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  1. You're missing the point. You never give a CA anything. You never acquiese to anything. You advised the OP to just roll over and accept flimsy validation and that's what I disagree with. When you don't pay a CA, there is always a chance you will be sued, so you want to give yourself as much hope as possible to beat them in court. Sometimes people are either unable or unwilling to pay (or both) so then their mission becomes to get the CA to leave them alone, and to do that they have to convince the CA that they aren't ever going to pay willingly and a lawsuit will be defended against an
  2. I disagree with you guys' conclusions because I have real experience using those cases to get rid of debt collectors, both in and out of court. It may have been because I was right, or because they just didn't want to go through the trouble or expense in arguing it, but whatever, it always gets rid of them. The confirmation in writing that Chaudry received was a complete accounting of the debt and it came from the original creditor. Additionally, that quote was made as an 'obiter dictum' statement by the judge, so it isn't even a binding legal precedent. A lot of sleazy debt collectors
  3. I've been out of the loop for awhile, and don't mean to get this thread off track, but when did we decide that was enough for validation? What happened to case law in our favor like Spears v Brennan and Mahon v Whoeverthatwas and Clark v Capital Credit and even the correct interpretation of Chaudry v Gallerizo? All those make it clear that attempts at validation that don't contain some sort of itemized statement that comes directly from the original creditor, that is then forwarded to the debtor by the CA, that indicates how the balance was computed, isn't proper validation.
  4. I've heard the legal theory that there is no account stated when it comes to debt collectors due to the part of the FDCPA that says "The failure of a consumer to dispute the validity of a debt under this section may not be construed by any court as an admission of liability by the consumer." I've never seen the theory tested, however. If the CA is stating that you didn't object in writing to the billing statements from the OC, there might be an account stated, but you're free to ignore any 'statements' from a CA without having one. If they are claiming the account stated is from the billi
  5. The FCBA requires credit card companies to send monthly bills, but I can't find any laws that require any medical debts to be sent to a patient on a regular basis, unless I'm missing something.
  6. wow bro! good legitimate comment! it makes me want to know more about you and trust any links in your signature!
  7. Oh Gee, if only there was someone to help us with credit repair!!! I would definitely click on any random link and input my credit card info if I thought they could help me!
  8. What is it with you silly Nigerians who try to look like legit new members, as if there isn't a spam link in your signature?
  9. Well MyFico is stupid. You can either buy all three reports together for $60 or buy all three reports individually for $20 each. :derr: < If you choose the single report and score option for all three indivudually, you can use S1403STL20FST for a 20% discount.
  10. I've looked everywhere and can't find a code that works for all three reports and scores.
  11. That sentence doesn't make much sense. I'm guessing your overall score is low because of your utilization, are you close to your borrowing limit on your credit cards? I'll try to get this moved to the credit repair forum so you'll get more people to help you.
  12. I ran across this first article then searched for a couple more: So if you just pay off your student loans with a credit card, it won't be dischargeable in BK and could cause criminal fraud charges to be filed against you. Hypothetically, though, I suppose you could get a cash advance each month on a few c
  13. pfft. I have good prospects in Houston. I'll just drive there from Nashville if I have to, it's about a 12 hour drive. Iunno about Phoenix, though. That's a two day drive.
  14. Good Info. Thanks! What about an American Express? That's the one card I would consider carrying.