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  1. If I have some uppaid tax leins on my report will those fall of in 10 years? Or because they are unpaid will they remain on my credit report for 10 years past the paid date?
  2. Need a Lender that will do a 2nd Heloc with a teaser start rate in FL. Stated 650 mid
  3. I have an account that is about to go to collection. Once I get the notice in the mail I am going to dispute. Will that tradeline fall off the report until it is verified? If so can I then apply for a new card?
  4. They told me that they did not purchase the account. I would think that meant they were assigned the account. They are willing to collect payment but claim the only was it can be removed is if I contact State Farm and they request it be removed.
  5. Assigned vs. Purchased I have an account listed as American Recovery Systems, for State Farm Financial. I requsted a PFD from ARS and they told me they could not remove any information, said it would have to be removed by State Farm. Does that mean the account was assigned to them and they would probably not have the documentation to "validate" the account? Could you please expalin the differences?
  6. If I am calling a CA, OC or CRA do I need to state that I am recording the phone call?
  7. If I am calling a CA or OC do I need to state that I am recording the call.
  8. Looking for a Pay For Delete letter. Could someone please provide the link or an example? Thank you!
  9. Good Morning, I have a T-Mobile deal that I would like to have removed from my report once I pay. I have contacted SAM without giving any details of my account. They told me that all they could do was give it a paid status, I asked to speak to supervisor but they would not allow it. Does anyone have some contact information for some higher ups with this company? I understand I need to have this contract in writing, but first I need to find someone that is willing to work with me. Also would it be better to contact T-Moble directly? If I pay them can they demand that the collection agency remo
  10. Ok, I have talked with them via email and said that I intended to pay them, this was in the past. Since the product was not 100% does this mean they still have a good chance at winning in court? If they do take me to court will I have to pay anything out of pocket?
  11. I found this information on Experians Website. Credit Reports & Scores Authorized users may be able to remove account information from their credit reports Authorized users share all the effects of account notations with the primary account holder-bad as well as good. Every piece of information on your credit report is part of the historical record of credit-related activity included in a credit report, and therefore cannot normally be removed until the established reporting period has passed. However, in the case of being an authorized user on an account and not a primary or joint user, y
  12. Good Afternoon, I have a company that has threatened a judgment against me and my small company. More then a year ago I purchased some personalized software from this company, when the product arrived the link to my website did not work. Unfortunately I have not had the cash to pay the invoice. ($300) Today they sent me an email asking if I intended to pay the invoice, in the past I have been asking for extensions which have been granted. Without a payment tomorrow they are going to file against me and my company. What should I do? Since the product did not perform 100% should I just let them
  13. What steps should I take regarding the ID theft? Police Report and Fraud Watch with the CRA's?
  14. Yes they are reporting, that is how I found this out. The date opened is 3/2005. Its now 7/05. Do they not have to comply to the DV now?
  15. Ok, just got off the phone with Comcast personally and they told me that it was for service from 11/04 thru 2/05, the reason it is so high is for equiptment. The address that they gave me for that account was not a PO Box, it was an apartment that I have never lived. What should I do here? Will I need to file a police report? Is the dispute with the CA enough?