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  1. I haven't been at this long, but I've had a high success rate with the following: Write a very friendly personal letter disputing *everything* you want deleted to each credit bureau. Dispute as INCORRECT, I always paid on time, or NOT MINE. Explain that you have invested money in this business and the inability to get a loan because of these errors in your credit report is putting the business at risk, and you need them resolved right away. With the friendly letter and the high-stakes reason for needing to correct my credit, I got rid of all but 2 things I disputed this way. I had much less lu
  2. Well, I didn't take his on until I had two of mine 90% good. I would have jumped out a window. I'll be paying that bill from now on, I think. But I also think I need to get a few more months of on-time payments under our belt before I try a good-will letter.
  3. I've been madly fixing my credit, with great success (down to 3 baddies out of 9). Now I'm ready to start on my husband's reports. Got his Experian report, and no surprises - late payments on ccs, mostly. The biggest problem I've found is that on one card, he has 30 day lates made within the last few months - March and May. EEEEEEKKKK! It's on an MBNA credit card he's still paying off (everything else is at zero). WHAT SHOULD I DO????? I don't even know where to go with this one, with such recent information it seems stupid to dispute as "not mine" or "always paid on time" when it's that rec
  4. " Crapital One will update your C/O every month until the reporting period expires." I'm reading with interest. I recently had 2 CAs delete Crap One by disputing online (a settlement that was by far the worst thing on my report). I was so happy - but does this mean it will get added back to my report? That will suck forever. I've searched these forums and never once come across anyone who has had any luck dealing with Crap One directly - they are vindictive. The CAs are sweethearts by comparison.
  5. Well, dealing with Equifax was a pleasure - they removed the three problem TLs from my report with no problem, first request. Who knew! One baddy left, I want to look back at my records to get an idea of whether it's inaccurate or if my memory just sucks before I think about disputing. But meanwhile, my credit score should be better - right? So I went to Citicredit to check it out, and for $14 a month or whatever, I see the exact same report and information that was there a few months ago. Turns out they only pull my report once every three months. Well, at least they were super polite abou
  6. of receiving a communication from them - is this true or the usual CA bull?? These are the bottom feeders of the bottom feeders - this is the third agency trying to collect this debt. I provided proof to the other two that I didn't owe, so they just keep selling the damned thing.
  7. I have an inquiry on my TU report from this Receivables Outsourcing in Timonium, MD- I've never heard of them. I assume this hurts my score, since it lists the purpose as Collection. I only have two other inquiries on my account, both legitimate from cell phone carriers. Is this few enough inquiries that the one from Receivables Outsourcing won't hurt? Or does it just make it more obvious that 1/3 of my inquiries are from collection agencies? How many inquiries before crap like that gets bumped? I'm tempted to go apply for a bunch of car loans within a short period of time to bump that thing
  8. Just got Macy's to remove a bad T/L; they even promised to send me a letter verifying that they would ask all three CRAs to remove. They were very nice, but it took me ages to find the right number and department, so I wanted to post it in case anyone needs it in the future. 800-972-4243 - after the obvious menu options, choose the option of dialing an extension - and then dial zero. It's the easiest thing on my list by far, as it was due to their billing an old address, and the payment history and date of address change clearly back me up. But it's something, anyway. If only Cap One was
  9. No collection agency, just the evil OC Crap One. I just wish I knew they received the dispute. The problem with disputing online is you have no proof.
  10. No copy of the contract, but it's standard (I think required) to have a two week grace period in my state. I sent the debt validation to the collection agency, not tmobile. I just spoke to a nice tmobile rep on the phone who said the account was likely sold to collections and t mobile had nothing to do with the decision to report. She was aware of the fact that responding to a dept validation request with a report to the CRAs was illegal, and said she thought tmobile's legal department would probably have something to say about it. So I wrote a nasty letter explaining they were breaking the la
  11. I have a problem with TMobile - got a new phone service last year, found they had zero reception in my area, and switched before my two weeks was up. They billed me for top dollar for all services, and tried to charge me the penalty amount for cancelling. I arranged things over the phone with a billing guy, but they've been coming after me ever since. Eventually it got to a CA. I just sent a verification request CMRR last week - and today citi credit service emails me that TMobile is putting the debt t on my Equifax credit report. What's my next step, besides tearing my hair out? I could neve
  12. Last week I pulled my Ex CR online - only one baddie! I disputed it online, but haven't received any email confirmation, and my CR online doesn't show the item in dispute. I don't want to dispute online repeatedly because that extends the time they are able to respond, right? I'm tempted to do as I've done with the other two, just send a handwritten letter CMRR. What do you think????
  13. Apparently during my free month of service, I can use citi credit (who pulled my equifax report) to do the disputing for me. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to this? I think I want to dispute with Equifax myself, unless there's a good reason to use Citi. Does anyone have the address? The only address I can get is for fraud alert. They don't make it easy, do they!
  14. Thanks for the replies! It was a regular old Cap One credit card that got me a good deal on a plane ticket. (beats head against desk) I don't think they can sell the rest of it - the note on the tl reads "Election of remedy - reported by subscriber. Legally paid in full for less than the full balance" I don't know what to dispute in the tl - especially in the Equifax report (which I got thru Citibank) there isn't that much information. "Not mine" is about all I can think of. Does that ever work with Cap1?
  15. It's after midnight, I've been reading this forum for hours and plotting out my credit recovery. I wish I'd found this site a year ago. Although a year ago I wouldn't have dared look at my CR '' - I cleared up a terrible student loan since then, and that gave me the guts to actually look. After reading all night, I still have a couple of questions: First, the biggest negative on my report is a Cap 1 card that has a status of BD/COL/SKP - whatever that means. I know I settled it awhile ago. It's on both Equifax and Experion (haven't pulled the other report yet, but I'm sure it's there) My orig