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  1. Situation: After having good luck cleaning up credit previously, got back into debt due to roommate that skipped out. Have a debt with a CA. Can't remember if received a notice about this debt or not. Sent DV letter to CA. Received letter back from CA stating: “Courts have stated that verification of the debt involves nothing more than the debt collector confirming in writing that the amount being demanded is what the creditor is claiming is owed.” This is not my understanding of FCRA or FDCPA. Am I right or wrong?
  2. I agree with creditech. Have proof that the chexsystems profile has rolled off. I had the letter from chexsystems in hand when I opened up a checking acct with US Bank. The CS person helping me, took a copy of the letter when I opened the account. I never had any problems after that. Now I was under the impression that no matter even if you'd paid the offense in question off, you'd still be in ChexSystems for five years, but don't quote me on that. Check out info on these websites: http://chexsys.tripod.com/ don't know if its still being updated, but info that's here is good. http://chexvictims.com/cs/ http://chexvictims.com/cs/forums/default.aspx on the forum is a list by state of non-CS financial institutions. Hope this helps ya.
  3. I work for a financial company with a pristine reputation. They aren't going to take a hit for little ole me. That's just the way of business. As much as I didn't like it, I was required to pass a credit/background check for the position that I'm in now. Not only that, I was required to be fingerprinted and pass an SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) check as well. I had a couple of flags, and thanks to the information on this board, I had saved my receipts and proof of payment so I was able to prove these items were done. I understand it from a security standpoint, there's so much identity theft and so many people trying to cover up past wrongdoing or position themselves where they can get into wrongdoings. When I went to the police station, to get fingerprinted, I felt like a criminal. I've never been in trouble. It was a very humbling expeirence.
  4. does your friend have any money already socked away? she may be able to get a car to get her around until she gets back on her feet. craigslist is a great place to look. or local newspapers. just make sure she gets the car checked out by a mechanic with a lift before she buys.
  5. definately call the state bar association. try and find an atty that's also a trustee he or she won't be the usual ham and egger bottom feeder that way since the trustees have to go through thorough FBI background checks. if you haven't filed your taxes yet, an atty may be willing to take the refund as part of what you owe.
  6. ditto. the last time i called customer service about my account, i got the run around.
  7. First off, do credit checks for apartment complexes count as hard pulls? Second, I believe I saw something about a "landlord blacklist" on this forum, but I'm not 100% sure. In any case, I had to take my last landlord to small claims court to get part of my deposit back. What are the odds that I'd be on this blacklist?
  8. Has anyone dealt with this company before? They're located in Riverside, Ca. To make a long story short, I DV'd them and they sent me a letter saying, "Please read through the following four options to determine the appropriate department that you need to contact to process your dispute." And it lists on a second page, Options I to IV for disputing. Later in the letter its says, "It is imperative that you keep us informed regarding your dispute. Failure to keep us informed regarding your suit may result in your account being updated to the CRA as a valid account and reflect as a negative mark against your credit. You need to follow up with our office in 30 day increments to ensure this account does not get reported as a negative mark." I'm under the impression that I were to update every 30 days, that I'd be "resetting the clock" to DV this account. I think its a sidestepping manuever. I don't recall skimming in through the FDCPA anything requiring me to update periodically. Any ideas or advice?
  9. I just found out my scores were in the 600s. Its a good feeling to know you're digging yourself out of the hole. CAs are bottomfeeders. I think of in "Shark's Tale" when Skyes is showing Oscar the food chain and Oscar was the very bottom of the food chain beneath whale dropping and plankton. That's where the CAs are as well.
  10. E. Normis: I found it. http://www.kslegislature.org/legsrv-statutes/getStatute.do?number=20350. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. I've been attempting to PFD with Bank of America for over a year, if not longer. I searched and seen others success with settlement. Unfortunately that's not been my case. I've sent several letters since April 2005. Perhaps that's been my mistake. I don't know. They've never sent the debt to a CA which is unfortunate cause I'd probably have more leverage in that case. BOA finally replied on 8/7/06 after I'd sent them another letter offering to settle. Their offer was 50% of account balance. I counteroffered for 30% of the account balance. I'm waiting to hear back. I sent my letter on 8/14/06. Part of me is tempted to copy all the letters that I've sent them and send another letter showing them that I've made an honest attempt to settle and they're the ones holding up the show. But that'd probably just PO someone. Any advice? a frustrated wicked_wisdom
  12. Trust me, I didn't choose to live here. I'm an anomaly in this state. I'm native Kansan and liberal. I was born this way. Where can you find that? I thought I read all the way through the statutues but apparently not.
  13. I don't know if there are many Kansans on this board, but I finally tracked down statutes on Unfair Trade and Consumer Protection. The website is http://www.kslegislature.org/ Go to statutes--> Now at the Statutue Table of Contents: Chapter 50 Unfair Trade and Consumer Protection--> Article 4 Unfair Practices Article 6 Consumer Protection Article 7 Fair Credit reporting--> 50-701 through 50-722 are the specifics Hope that helps someone.
  14. I like a lot of what Dave Ramsey has to say. But there are a few things that I don't agree with. For instance, his total disregard of credit cards. Credit cards should be used responsibly and we all know that most of us haven't used them responsibly that's why we're here. But I digress. Used carefully, credit cards can help rebuild credit. Also we're in a 21st century world here. While there are many things that can be done with debit cards, such as booking hotels or rental cars, there are times that a credit card is the better bet. Some companies hold twice the amount on the debit card in order to guarantee that they receive payment. That never happened when I used my credit card. I don't want to nitpick Dave so I'll just leave it there.
  15. My attitude has definately changed since I found the CIC board. But it wasn't just because of the board it was a combination of things. For instance, January 2005 I was hired on PT at the company I work at now. I finally earned my Bachelor's Degree in December 2005. In March, I got a promotion from PT to FT in my department. While I'd been working on getting things together, after graduating and being hired FT, I kicked it up a notch. I began reading finance blogs online, Watching my 401(k) dilligently, Getting advice about what to with my money from the financial planner that my company provides. And I pay my bills when they're due and try not to get into any other debt. Its been a gradual thing. This board brought about an awareness and definately set me on the right track.
  16. Any woman can also turn that collection agency=woman analogy into collection agency=man. collection agency=man because doesn't care about your feelings doesn't listen shows no emotion only wants one thing (in this case its money) has a one track mind only cares about what it can get out of you the knife cuts both ways.
  17. Perkins Loans are just a different type of loan than the Stafford. They have longer repayment times and a lower percentage rate. I've also heard putting them in forbearance/deferment is easier too. The main difference with Perkins Loans is the financial need. The student needs to have amazing financial need to get a Perkins Loan. For instance, I quit this job that paid well, but that I hated with the passion and intensity of a million suns in 2003. For the Fall 2003, I appealed because my income had changed radically since I'd submitted my FAFSA. The other difference is that Perkins Loans are repaid back to the University rather than to Sallie Mae or a bank. Sounds since you have no documentation that you settled the loan, the best you'll be able to do is settle that remaining amount with the collection agency.
  18. Originally Posted by GitRdone I have a federal pell grant overpayment from 2 years ago. I do not feel I am responsible for the entire amount as I never attended classes (my father passed away and I dropped all classes before ever attending) But I really want this debt taken care of so I called the CA to work out a speedy solution... I don't want to sound callous but what does never showing up to class have to do with anything??? ravenous_wolf: no offense, but it sounds like she did what she could on her end. no one needs to be preached at here. she dropped her classes. that should have automatically cancelled her finaid. i've dropped out before and it completely cancelled my finaid. in fact, they sent me letters saying that the funds for my loan had been returned to the bank. personally, i'd try to call 18004FEDAID and see if they can provide some assistance to you. perhaps you can settle directly with the DOE.
  19. Be very very careful with First Premiere. With the $250.00 in fees et cetera tacked on when you get the card, its easy to get overwhelmed. Before I quit the good paying job that i hated to return to university, i'd only use the card sparingly. Like for gas or books and then pay it off immediately. FP customer service is terrible. None of their on the phone people know didly squat. I'd always make them give me a name and badge number when i spoke to them. Try to speak to a supervisor or manager if you need to call in.
  20. thanks bunches, sifxpert. i'll see what he can do for me. [crosses fingers and toes]
  21. Good for you. I hope to soon be a homeowner myself. [crosses fingers and self]
  22. sifxpert, i'm in the same boat (1st premiere sold to MRS)as mrmagic9799. would you mind providing me with the same information?
  23. Jon, don't deal with the debt management companies. There's nothing that they can do, that you can't do yourself. You can make phone calls and send letters just like they can. And you'll save a lot of time, money and headaches on top of it. Read the "How to begin credit repair-A primer" in the Credit Repair forum. If there's things you don't understand, there are plenty of people here willing to advise you. And plenty of people that have been in the same boat you find yourself in now.
  24. CAs have all sorts of ways to find people. SSN, county records, state records, utility records. For instance, http://www.zabasearch.com/. I put my own name in here and my address popped right up.
  25. I have a BoA CC that's been charged off since 12/01. It's still being listed on my credit report as $XXXX.XX past due ever since. Before I came here, I went through CCCS and made payments for two years or so. But I quit my job to finish my college degree and couldn't keep up with my payment schedule. I have no idea when I made the last payment. Probably late '03 or early '04. So I'm pretty sure its not out of SOL. The last time I knew I owed $1108. In 2005, they offered to settle for half that. I didn't have that kind of money then. Also, First Premiere Bank. This is recent. Within the last year. Totally within SOL. It's with a CA (M.R.S Associates). And yes, I've sent them a DV letter and am waiting for a response. Any expierence settling with them? Making a long story short, Now that I'm better off financially, I'd like PFD and get these albatrosses from 'round my neck. Any suggestions where to begin to offer to settle?