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  1. Hi! Thanks for the reply. You just gave me a boost. I was told by my car financing company that if I made 9 consecutive payments on time I could refinance then. Thank God!!! Thanks for sharing your experience with me.
  2. Hi Everyone. I read this site just about everyday. I'm shocked there aren't more new posts now that there is only a little bit of time left before the new bk laws. The reason I am writing is to ask if anyone knows where I can get car insurance at a reasonable rate without having them check my credit score?
  3. Ok. I did it. I bought a new vehicle immediately after bankruptcy. (2 months) at most. Interest rate is scary!!!!! Does anyone know how soon I can refinance? There are sites you can go to online that say you can refinance thru them, but they ask for your ss#, and for every inquiry someone does I know it shows on your credit report. Susposedly if you have 3 or more inquires its not good, but I figure since I already have a bk showing it cant hurt much more, so should I go ahead and start shopping for refinancing? Thanxs.
  4. Went car shopping again today. I decided I might as well just keep the leased vehicle that I have and continue making payments on it for another couple of years since I already can handle that payment and I know how I have taken care of the vehicle. Well..... forget that. I called the dealership and because I had nine late payments in 3 years I was told that Chrysler will not continue to finance me, but he did find another company that would finance me (just not on the vehicle that I had now). I would have to come in and pick out something different or get financing on my own. Can anyone te
  5. I also looked at used cars today, but they are so disgusting. Smelly, etc. and the prices were still very expensive. I only got one offer in the mail for a car loan and it was only good for a short time. My bankruptcy hadn't even been discharged yet. I am financially back on my feet at this time. I am fortunate enough to have a good job now and I have absolutely no credit cards. I would like to make a fresh start with a vehicle, but I cant afford a 19% interest rate. Tomorrow I will go back to the dealership I leased the vehicle at and maybe they can help. Thanks for your advice. I am still op
  6. Hi everyone. You have all helped me before, so I'm back. Well, my Chapter 7 was discharged at the end of July. That makes me feel better, but now I have started car shopping ,since my lease is up in September. Well let me tell you, it has not been fun. I have no ideal what I am suspose to say when I walk into a dealership. Do I tell them right off that I have a discharged bankruptcy and need to know if they can help me with financing? I did that today at one place and they gave me a 19% interest rate. Ouch!!!!! I went to a couple of places online and applied. They said they could help people w
  7. -I saw this ad in the NY Post. Don't know how valid it is. Thought I would send it to you. -Get clean credit - remove bankruptcy. $43/item. 1-800-339-5879. - If you call or check it out, please write and let us know if it's a hoax. - Good luck.
  8. Hi. Its not really to tough to file a Chapter 7. My lawyer was great! I called went to his office in 3-4 days took a list of all my debts with me. We sat down he explained the procedure to me and I filed that same day! I went to his office in the am and by the afternoon my paperwork had been completed. This was on April 1 of this year. In May I had my 341. You go in the trustee asks you some questions and your in and out in a few minutes. Just follow your lawyers advice and send any paperwork they ask you to follow up with. My Chapter 7 was just recently discharged at the end of July. My lawye
  9. I talked to the dealership again today. They said I might have to have a co-signer. I have no one that can do this for me. I am now employed with a good job and want to make a fresh start. The dealership also suggested that maybe I should speak to my lawyer and get a waiver which entitles me to buy a new car. Does anyone know what this is? I live in NY state. Just one more question..... Does anyone know if there are places that offer new car loans without a co-signer? Thanxs again everyone. P.S. I love this site.....
  10. Hi Everyone. I had the question earlier about getting a car loan after filing Chapter 7. I called a local dealer and he wants my ss#. I told him that I didn't think it would be a good ideal to run my credit report until I have somewhat decided on whether or not I want the vehicle. Can't the dealership just tell me in advance whether or not they can finance someone who has filed bankruptcy, without running my credit report, or do they have to do it to find out how bad my credit score really is? Also, before I filed I bought a copy of my credit report, but haven't seen one since. My bankruptcy h
  11. Hi. What state do you live in? You said you received alot of offers for credit for a new car. Do you happen to have a name for any of those places? Also, will I need a huge down payment? I just don't know what to say to the dealership when I go in. Do I just say that I have filed a Chapter 7 and that I need a new vehicle and is there anything they can do to help? I feel so stupid about how to approach this.
  12. Hi. I filed for Chapter 7 , but it has not been discharged yet. Meanwhile I need a new vehicle within a few months. Does a bk show up on your credit report before it is discharged? Also when I go to the car dealership how do you explain your credit? Do you automatically tell them you have filed or do you let them run your credit report. Does anyone know how this works? Thanks.
  13. Hi Everyone... Whats next after the 341 meeting? Should have asked my lawyer I know. Also what is a reaffirmation? Thanks for the help.
  14. Thanks for all the advice. jq 26 Congratulations! Way to go. Enjoy your new house.
  15. I had to file for bankruptcy. Almost 3 years ago I leased a Jeep. This September that lease will be up, My problem is: where do I turn for another vehicle? Anyone have any ideas or maybe has been thru this before. I don't know if they even give people who are in a bankruptcy situation car loans or not?? Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!