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  1. we go have 30k sitting in the biz account though, we were given start up money about 6 months ago and put it in the bank account, hope they dont want that??!! this sucks so what if we just ignored and blew off all the creditors, they would come after her for judgements, and just make life miserable wouldnt they? also, how about 13? or maybe a REPUTABLE debt consolidation company, something..but we really dont want to, and cant pay these bills, not with baby on the way.
  2. is our biz making money? good question, according to our tax returns NOPE its not. we are not retail or online with products. so i guess it comes down to our meeting today, so many different scenerios for every situation, so, will let you know. thanks everyone
  3. thanks for the info, hope it doesnt come to that, im sure there are options. our business is our baby, I guess that is why there is a first consultation with the attorney to assess our situation. Its just ridiculous how much cc debt she incurred, large portion of it was utilized for her education, we also used it to get through the "rough patches" of no income when our jobs came to screeching halt. we were in sales. also, used alot of it for biz start up. thank god we had that, or we would been really bad off, so anyway..thanks for your help.
  4. We have first meeting with bk attorney here in illinois. we own a small business, we are owners 50/50. my wife and I. her debt is overwhelming us, and she hasnt paid her credit cards in many months. her total debt is well over 100k, including student loans. credit cards are easily 50k in debt. i have about 15k in debt, mostly one major cc with us bank. ive missed some payments, and have some collections on my report, but for small stuff. few hundred bucks, etc so my credit is nowhere near perfect. anyway. my question is this: how does filing BK affect your business? we only pay ourselves just enough to pay rent, food, gas, and what bills we do pay. other than that the money stays in the business account. we were given a large sum to use for the business start up. will we lose the business if my wife files? will i have to also? im pretty sure based on our lack of income, vs our bills we qualify, but would hate to lose the business too. we are owners 50/50 any info you can provide prior to our meeting thurs is appreciated, thanks
  5. I just received notice from eqfax that my score was 807??!!! i checked and it seems like all my old accounts have disappeared, gone, the only ones showing are my parents of which i was auth user, my student loan which has always been on time and some of my current card which are on time. this is nuts??? SO, i would like to apply for some credit. i tried amex, denied. they pulled experian, which sucks, i tried chase, waiting to hear from them, and also cap one. are there any other ones you know of that pull eqfax in illinois? if amex would have pulled eqfax we'd have a card. any info is appreciated, and how did this happen with eqfax???!!
  6. you can always go to disappearingmortgage.com see if they can help
  7. i habve many open account,s problem is they are all maxed out to the max and over limit, they are late, and i have chargeoffs, collections, etc. allt hat stuff was wiped out, i called them like a jackass and she put it all back on. maybe i can do that again and wipe it all out, can lenders see them or are they split and gone forever? that be cool!
  8. is this good or bad? I have exp monitoring and i got a notice my 'score changed" i logged on and it was in the mid 600's??!! very odd, because just few days ago it was 530. so i pulled my report and alll, i mean ALL my tl's were gone. i have maxed out credit cards, late payments, judgments, collections, etc. you name it, i had it, and it was all gone. the only reports showing were the auth user accounts my parents put me on their cards 5 years ago,. which of course helps because they have like 15 years history, no balance due and no lates. so like a jackass, i called exp and the lady told me my file split and she will fix it, the next day all my accounts show up again! i should have not said anything, or doesnt that matter, will lenders be able to see all the tl's when they pull? how come I cant, and im pulling directly from exp. So, i just checked efax, and same thing. allllll my personal accounts gone. credit cards, collections,chargeoffs, lates, gone. the only 2 tl's are the auth user accts for my parents. and a new collection. my score is 663. if i dispute that old collection im sure it will come off, and my score should then jump up to near 700! could i then apply for credit and they will see i have 700 score and give me credit? is that legal for me to do? is it bad my files are split or a good thing? any advice is appreciated, im gonna check transunion, prob same thing happened. wish i would have never opend my big mouth to exp and all that was gone because they are the most annoying. i cant dispute online anymore, it says "already disputed" and wont let me, which i KNOW that if i dispute it it will come off because they are like 5yrs older or more, they are long gone, but i cant dispute it! help! thanks
  9. well i was checking exp, and to my surprise there was no accounts, none, well theo nly ones were my parents cc's that they made me auth user of years ago, they stayed on, alllll my accounts were deleted, gone, nowhere to be found. i am maxed out to the tune of 20k on all my cards, some are late, there were random collections, judgments, etc on exp, now its gone. so being an idiot, i CALLED and she said its split my file, i was curious because my score was up in the mid 600's! when just a day befoe it was 530, well when it split it wen t up 100 points! i shouldnt have said anything right?! or is that meaningless and if someone pulls my credit from a bank or lender they will see all my acounts. meaning the late payments, the maxed out ones, the collections etc. curious? well ij ust checked efax and its def split, shows my score of 663, lol, and one collection on there, just reported yesterday. ill get that removed with a simple dispute, once it comes off my score should jump to 700, can i get credit with a spilt report or do they see all the reports even though my score says "700"?
  10. I just pulled my credit through exp due to an alert I got that a new account was just opened in my name? So i logged on, updated my report and ALL, ALL every single one of my tradelines were gone,disapeared. the only thing on there was 2 old cc's my parents had me as auth user, and its very strange. my credit score update thing said your score has increase 110 points? it is showing 2 installment loans and thats it. also has address of my parents house? will this last or what? I thought it was just a glitch or something, so i checked equifax and the same thing. my score is inthe mid 600's instead of the mid 500's now? i havent checked tu though. has this ever happened to anyone? will it last? what should I do? all of my debt has been wiped out completely????!!!
  11. I apologize in advance if this has been asked here ad nauseum, but here goes. i just got a credit alert that an inquiry was made on my credit. its listed as a "hard inquiry" meaning I applied for credit. which obviously I didnt, havent applied for anything in over 2 years. It shows "DRS Bonded", so i did a google search and found them in cinci. I called, (and mistakingly wrongly) asked them "why did someone pull my credit without my authprization? she put me through to "my rep". I said I have a rep? wow, I don't even knnow who you are and I have a rep? some jerkface loser collection agency guy named "bill" answered, in his monotone voice asked is this xxxx i said yea, who are you and why did you pull my credit? he said because we have a file here from citi a debt that you owe? I didnt say anythihg, I said you didnt have auth to access my credit file. he said "people pull credit reports all the time" I said no they don't, not without the written permission of the consumer they dont. so i got his name and his #, and said thankyou very much, that is all that I needed. you admitted to pulling my credit, I have record of it, you'll be hearing from me. thank you. he kept saying "what about your debt" I said goodbye and hung up. Now what do I do? I want to sue their asses if possible for pulling hard inquiry. HOW can people just get my social security # and access my personal credit??!! collection agency or not. then there is NO PRIVACY whatsoever. anyone can open a "collection agency" and start going to town on peoples credit, selling their information, bugging them, illegally collecting. etc. please help. thanks!
  12. so what do you do when you get a credit "alert" that new activity has been reported, NEGATIVE information. so i logged on and there was a judgment entered against me??!! from a parking garage from 4 years ago. How can someone just enter a judgment against someone? i never ever received any information about a court date, or being sued, nothing. I also looked at my recent inquiries and saw one from "wexler and wexler" which is the law firm/collection agency that was collecting for the parking garage. so they obviously pulled my credit without my authorization. HOW, i repeat HOW can that be in this "free country" that someone at a 3rd party attorney office can access my personal information and basically my entire life without me granting that permission? this is nuts! on my equifax a new negative account reported as a collection appeared out of the blue? how can I dv them once they are already on my report? this sucks! the damage has already been done, they reported it on my credit report!
  13. oh my god, im so freaking ticked off! I finally got my equifax report up to 690, not one negative on it (experian different story) and today i thought i'd take a look and i look and see a new collection on my report. as of 2/08! it was originally from 3 years ago it says, and i know it was DELETED years ago to for being innacurate and unverfiable. Well, its now being re-reported on my report. AND as i look at the others TU and EXP, there are other new reports too. AND on my list of people looking at my credit i see wexler and friedman, a collection agency and lawyer firm. HOW can they just access my personal credit report? a lawyer firm without my permission? HOW can they do that? they reported something from years ago at a parking garage that CLAIMS I owe them money??!!! America really really can be crappy sometimes. how can this happen without my consent, my knowldege of the situation, i never received ANY documentation or signed for anything, no nothing and all sudden there is negative reports on my personal credit i work hard to keep perfect! wow. what are my options? im gonna call these people and find out who the hell they think they are that they can just report stuff wtihout my knowldege. im pissed!
  14. I thought i would run this by you all and get your feedback. We just started a business, and it will be awhile until we start seeing some revenue due to the business we are in (real estate). we are Incorporated officially and have received our EIN. There are just two of us in the company, no employees, working from home office, grass roots company. We have exausted most of our personal funds to get the business started with various costs. We would like to have some "breathing room", and be able to do some marketing, advertising, buy some materials, business cards, entertain clients, etc. Are there any options out there for corporate cards for new small business? Both of us have "good credit", however, we have alot of it, and carrying alot of accounts and have high balances as it is on the cards we have already, along wtih student loans. no lates. my score is mid 600's same for my partner roughly. what options do we have to secure some line of credit, or a small business loan, or a credit card for small business with 5,000 cl would be perfect. thanks all for your input
  15. experian by faaaaaaaaaaar the worst! i cant get them to reinvestigate an item, i just keep getting "this item has already been investigated and remains". well, according to the others they did their job, investigated and deleted. i sent exp information from the creditors that i do not exist in their records. is there any other recourse i can use to get them to reinvestigate?!! i know if they do, they will be deleted, they tell me the proof i sent (name and phone # of person i spoke with at creditor listed on my report) was not enough??!! how is that possible, when they clearly state thats all they need to do reinvestigation??!! anoying!
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