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  1. This is great news. I am dealing with them for DH. Sent a DV and they have not responded, yet updated on the bureaus. I'm waiting until 45 days and then filing my compliants. Its a small amount so hopefully they will fold rather quickly.
  2. Congrats on your approval. How did you manage to get approved without the work info. I thought that was required in order to get approved because they verify work info. Thanks
  3. My dream card used to be AMEX but since I read about them doing financial reviews and asking for outrageous proof such as bank statements, income tax records etc, they are off my list.
  4. EarthAngel, Sorry about your WalMart woes. How much did you use your card? When I got mine, I used it two of the first four months. At either the fourth or fifth statement I got an increase. I have not used it now in about four or five months, so I don't expect anything from them till I start using it again. DH has one and coming up around the time for an increase, so I want to see if he gets one. We mostly use his card since he needs the history more than me. Cav, I know you have had your card more than four months now. I see you never got that increase.
  5. IMO, NCO only goes after those they can get easy default judgements from. If you put up any kind of fight or show you have some clue, they fold and run.
  6. In NY, when I applied they pulled only TU. DH applied and they pulled TU and then a few days later EX. I have heard lately of them pulling more than one bureau.
  7. IME, for these kinds of debts where you are sending a DV outside of the 30 day window, I sent an unknown debt letter via CMRRR. Basically something saying: After viewing a recent copy of my report, I noticed you were reporting derogatory information. I do not recall any account with you. Please provide validation of this account. Telephone calls are inconvenient at any place or any time. Please respond by mail. I had a couple cases where the JDB/CA never sent any communication, but just reported. I made sure I added the following line: This is my first communication with you as I have never r
  8. You cannot DV the OC. Did you read this thread.
  9. WFNNB is especially difficult when dealing with derogs. My mother has an account that I caused a late on back in my ignorant days. It has stuck like glue. We disputed and they refused to remove. Luckily it will come off in a few months. OP: Did you ever send your PFD letter. If so, any luck?
  10. For me, it depends on what I am disputing. If its an account that I know I will need a good paper trail, then no. But say I have a CO/CA on my report that's paid and just want to get it off early, I have disputed online in hopes of getting removed. That way if its not, no harm done. Personal info is ok to dispute online for me.
  11. I don't know much about fingerhut but I think they only reports to EQ. If I am wrong, someone please correct me. Have you tried Orchard?
  12. The SOL to collect in NY is six years. Also, good luck getting Cap One to PFD or put the account in good standing, even if you pay in full. They are a very tough nut to crack. From what I have read, getting them to just mark the account paid is a chore. And also keep in mind that they are notorious for re-aging. So make sure you keep old copies of your credit report. IMHO. YMMV Did you call any of the CRA and find out what DOFD they are reporting?
  13. So true. I used to be one of those people. Until I got sued and was actually going to just pay up the money. Without even knowing if the debt belonged to me. Just because the JDB said it did. I agonized so much, but with the support of someone that walked me through the whole process of defending myself and just not roll over, I actually sent the JDB packing. That JDB sued me hoping for the default and was actually surprised by the fight that I put up. The attorney said he never met anyone like me. Since then I don't fear them the way I used to. At least now if they come after me, I will be
  14. Good for you filing complaints against them. Boy am I lucky to be dealing with LVNV and Portfolio at the same time. LVNV has ignored two validation letters sent to their CA's. I am building my paper trail before I move to the next step in filing complaints. BTW. Was your account in or out of SOL.