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  1. I know $8K is a lot when you owe it and don't have it and it may be the right move for some; it's just that I've seen a lot of people file bankruptcy on relatively small amounts that could have, over time, been paid/negotiated with much, much less negative impact on the person's finances. Plus, if one files on a relatively small amount what happens when something truly monumental happens (like a $100K medical debt, etc.)?
  2. With all due respect to the prior poster; filing a bankruptcy on an $8K debt would be using a sledge hammer to kill a fly. I think fisthardcheese gave you some good advice and that's the route I'd pursue. Keep in mind that no one can collect money you don't have so until you are back on your feet financially and can pay and/or settle these debts there isn't much more that you can do.
  3. Yes and validated (with cc statements, etc.). They amount they claim is owed matches the amount the OC reports as being the amount owed at the time it was sold as well.
  4. Okay folks, First of all, I appreciate all the responses. Second, while this may shock some of you, she isn't interested in her FICO score, “sticking it” to PRA and/or avoiding paying/gaining income by “racking up” violations. Some wonder why would she is willing to pay? Because the debt is legitimate and is owed and well within statute…it was a credit card that she stopped paying on when she lost her job about a year and a half ago. The debt was sold to PRA. Currently, it is being reported correctly (both by the OC and by PRA) on all three of her credit reports and I'd suggest that whatev
  5. I guess I didn't explain myself well...she isn't asking for or expecting a PFD. The debt will either be settled or paid in full and it's likely going to be paid in full. The debt is legitimate and it's pretty recent (less than two years old) and PRA has had it about about 6 months judging from her credit report and when she started getting letters from PRA.
  6. Once it's reached this point (a judgment) it can be pretty difficult to do anything about it other than pay it. If you truly think this could be a case of fraud (which is what a wife signing her husband's name without permission is) then you could get this set aside but you are going to have to be able to prove that the debt isn't yours. Unless this is a rally large judgment it could well cost you more to fight it than to pay it. You might want to contact a lawyer who does this kind of work (most such initial consultations are usually free so you don't have much to lose) .
  7. I'm not an attorney. That said, I believe that the moment the bankruptcy is filed any "actions" against you would come to a grinding halt. Further, if your first court date is in December I can't see any garnishment being started before you file for BK in January. I suppose what I'm saying is that I don't think you have to worry about garnishments, etc. before you file. If I'm wrong; I think you could file BK earlier if need be (it might not be "ideal" but I think it could be done without having that much of an ill effect on your BK petition). I would do what I could to "slow down" any co
  8. Hello everyone, It's been a LONG time since I've been on this site! Quick question...I'm helping a friend clean up her outstanding debts and while most of the ones have been very old and easy to deal with (old, our of statue, etc) but she has one that is less than $1,000 owed to PRA that is well within statute and based on what I know of PRA I see no point in attempting to negotiate anything with them other than a settlement (although shell probably pay in full). My question is this, for those who have settled or paid in full, has there been any problems with PRA not keeping up its end?
  9. Portfolio is a machine...any sort of request that falls outside of their SOP is not going to might as well try negotiating with a cement block. Portfolio seems to bee pretty sue happy so if the debt is more than a few hundred dollars (perhaps even if it isn't) I wouldn't wait too long. Bottom line is - if this is your debt and you owe the money and you can afford to pay them it's probably better to just go ahead and pay them...just make sure that you have proof that the debt was paid in full.
  10. In most states/most cases a creditor/collector can continue to try and collect a debt forever. However, as mentioned above, once the debt is out of statute as well as this old their options are extremely limited as you have an afirmative defense to a suit and they cannot report it to the bureaus unless they reage the debt (lie)...their legal options are mostly to writing letters and making phone calls. If you are certain of your facts I would simply tell them to go pound sand. That said, be aware that some colelctors may file suite anyway and if you don't respond they could get a judgment
  11. If I might interject here… Until or unless you have the financial ability to pay or settle these debts (i.e. you have an income, etc.), I see no reason for you to do anything at the moment. With no income there is really nothing a creditor (or junk debt buyer/collection agency/attorney) can really “do” to you other than report negative tradelines on your credit reports. The tradelines are already there and, given your accident, you have a very good explanation for WHY they are there. Some of these creditors may sue you, eventually, but with no income they aren’t going to get much. I know
  12. Yeah...what people might post about you can be a real problem. However, what many people post about themselves voluntarily can be a much bigger problem once you start looking for a job!
  13. I firmly believe in paying or settling debts if you really owe the money (or at least some of what they say you owe). The problem is that almost all CAs and JDBs will lie and tell you anything and everything you want to hear until they get your money...dealing with them is sort of like picking up a rattlesnake; even those who handle rattlers all the time will get bit occasionally meaning that you really need to be sure of what you are doing before you start any kind of dialogue with Portfolio. If PR isn't currently bothering you I think I'd be tempted to wait and do nothing; at least in th
  14. I can't advise you on whether they would sue you; it depends a lot on just how much they believe they can win and other factors. Personally, my feelings are that if a creditor really wants to sue you they'll sue you whether or not you you send a C&D letter. I wouldn't say anything about owing or not owing the debt if you send a C&D letter; just tell them to cease and desist; no need to get wordy or say something that may cause a problem later. As to them going's normal to want that to happen. Unfortunately, debts don't just go away; at least not most of the time. i