Bank credit card (shows up as HSBC on my reports) opened 10/2002. It was charged-off in 6/2003. They really didn't try much to collect before they charged-off!!! Only 8 months! Anyway, it got passed around to a couple CA's and JDB's and everything fell off my reports except for the OC- HSBC and the latest JDB - National Credit Adjusters. I've left well enough alone all this time because I haven't heard from anyone for a LONG time until today. Some idiot from NCA calls me at work! I tell her that this was taken care of long ago and not to
  2. Hello guys and gals, I recieved what I thought was a preapproved offer from Bank of America for one of their college alumni association platinum cards. I completed the application online and got the 10 day wait time for decision message. I called a few days later and found out I was declined. I asked about the partially secured 99/500 card and the rep told me I had to apply for the Platinum Plus and be turned down and I "might" get a counter offer for the 99/500 card. She said the college alumni cards did not offer that option upon being turned down for one. Doh! Anyway, I wait for the de
  3. My girlfriend has perfect credit. She applied (and got) a Circuit City Chase Visa with $7500 limit. We charged a bigscreen TV for me and I've paid every monthly payment online. I want to see if she will add me as an AU and I can get credit for all the on-time payments I've been making. My question is, will all the payments from the inception of the card go on my reports or just the payments from here forward after being added as an AU. This is a $3100 TV that I will have paid off by Feb. 07. That is all that was ever charged on the cards $7500 limit. Balance is now down to $1500.
  4. well, i find it odd that the CAs can verify to the CRAs since the CAs told me they needed more information to find my account. So they've verified with the CRAs without first validating to me. I'm basing my 30 days from initial contact on first seeing their TLs on my reports. I have moved and have recieved no correspondence from them. I only knew of them when I saw them on my reports. So, I still have them on a violation, right? I disputed one way back in April and they marked it as "disputed." I DV them again last week and they say they want more info. to find my account, but they veri
  5. I didn't give them DOB, SSN, TL, etc. I sent them a letter with my name and address as it appears on my credit reports. I didn't want to give them more info. than they already had. I did, however, send proof of identity and residency in my dispute letters to the CRAs.
  6. Should I respond to the request for more information from the CA, or just ignore it?
  7. I fired off two DV letters last week. Got the green cards back, sent disputes to all 3 CRAs. Got a letter back from one CA wanting more information because they couldn't find an account to match my name and address. I ignored it thus far. Haven't yet heard from the other CA. Today, got a letter from TU saying both came back verified! What do I do now?! Sent ITS letters to both CAs demanding they delete their entries since they verified with the CRAs before validating to me? They also changed one entry to read "factoring company." Isn't there something special I read somewhere I can do
  8. It is simply listed as a collection account. placed for collection in 1/2003, last updated in 4/2003 when i disputed by phone. it is listed "disputed" on all reports. They haven't reported to the CRAs since I disputed it by phone in April. I read somewhere that they can't remain disputed forever. A resolution has to come sometime. It has been 6 months. See edit to previous post.
  9. cool, thanks...i'll send another letter giving them the account number as it appears on my credit report. Any wording I should use? As a side note, I fired off disputes to the CRAs as soon as I got back the green card from the CA. Should I just wait and see what becomes of those? I did send the account number, proof of identity and residency to the CRAs because I knew they'd try to delay and ask for it anyway. Will the CA not be able to verify with the CRA since I got a letter from the CA stating they can't find the account? I fear that if I send the account number to the CA and they fin
  10. well, when i was stupid and uneducated, i called them to dispute it. I told her my name, the OC, and the partial account number that appeared on the report. She said she'd look into it and to call back in 30 days for the results. Since then, I found this site and have done nothing since April when I called. To this day, the TL is still listed as "disputed" on all the reports but I have recieved zero correspondence from them regarding this issue. My thinking is that they had enough information to find the account if they listed it as "disputed." So, last week, when I sent the DV letter,
  11. Anyone have any real-life experiences with National City's secured card? I have read the security agreement over and over again but I am still confused. Do they use your deposit only if you default? If I don't default, then that money stays there and they refund it to me when the card goes unsecured? I think I'm going to send in the minimun $250 to start and then add more later if i need to. I plan to just charge dinner a time or two each month and pay it immediately. Then, in 12 months, maybe they'll convert to unsecured and send me the money back. Is this right? I would like some inpu
  12. anyone??? If they have enough info. to report it, then I would think they have enough to find and validate it. Am I right? Before I found this site and I called them back in April, they apparently had enough info. to find it - they marked it as "disputed" on all 3 CRs. All I did was call, give my name, and the partial account number that was on my CR. I read here somewhere that I should not provide the CAs with any info. they don't already have. I figured my name and address would be sufficient. Is this just a stall tactic or do I really need to provide them with more info.? And if so,
  13. Here is the response letter I got after I DVed Credit Protection Associates on a Blockbuster charge they are trying to collect: Dear Sir, Your correspondence did not include an account number and we are not able to find an account that matches the name or address provided in your correspondence. If you could please provide the following, I will do everything I can to work with you and resolve this matter: -complete account number -other names that might be linked to the account (maiden or married) -other addresses that the account might be associated with -account balance -social security numb