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  1. Yes, you can either read the replies that cover the process or get the book, but both will say that you can start by disputing as "not mine".
  2. I believe you can pull it online. You should be able to use your previous address to identify yourself and recieve it online. Not absolutely sure, but it seems like we had to do that for my husband...
  3. Looks like there are 29 pages of new posts since my last visit....I have been busy MOVING!! We just moved in to our new beautiful 3500 sq ft brick ranch home! It took a lot of work, including working with the loan officer until the LAST minute, but we did it! Now, making our mortgage payment on time will help our credit and we are no longer giving someone our money (rent)! More....same week we moved...I got notice from CSC that two satisfied judgements had been deleted from my credit report (disputed as not mine) and a credit card dispute deleted from my husbands. Thanks to everyone here....I learned so much for all of you.
  4. Regarding PG, I keep getting update emails and then I go to my site and there is nothing there. I have reported it several times, but they just keep saying they are having technical problems. Of course, they had no technical problem in taking my payment!
  5. Good Luck! I remember when I started and things moved so slowly (they still do) but was glad to find this board to keep me motivated. Then I found myself slowly TALKING about credit repair to people and getting excited to come home and see what was in the mail. Then, we started celebrating every delete that I achieved. It WILL work.
  6. I have not had dealings with the specific group, and I have read everyone say to dispute and dispute before paying, but I read that all AFTER I had paid off some collections. However, I do want to say that I have had really good luck with paying something and then waiting 30 days and disputing and having the entry just deleted. I am thinking maybe they did not care to take the time to verify something that was already marked paid? I still have a few persistant ones, but this week even had one taken off my husband's report that was a settlement, not even paid in full. Good Luck!
  7. If you are bored now that you have yours all fixed and want to take someone under your wing, I can always use the help!
  8. congratularions --- i am jealous!!!
  9. 1) I have tried to search and find out statue of limitations for missouri, but cant find the website reference. 2) I know that they are the same...that is why I was not surprised when it appeared , I just thought I had to start over with the DV process. Thanks for your help!
  10. I have a judgement on an old Sears bill. Sherman Acq has been trying to collect on it. I disputed the collections at they were deleted from all 3 credit bureaus. Of course, right when they were deleted, LVNV (?) showed up for collection on the same account. I am disputing and DV them now. Question...LVNV has sent a settlement letter for 1/3 the total (1/2 the original). If this were just a collection, I would know to continue with the DV, but since it is a judgment, I am wondering if we need to pay. I did talk with a mortgage broker and she said that she would find out if it would have to be paid for a mortgage, however, she did say that a judgment takes precendence over a mortgage, which means that they could place a lien on your house, etc. The judgement was placed in 1999. Any suggestions? Also, if we paid a settlement with the collection agency (that we, of course, would get in writing), then would that satisfy the judgment as well? And, can you pay the settlement with any specifications for deletion of the collection account AND the judgment? Thanks...I want to do this right.
  11. A couple months ago, I paid to get an Experian report and ever since, I could use the report number to pull a daily Experian report, updated!
  12. What is the difference between a satisfied judgement and a paid judgment?
  13. I am confused...doesn't the bankruptcy stay on your report for 10 years?
  14. If you have rent, you can get it reported by subscribing at
  15. What does dormant mean? Does it mean that they cant report to CRA? Does it mean they can't send to collection agency? Does it mean they can't renew?