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  1. this isnt a legal document, but i searched "what is a stature of limitations" in google and msn money had this article that ansewers your question on page 2 You can inadvertently restart the clock. Generally, the statute of limitations starts ticking from "date of last activity" on the accounts, said Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney Scott Bovitz. (If the account is still listed on your credit reports, the date of last activity should be noted there.) On a credit card debt, that could be
  2. actually, pertaining to the "high risk" after i saw the risk alert on turbotax last night i got curious i went back and amended my return removed all history of a business and prepared my return with only my w-2 and not my 1099-misc guess what "HIGH AUDIT RISK" And this was done using only numbers already reported to the irs thats why i thought it was a hook to buy audit protection then of course i had to go back and start over again to re-add 1099 info my last years said the same thing its kinda creepy
  3. Morrow, I too got the "high risk" for an audit comment i filed a schedule c with a loss as well but i also saw that even without the loss i was still a high risk simply for claiming a dependant I came to the conclusion that that risk indicator is there to scare us into buying their tax audit protection package just my two pennies hunter
  4. To the OP I had the same thing happen to me with a drs bill The misapplied the insurance payment to my sons bill instead of my bill For 2 years i disputed, wrote letters, went the bbb route and even begged nothing worked i was a low life who had a collection on my report so i wasnt worth talking to Finally I filed a complaint with the AG and within two weeks i got a call and a written appology from the hospital and the medical collection on my reports was finally gone maybe this route can help you hunter
  5. I went through the same exact thing with a med collection that was paid by insurance, I went the route of dv, bbb complaint, disputing with cra, and even tried begging and pleading, no one would budge, and i was even called a downright liar by the CA (who i also paid) so after 2-1/2 years of this unfounded paid collection that i never even owed in the first place I finally filed a complaint with the AG, within a few months it was cleared up and the collection TL was finally deleted, So my suggestion is File a complaint with the Attorney general.
  6. american general finance will give you a loan with your title as collateral (its essentially a car loan) i had to do this myself i borrowed 4500 at 14.99% not the best rate but better than a title loan company and i have had no problems with them they have been real friendly and helpful and i even refinanced the loan twice at no extra cost my loan will be paid off early next year good luck
  7. thankyou kb i have read the statutes thank you for that link Im not innocent in this cascade of errors myself regarding this account 1. by not calling the hospital to clear this up before it went to collections (so i learned just knowing your right dosent must be proactive) 2. paying the ca without asking for DV (i never had a collection before and didnt learn of my stupidity until i joined this board) these two errors on my part make me question the ca's and the oc's full responsibilty to my damages i have been turned down for credit because of this collection and i do pay higher i
  8. just an update on a medical collection i paid 3 years ago and fought to remove it from my credit report ever since because i knew it was a hosp billing error. i paid because i was uninformed and thought i could easily clear this up how wrong could i be the CA has finally agreed to remove it from my report as of yesterday. the only reason it took so long was because neither the hosp or the the CA would give me dates of service so i could get my insurance records finally the AG was able to get me the requested info and i was able to prove my case...3 FREAKING YEARS IT TOOK TO GET THIS!!! i was t
  9. the adm from the hospital just called me appologizing for all the mistakes they made with my account. i asked her where my 144 dollars was that the ins paid, she said she applied it to my balance...i said what balance she said your sons i said...what my sons 19 i no longer get bills for his medical she said..oops since my son owed over 200 dollars and since she felt bad she set the remaining balance to zero and assured me me nor my son owe them anything then she said she'd call the CA and make sure he recieved my documents i faxed yesterday and try to help persuade him to remove these from my
  10. I called and got DOT SQUAT hell, i even said the stupid line had the card 6 years never a single CLI she said she had no offer for me because i accepted an offer of a rate reduction last month and they periodicaly review my account...blah...blah..blah i said ok thank you...back to the drawer with ya
  11. OK heres an update on this medical collection Saga Finally after 2 years of fighting scratching and begging complaints to the BBB and Dept of justice and even groveling goodwill letter i may finally get some closure i found out the hospital claims my insurance expired on 7/3 !!!WRONG!!!! so now that i finally have the dates of service in question i called my insurance co and they sent me proof that my insurance NEVER expired and they also sent me proof that they paid the claims to the hopsital on the dates in question so i just faxed this proof off to the attny general and the president of the
  12. ok i called the clerk and explained the situation since they have been unable to serve him to date she said to just write them a letter asking that they stop using my address as his address from here on in their on their own thanks for the reply
  13. My son has a past landlord suing him Here is the issue He was never properly served..the suit was filed in newhampshire but he moved to CT. Before any action was taken. All the paperwork continues to come to my home even after i sent the papers back to the landlord as Return to sender no known forwarding address My son is 19, was 18 when he got evicted. he currently lives from friend to friend has no job has no assets no drivers liscense no way to get here for the hearing has no maturity (just for the record lol) i have no idea what to tell him to do the hearing is in march should he write to
  14. Thanks gypsie, that was my thought on who hits the sockdrawer too... cap1 for sure whether or not i keep HSBC.... the ball is in their court. Hunt
  15. well I got my new chase freedom card in the mail yesterday with a 4500 dollar limit. I had a bk back in 89 and it took me that long to get back out of "not credit worthy land" i had 3 cap1 cards 500 each (oldest 6 years never 1 CLI) So after yet another CLI request denial last week i combined the cards for 1 1500 limit now it can sit and gather dust. I also had an orchard for 750 that i closed last year because of the AF so now my last crappy AF card is HSBC for 500 (also never had cli) I was also denied a CLI on it last week (had this card 3 years) never late on any cards but i had high util