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  1. The question is "is it yours"? If it is, it will stay on and probably show up on the other two (or more) credit bureau listings. They stay on for seven years AFTER YOU PAY to get them off. If the lien is valid, you will need to negotiate with the IRS (I presume they are the source of the Lien) to have them withdraw it if you agree to a payment program for the debt. Once they issue the "Withdrawal" you can send a copy to the Credit bureaus and they will quickly remove it. If the IRS will not negotiate this, contact your congressman/woman, state your case, and ask to be referred to the Taxpayer Advocates office. If your case is referred, the TaxPayer Advocate can order the withdrawal of the Lien, provided you agree to a repayment program. I have been there and done that.

    If it is not yours, you should have no problem contesting it and having it removed.

  2. I want to join a credit union, but don't think it is a good idea until an old repo falls off my report later this year. It is already off of my experian report, but transunion and equifax will report it until May. I heard that credit bureaus pull a credit report when you join and I don't want them to have a record of the repo, when I apply for an auto loan later this year. Do you readers agree with this strategy or am I being paranoid?

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  3. Lastly, I don't care if you don't want to take the time to spell something out or refer the reader to a more informative posting. That's find by me, all I did was ask. Rest assured that I will take the time to be clear in my communications with people on this board and will hope that other like minded and good mannered people will do the same, so don't you worry about us ok?

  4. We agree to disagree! For those of you who are not arrogant/lazy and are willing to be considerate to newbies and others reading the thread, please be clear if you are communicating concepts. For many of us, a visit here is a stolen moment in our busy lives and we don't have much time to search endless threads, looking for information when we could get the information from the thread we are reading.

    I will do my best to follow this approach. And oh by the way, you can be very sure that I am not kidding about that! So dispense with the patronizing drivel responses to those you think you can push around.

  5. Keep it up, time and persistant vigilance will pay off. I am hoping in time, with the new congress, we can get some consumer friendly legislation to offset some of these stupid credit policies such as allowing multiple listings of the same negative; getting the seven year rule pared down to five, ect.

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    How much have you been paying in rent? $730 per month for 3 bed 2 bath

    Is the child support current? Always, never miss.

    Is there a tax lien on your credit report? Nope! In current repayment with IRS.

    If the child support is past due and/or there is a tax lien then those will be tough to counter without a down payment. Those are not issues, but they hang out there and I worry the lenders will seize on that as a reason for denial or high interest and terms.

  7. Well,

    I'm about to turn 46, divorced and I'm just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel concerning improving credit scores. I want to buy a home but have real concerns about getting an affordable mortgage and a unattached home. I have great income $65k, but with child support obligations, back taxe payments from the marriage years, and staying in school to forestall about 45k in student loans, I wonder if any bank or finance company will even look at me or extend decent terms. I have about 4 years of perfect payment history on my accounts but it is not enough to get my scores where they need to be. Does anybody out there have a similar situation as a single person and were they able to get out of rentals and into a home? Please share your stories, if so.

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  8. I am in the process of doing a first round DV with RJM Acquisitions LLC on a 8 year old and time barred closed bank account. I noticed in the recommended DV format letter that there is a reference to "being licensed in my state". I followed this up, because I live in Florida and found out that they are not registered in my state to collect. Furthermore, it appears to be a violation of the law for them to collect in my state without being registered and they can be fined damages of $1000 payable to me if I pursue. Do you think they will respond to the DV and drop the matter or will they defiantly post the reaged debt to my credit reports, forcing me to sue?

    I will wait and see if they attempt to validate the debt and then use their response to file a state consumer complaint against them as being unlicensed to collect, reaging the time barred debt and violating the FCRA. I would then follow with a letter to them stating intent to file suit and proceed accordingly. Hmmm. Stay tuned.