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  1. When a Judgment is purchased, the DV process has bit the dust. Believe me I know! Your best bet is to seek Chain of Title and all sorts of Discovery items if the purchasing entity ever takes you to court. Make sure you read all your States Law on purchase of Judgments and Foreign Corporations requirement to buy debt in your State.
  2. I used to be a Kirby Salesman years ago. I mean years ago! I hate to tell you that the Kirby Distributor buys a Kirby for pennies on the dollar and then sells the Kirby as a Deluxe $1500 to $2000 machine. Yikes! Back in the early seventies the Distributor that I worked for got the Kirby for $50 a piece and then we went out and sold the Kirby for $450 Basic Machine and $750 for the Deluxe full attachment model. The main selling feature was to ask where you bedroom was, and then immediately go back their peel back the sheets on the bed and Vacum the mattress. Wow! A sell everytime because the Kirby picked up all the dead skin that people shed when they sleep. Did you know a person will shed 1/3 of their skin over their lifetime? I believe that if you have been paying on the Kirby then it's your Kirby from then on out. I also think in the application process they gave you a 3 day recission notice and that would apply towards your purchase of the Kirby. Do you remember any of that stuff during the signing process?
  3. Never ceases to amaze me how someone will offer a settlement for a last ditch effort to avoid the Black Robed Magistrate. You just acknowledged everything that you shouldn't have acknowledged. You just validated an alleged debt and you gave credence to the scamsters that have no contract with you to collect. You need to seek discovery of the Chain of Title of the debt and see who actually has bought the rights to try and collect. Remember, even though they buy the rights to collect, they can't buy the account, because the account is closed. They have no factual evidence of diddly squat!
  4. Providian accounts in my experience are usually sued upon! I'd start the Validation process based upon the phone call you received. Just make sure you reference the date and time of the call and the person you talked to. You can also kindly ask them to send you some correspondence concerning the alleged account.
  5. Nor will they! As my previous post points out, always ask for the signature under penalty of perjury by someone that has original knowledge of the debt. You folks have a great day!
  6. You ever notice how all those scamsters want you to submit something signed under penalty of perjury? Looks like that is what makes anything valid, from an IRS standpoint, the Banks standpoint any corporate standpoint. This should also be used from your standpoint! I have never gotten a 3rd Party CA, CA Attorney or anyone for that matter ever send me one once of validation when I asked them to send a Certified Copy signed by someone with first hand knowledge under penalty of perjury. You won't get anything and you'll be able to live with silence from that 3rd party from that day forward. Believe I know, because I've done exactly that on all my Validation request.
  7. Then cases get thrown out! People take to much for granite and don't question what they should be questioning. Actually, the Black Robed one would have to remove himself from the case.
  8. These scamsters have no Oaths of Office! How can anyone in their right mind cave into their sham proceedings. Demand their Oath of Office when they dont produce, they have absolutely no STANDING or Jurisdiction! Can you say SCAM?
  9. Cohen, McNeil, Pappas and Shuttleworth L.P. wasn't involved in this were they?
  10. I have approximately 11 cards go past SOL and no Court dates to date. I only had one card Providian that involved me in Court and that was over 5 years ago and I was very Naive and unknowledgeable. The SOL is 5 years in my State.
  11. Incorrect! You'll find no one will get the 3 yr SOL in Kansas. You'll find Kansas is a 5 yr SOL and they go by a written contract. Believe me I know!
  12. Send Mann Bracken LLC a terse Validation request and they usually fold! They did in my case! These vermin have not got the award Abjudicated yet! Don't let them! Remember the stuff that I emailed to you? You need to stand upon those grounds and hold your ground. The only mistake that I could see that you might have done concerning MBNA is you made payments, IMHO that makes it look like you acknowledged the debt and validated the debt on your own. If you still have copies of your letters disputing the amount with MBNA and pointing out their error from your billing dispute, then seems to me that you have grounds to file not only on W&A, NAF but also with MBNA. Maybe one of the legal types on this forum will be able to show you what needs to be done when MBNA does not acknowledge the billing dispute by any contact via written or verbal and after pointing that out with W&A they went ahead and collected and sought Arbitration regardless. That would be continued collection activity and not within the 30 day time frame. I'd sock it to em!
  13. These vermin have something to do with Sherman. I've dealt with them and they fold after demanding Valiation/Proof of Claim. They step in after the alleged account has been sold several times. Their main office is in St. Louis, MO
  14. get a phone recorder! check out the rules for recording in your state! Make the call from your home with the phone recorder on and keep in a safe place for future reference to some court action on your behalf.
  15. Reference Your State's Statute and mention within a sentence in your Validation the debt is time barred. I've done it! It works!