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  1. why didnot she tell me this up front i would have taken my name off deed than let my wife file tecknialy were out of luck
  2. my wife file ch 13 the was confirm dec now we are trying to get rid of 2 motg her lawey said we might have problem because im on deed but im not on the financing part is the a law in deleware
  3. my wife file chapter 13 she went to meeting her case was confirm its now ready to be file for the stripping 2 motg my lawer new my name was on both deed but not on the financing part now she said we got a problem she could of told me from the begining i would have took my name of the deeds does that mean we cant strip 2 motg she only one filing
  4. i dont recall signing also after disch attorney said there was no reafirm would it be on pacer if i did
  5. if they reafirm the car i would have recived letter or it would be on pacer that the debt was reafirm and if it was reaffirm would they wait this long
  6. if i drop it off on monday can they do anything for keeping it 2 years after dish
  7. is the car a secured debt so did i have to surrender it to them
  8. my concern they never came to get the vehicle back was i supposed to take it to them or wait for them to repossess they never did and now its 2 years later they car is still at my house but it was included in discharge should take it to credit union or let them come get it this is the first time they sent letter in 2 years
  9. ive been clear dis since 5-2008 the cred un vever reposses the car it never was feafirm 2 years later they send me cert letter telling me to make payment arrang or they will file judg i dont want the vehicle its in my disc paperers the never repoed it i dont have lawer anymore what can they do they can have there car they never call or try to pick it up i think they dont realize that this was included in bankruptcy and disch need help
  10. its been almost 2 yrs since dis cred sent letter that they was going to put a judgement on me and repossess the toyota that i didnot pay on in 2 yrs the truck was discharge they never came and got it can i get in trouble and can they file a judgement the only reason they even sent letter credit burea dispute that account i dont think they realize that it was included in bank with no reafirm what should i do drop it off or what i dont want to mess up my credit i thought it was there responsability to pick up truck
  11. has anybody herd of these companys that charge 3,500 dollars to nogotiate your loans withh the banks and had some success are there any good companys to help countrywide denied me
  12. disch almost 1 year who would give me credit or how do i obtain credit any companys you no
  13. my old credit union sent me a cert letter from the court saying i owe them 7,000 dollars this account wasdisch may 11 they want me to come to court can i sue them