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  1. My husband DV'ed dunning notices from West Asset Manangement (CA) about 6 months ago. Last week, West Asset Management sent him 2 billing statements from Crapital One (the OC) as validation of the debt. Are billing statements sufficient for validation of a debt?
  2. Wow! Thanks everyone for your very helpful and informative responses! I just did a search for Gerald E. Moore & Associates on the Better Business Bureau website and this is the physical address they gave: 2243 NW Parkway, #300B, Marietta, GA 30063. However, according to a previous post there is another entirely different address: Suite 120, 2221 Newmarket Parkway, Marietta, GA 30067. I'm confused. To which address should I send a DV letter? Should I send it to both addresses? Again your responses will be appreciated!
  3. About 3 months ago my DH DV'd West Asset Management (FKA National Asset Management Enterprises). Finally after sending them 2 DV letters, they stopped writing. However, in the mail today my DH got a letter from an attorney collection firm- Gerald E. Moore & Associates. But something is not quite right about this letter. It seems rather strange that the stationary, the typeset, the PO box,bar codes, lines and spaces used, and zip code given is EXACTLY the SAME as that of West Asset Management! The only EXCEPTION is that the letterhead is different- it has the words "Law offices of
  4. My brother has been receiving at least 5-6 phone calls a day/7 days a week from Dell (the OC). I know that if you send a CA a limited C&D letter, they have to abide by your request; however, does the same thing apply to OCs? If a limited C&D letter is sent to Dell (the OC), must they cease calling and only correspond by letter if my brother requests it?
  5. No AFNI was not DV'ed. My husband got his free copy of his credit report from all 3 CRAs last month. When he noticed AFNI on his credit report he disputed it with all 3 CRAs. Yesterday he was notified via email from EXPERIAN that his dispute investigation was complete and that he could view the results of their investigation. So he did. Under the summary part of the results it said that the AFNI info was "UPDATED" and when he viewed the section called "details of the investigation" it still had the AFNI entry listed as in dispute by consumer. That is not updated info! Also, I thought that
  6. I understand that the CA or the OC puts that line there if you dispute the entry. However, what I am not understanding is that this dispute investigation was done online and this is the RESULT of Experian's investigation. Wasn't Experian suppose to verify this or if they couldn't delete it? I don't think an entry can still be listed as in dispute after a CRA's dispute investigation has concluded, or can they? HELP! I'm lost! Need guidance!
  7. My husband received the results of his dispute with Experian today. Under the section called "Summary of Investigation Results" it says that the AFNI collection account was updated, BUT when you click the "Details of Investigation Results" for AFNI it says "account information disputed by consumer (meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act." How can this still be listed as DISPUTED when the dispute investigation is over? Shouldn't this have been deleted? What should be done now? Please advise!
  8. For which CRAs does Privacy guard provide bumpage for hard inquiries? Which credit monitoring service provides bumpage for TU?
  9. Thanks for the prompt replies! A judgement has not been won against me (at least not yet); I just wanted to know what to do in case it does hapen to me. I have NEVER sent any payments to a CA, but they probably can get my checking acct info from the OC (eventhough it has been a while since I have sent a payment to them also). But,hypothetically speaking, if they win a judgement against me and if my spouse and I close this account and open up separate accounts, could they say I am guilty of fraud? I ask this b/c I have a relative that works for the IRS and she says that if they do a bank le
  10. I recently forwarded a TIMELY DV letter to West Asset managment. They did not validate, but sent me a letter saying that I was delinquent on this debt and they had been authorized by the OC (Crap One) to enter into a settlement or payment arrangements with me to satisfy this debt and that I needed to do this to avoid further collection activity. This was their response to my DV letter, which I know this crap is definitely NOT validation. What should I do now? Forward a second DV letter? If so, what should I specifically make sure I say in the letter?
  11. I sent Providian a Goodwill letter to try to remove a 30 day late from the TL to be replaced with "Never late, pays as agrees." I was late in 3/2004.This was the only time I was ever late! Providian called me yesterday and said that they couldn't do it b/c they have to report accurate info blah, blah, blah. My question is: what should I do now? Would it be better for my FICO if the entire Providian entry with the 1x 30 day late which occurred in 3/2004 be deleted or better for the entry to remain even if I can't get the 30 day late TL changed?
  12. Question: If my wages are directly deposited in a JOINT checking account I share with my spouse, can a CA or OC garnish my wages(if they win a judgement against me) from this JOINT checking account I share with my spouse who is not liable for this debt? Would this be illegal? Also the state in which this debt occurred, is NOT a community property state.
  13. Ok then what if your DV is TIMELY and the CA pulls an inquiry on your CR? Would that not be a violation of the FDCPA?