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  1. if they do come back and validate what is good to offer them one is for 747 with rma another is with sherman acquistion for 1200 and the last one is for cross country bank for 1000 for me to offer them anything will be very LITTLE
  2. so dola is six months from first date of delinquacy right?????
  3. well then date of last act is what exactly lasttime i made payment day went delinquent or day went to collection or what im so confused
  4. so date of last activity is not when they last updated on my credit report
  5. can anyone tell me the chances of 2 ca validating and verifing a debt the 2 are: RMA- sears and Sherman Acquisiton-providian
  6. what would be the best way to start this i dont want to be sued
  7. does anyone have this problem too have old cr and a new one and sears and sherman acquisition are reaging my accts. they have not contacted me in some time and dont know what do do. also is dola the time i made last payment, or they sent letter or what date of last activity for anyone who dont know. please help me
  8. what should be my first steps for them to fix this or sue them
  9. is it illegal for a ca and cra to reage your credit to keep it on there longer and also have your account type listed wrong to due more damage to you
  10. what exactly is dola? is it last time i made a payment or what?
  11. does the 7 years on ones report start from the time the account was opened or from dola? does the whole account come off or just each individual mark please help
  12. i am new to all this and have some questions 1 can an oc report an old debt on a cr when the ca is reporting it alsoon the cr 2 should i do dv if ca arent bothering me and sol is still good, just want whole account off cr 3 what is date of last activity? 4 should i do dv if ca arent botheringme and sol is expired and the account with ca is closed/collection/ 747 written off i want to clean up credit myself and just dont know where to start.
  13. the collections i have are not paid collections. there was money due when the collectors closed the accounts. also the statue of limimtations has run out. i just want the stuff off of my credit report so i can rebuild my credit and i also have an open account on there and the sol has not run out yet i afraid if i send a dv that they will come after me with a judgement b/c they have not been i no contact with me i a long time
  14. where do i start credit repair need to get 3 things off report 2 collection accounts both closed and 1 still open any help in appriciated. i want to do this myself not through credt counseling. i live in pa i want the items removed completely so i can rebuild my credit