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  1. HI I have received a summons sometime back from a debt that is very old. I checked the statue of limitation and it is still within the time for the to act. THe debt was originaly with Citi and it was bought by a Collections company. THey filed the summons and I answered accordingly. THey then sent the request for docs and I answered properly using the info i gathered from this site and then counter requested for docs from them. THey did not provide them and at thelst day filed for an extension. THe extension period has no passed and we are supposed to appear in court next wednesday. Since they
  2. has anyone else dealt with this before? Do i give them the info or do I answer in another way? Thanks, Chris
  3. I am answering my questions in the request for interrogatories and one question is puzzling me. The asked on question 21. State defendants full, correct name and any other name or nickname by which you have ever been known, birthdate and social security number. I am assuming they are doing this to pull a credit report. Do I have to provide this info or is there a better way to answer this question? Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi guys, I have received a summons a month back and responded to the answer. I filed it with the court and they sent me a letter with a court date. A couple days ago i received a bulky letter int eh mail from the attorney for the CA. Basically it is the plantiffs first set of interrogatories, request for production of dociments, and a request for admission. I am not sure if I am required to answer these or just wait until the court date for the discovery. The letter says I have 30 days to respond back. If I do have to respond is there a certain way to do it so I don't hurt my case? I am a bit
  5. Is there anything I should change? I was confused on some of the defenses..mainly 2 and 3 as to wether or not i should mention citibank since they were the OC or not. ANSWER OF THE DEFENDANT Defendant, appearing pro se, for its reply to the Complaint naming Erin Capital Management, LLC C/O Levy & Associates plaintiff as follows: All answers correspond to the numbered paragraphs of the Complaint. All allegations of the Complaint are denied unless expressly admitted herein. ANSWERS 1. Defendant is without knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth of the averment.
  6. Hi, I went to the mail box yesterday and got a letter from my municipal court. I quickly opened it only to find a summons from Erin Capital Management for a extremely old account from back when i was in college. This account is from 1999 and I am sure is past the SOL. Is it correct that the SOL for Ohio on revolving credit accounts is 6 years? If so this is outside the SOL. Further more this account was originally with citibank. They must have bough it recently. The summons is asking me to file an answer and I am not sure exactly how to proceed or even file an answer. Is there a template for a
  7. Sounds like a good idea. I am going to send out the letters tomorrow. Thanks for your opinion.
  8. Thanks for the quick response. They are not medical. One is for an old bank account and the other for an apartment. Both have been paid and tried to dispute before although it was about 2 months after paying and before i knew to try to get the pfd.
  9. I am looking to start the process of removing several paid collections from my account and wasn't sure which way to start first. I have read the forums and seen several options such as DV, or disputing as not mine or paid before collection, and even sending goodwill letters with a donation to a charity. They all sound like viable options but i am not sure what order to try them in. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks guys
  10. They are a collection company that works with apartments and past rent collection
  11. Does anyone have an experience with this company? I have been trying to get them removed for a few months now via dv to no avail. I offered pfd and they say they only will update the account as paid in full. no deletion. Has anyone ever gotten them removed? thanks
  12. thanks for everyones responses...I just wanted to give an update....I called Discover and they indeed still owned the account....I spoke with them and told them i could pay full price if they agree to delete all the derogatory info and mark it paid as full...They not only agreed but re-opened my account...They just gave me my 7 years back in good standing that i had with them...They are mailing back my letter today casue i had next day'd it to them and asked for signature...I also am almost there with the apartment eviction..I called the original creditor and they said it is still there accoun
  13. So my best bet if i want to be able to qualify for a home loan is to settle and pay them off anyway and the once i pay them to try and dispute and work on deleting them. Is that what your saying? I am not sure if all these accounts have been sold or are handled by hired agencies. If they are still owned by the OC can i settle with them? I guess my logic is that if i settle with them and have them remove all references to the account they would have to remove the collections acocunt as well. Is this correct thinking?
  14. Thanks for the response. I was looking for the post you were refering to about Dispute w/Orig. Creditors and could not find it. I even tried a search. Do you have the link for it by chance? So from what your saying it would be pointless to try and send a letter to the CEO/ President to try and get it removed.