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  1. The representative for GMAC contacted me and offered to delete inquiries, and send me $500. Should I hold out for more?
  2. Metthus thanks for that infor, I was sweating bullets for a minute there. I had spoke to an attorney about my issues, but I have sent several letters attempting t take care of it myself.,
  3. Can we get an update as to whether or not this is still working?
  4. bobdole would you mind posting the letter that you sent to CA requesting their pp, I am looking for ideas for my own CA inquiries, and it would it is always good to have lots of sample letters on the forum.
  5. I care, but I don't really have time to deal with it until it affects me. I work to much and I have kids. I fight for the time to do what little I have accomplished. I have never heard of anybody being able to enforce non pp on a soft pull.
  6. Well I am paying a different price, and the websit e is acting like it was before the change, everyday on the left hand side I have the option to request a new report, and my scores have changed 5 times last week. I'm pleased with it.
  7. I understand that, but I would not have noticed nor cared about the pulls if that had not been hard and affected my score.
  8. No Fraud alerts are on my file, and pg still pulls daily with no problem
  9. Okay I got alleter on July 20 saying that they had received my letter, and would be getting back to me within 20 days. I called their legal office, and they said they never got it so I faxed everything in. Now I have a lette from a different guy saying that he will get back to me within a week.
  10. I have the same question, it is happening with my credit. I've got pulls from collection agencies that I can not explain.
  11. That was one of the things I was thinking. I have already licked the stamp for my DV letter. Does it matter that I had previously DV Bellsouth asking them to tell me how I became the object of their pursuit? There are no records other than the past due bills just started coming in my name. And I keep very good records. I committed a big no no though. I called the CA, he told me that he had the records right in front of him and that the phone was activated in the name Angel _____ (a.k.a.) Angel Justin in Sept of 2000. I have those exact same documents right in front of me, but oddly enough they have my husbands name Travis Justin _____ and his signature all over it. Should I have my super concerned mother call the CA to see if there is anything she can do to help them? (with the call being recorded )
  12. Well my husband had our cell phones and the home phone in his name, but we separated, he cut the cell phones off. All of the bills where in one on our bellsouth bill, so the cantract fees got charged to bell south for the cell phones. My husband did the transfer on te phone, and had his mom pretend to be me I presume. Bellsouth says I got on the phone and authorized the request to take responsibility away from him. The bill was already past due when they made the change from his name to mine. He had his name listed as his first and middle name only so that we could not be looked up in phonebook, and now they are pursueing as if I had an alias of my first name combined with his middle name, Angel Justin and Angel _____ and they are pursuing me under both. THey have been calling my mom's house telling her that I am in "Serrious trouble with this law office". She is calling me everyday wanting to make sure I haven't been arrested. It is really makeing me mad. Isn't there something that says they can't discuss debts with other people. They told her how much, what for, and what they were gonna do to me.
  13. I received this letter today regarding an account with bellsouth that was my husbands. He switched the account to my name and social after he stopped paying the bill. Gregory J. Barro, PLC Attorney at Law and Associates 400 Travis Street, Suite 1004 Shrevepiort LA 71101 August 5, 2005 Re: Acct# Bellsouth Tennessee Balance: Despite our efforts to amicably resolve payments of your past due phone bill, you have failed to pay this debt. Unless you contact our office within 48 hrs from receipt of this letter we may take futher collection action against you, which may include referring this account to a Georgia law firm for legal action. If suit is filed, the Walker County Sheriff will serve you with legal papers directing you to appear in court. If a judgement is rendered against you, you will likely pay all court costs in addition to our phone bill. Your are jeopardizing your credit and facing the possibility of having your non-exempt wages garnisheed. To avoid futher collection action, you must contact our office within 48 hours from receipt of this letter. Make your money order payable to Bellsouth. We are attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. THis communication is from an attorney debt collector. This letter was dated 5 days before it was postmarked, how did they expect me to respond in 48 hrs, and I don't know much about legal stuff, but aren't threats a no, no. And this is the first letter that they have sent. TH e debt was just assigned to them on July 22, 2005