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  1. I am shocked to see this myself but I've added 79 points to my real FICO in just over a month. I have been at work on this for less than two years. It seems that after getting a lot of old addresses off my report that a lot of the other information started to fall off. My last CA came off a few weeks ago and I got an email from Equifax score monitor saying that I had moved up to a different score card and my score jumped from 621 to 679! Almost at the magic 700 mark. As a side note, anyone that has Jefferson capital Systems on your CR, go ahead and use the BBB web site for filing a complaint. I had sent countless DVs to them and to no avail. I sent my final one and hten filed a complaint with the BBB at the same time. Within 2 weeks they removed their TL from all CRs and the BBB followed up with me saying as much. I'm not sure if that was the straw that broke the camels back or what but it worked for me. Thanks to all the great insight and advice, it's really helped to get me where I am today. Just 21 more points for me and I'm where I wanted to be! Cheers
  2. I just disputed a few items that were 5-6 years old and I doubt there are still records out there. If these items come back verefied, I am planing on sending a MOV. Has anyone ever had these work? It seems the CRA will likely just send some standard BS letter ,expecially EX. Thanks for any sight in advance
  3. What has been most folks experience on the investigations and correlation to amount of time? I would think that if the 'dispute' ( we will generously call it that) performed by CRA is taking awhile, it means that the CA or OC might not have your files in their main transactional system. If that is the case, they then have to go to their 'archives' dept and maybe even look on micro film. So, has anyone noticed one way of the other if there is a correlation or if it's just random and some take a while to 'verify'?
  4. So, I called TU today to dispute some information and I asked the lady where she was located and she responded that she couldn't tell me for security reasons. I chuckled at this and played along since I work in the call center industry and know where they are. As I was speaking to this lady, it was clear that she could not perform any single operation that is out side of her call scripts. She didn't have that great of a grasp on English and was some what aggressive to me. So, it seems that there won't be any more 'sympathetic' ears or a nice person that can relate to your situation that may be the reason that something gets deleted. Sometimes it's funny how a simple click of a box or if a rep just decides they believe you that you can get something removed. I think the cultural and language barriers are going to make phone disputes that more difficult going forward and I hope that EQ and EX don't go this route anytime soon. Does this sound too 'far out' or does anyone agree? Cheers
  5. My apologies for not being more clear but I was just in rant mode. My oldest account is about 11 years so this account was up there. I have disputed this one several times for the folks who want to know and nothing happened. I logged in last week, disputed it on line and low andbehold, it just dropped off. I've been trying for over a year on this one and I simply did a online dispute and poof.
  6. Hey everyone, I know that by losing the history of an account that my score would drop by 20 points almost, geez! Anyway, I know it's a temporary dip, any guess as to how long until I see the positives from getting this C/O off my CR? The account was open for about 7 years so it's not that long os a history. OK, rant over!
  7. I did and thanks for the input! So much information out there that it gets confusing quickly.
  8. When you say "FICO consumer scores" you mean from correct? Cheers
  9. Thanks to both of you! How in the heck do the yget away with selling a score that is so useless? I might as well start selling people their scores if it's that's bad I will be cancelling some services today
  10. My apolgies, I didn't realize that was an issue. I'll makre sure to refrain in the future
  11. I have all three services right now and the 3 in 1 from TU. When I check my score directly on EX with their Score Plus or whatever they call it now, it says it's 650. Then, on TU 3 in 1, it says my score is 578, which is almost exactly what MyFICO has. So, the question is, who do I believe? Thanks
  12. I have all three services right now and the 3 in 1 from TU. When I check my score directly on EX with their Score Plus or whatever they call it now, it says it's 650. Then, on TU 3 in 1, it says my score is 578, which is almost exactly what MyFICO has. So, the question is, who do I believe? Thanks
  13. Strap on the chin strap an prepare for a battle. I've been dealing with those guys for a couple of years and they do not budge. I currently have a C/O on my CR for a lousy $188 for a corporate card that I haven't had in years. All of a sudden, this shows up on my report and I am in the process of writing hteir 'special investigations' department to show me what this charge is for. Apparently the charge is from after I left the company but no one there wants to delete it until they know ''for sure". Anyway, sorry for the rant. Just be prepared to deal with a lot of hassel. Start disputing and just keep on, eventually someone will make a mistake. Just keep on going and it will work! Good luck
  14. Finally! I've been plugging along from the mid to upper 500's (580ish) over the last two years and broke into the 600s in June. I got one AMEX C/O gone and should have another gone this month from EX bringing my score from 586 in April to 650 exactly as of today! EQ is at 612 with a CA on there that, as of yesterday, just agreed to remove it. I am guessing I will be right at or under 650 with them as well once that is gone. TU is killing me though, I can't get them to budge on much at all. I have some student loans that I couldn't pay a few years ago but have since reconsolidated and have been paying. The C/O from those loans won't go away no matter what I've tried but they are scheduled to fall off in a year from Sep. Hopefully I can get them off sooner and get to the 700 mark for the first time. Thanks to everyone’s help and insight, it's made all the difference in the world! Cheers!
  15. So, transfering these to a new loan does nothing to reduce their impact to my score? I did not realized that closed accounts were weighted so heavily other than if you close a long standing account that reduces your overall length of history