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  1. By the way, Methuss, YOU ROCK!!! thanks for the help.
  2. So it I would be better off just paying the CA and try to dispute the TL through the CR's. Makes sense.
  3. Is there any way to fight a CA that is non-consumer debt (un-paid parking tickets that went to a CA?) I've DV'd the account and they were only able to partially reply. The CA is saying that they have to follow FDCPA and FCRA by marking the account as paid and no deletion is possible. Here is my question. If it is not a consumer debt, what kind of a debt is it and where does it fall within FCRA and FDCPA that they are hiding behind?
  4. try this, My wife has has the same issues with creditexpert. She called and they told her that it was a system problem and that they were going to fix it. Good Luck!!!!
  5. I currently have one with an OSI. Is it located in Anchorage, AK?
  6. If the CA sends "verification" does that end the SOL of your DV and should you wait for the full 30 days to re-DV or ITS?
  7. Thank you. I figured it would be something simple like that!!
  8. Please excuse my noobyness, but what does "ITS" stand for? I understand that they are violating FDCPA and FCRA and you are calling the CAs on there actions with an ITS letter.
  9. Thanks for the info! That's makes more sense than rushing out and DVing them when I already know the claim is ligit. Thanks!!!
  10. Is there any other companies besides MCK and PG that allows daily pulls from all 3 CRA's?
  11. With the 2nd DV letter, would you add that they have 15 days to get fully validated? And would you also let them know that if they can't provide the information that you are taking them to court? Sorry for my nooby-ness.
  12. First, I want to thank everyone for all there good informational postings and countless hours on this website. You all have been a blessing for people that believe that there is no hope in repairing their credit. Ok, I am currently working with my wife's and mine credit repair. I just pulled a credit report on my wife and found that a CA has an account with OPEN status with Experian and PAID with TU. I'm thinking about DVing the debt and see if they will delete it, but I know this agency on a too personal level and I don't think will budge. Should I continue with the DVing effort or should I just file a suit against them b/c of this inaccuracy? This account has never been DV'ed. Any info would be great!! So far 1 CA down 7 to go!!! AccO