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  1. In my experience a good DV letter, even a late one, very often just makes them go away because they then know you aren't going to fold easily. It worked for me with ER too.
  2. There was a profit sharing account that I did receive a check for, but the 401(k) was in a separate account at TD Waterhouse, now TDAmeritrade. I have the tax ID# and account #. I'll contact them on Monday but I expect them to refer me to the employer. I sent a very pointed letter to the employer CMRRR citing ERISA and included the link suggested. (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!)
  3. Who is "they"? The CA? Even if they made a "valiant" effort to contact you according to the FDCPA your failure to respond within 30 days of that effort is not an admission on your part that the debt is legitimate. Considering how old this is, I would be fighting this like a wolf. Do some research on the CA. Since they all stink, you have to be able to find something to use on them. This has to be a bottom of the barrel JDB to scrape for something this old. Good luck!
  4. Is the daycare center closed yet? Sheesh.... Back to the original question.... A recorder is the most valuable tool available in dealing with collectors, but only if you live in California where you can use Rosenthal and sue through the small claims court system or if you intend to sue at the federal level, either pro se or with an attorney. I have sent digital photos of my caller ID to collectors' registered agents with great success. The one line that ALWAYS works is "Excuse me, I need to inform you that this call and the line it is originated from is being recorded." I have never had to speak with the same CA more than twice with this method. After this, STAY OFF THE PHONE. Do not identify yourself, do not say anything other than you are recording them and their line. Whether you really are or not, it works and is really quite fun.
  5. Excellent input as usual from the CIC folks! Thanks a million! Today I received a copy of a letter that the DOL sent to the employer asking him to respond on the issue within 10 days in order to avoid a "benefits dispute." I'll send off my own CMRR per your suggestion but with some much stronger language. The account was worth 2k eight years ago. Even if it's only worth $10, it's not his to keep.
  6. A few months ago I discovered some paperwork for a 401(k) I forgot about and left with an ex employer about 8 years ago. The employer is famous for discontinuing benefits like this, profit sharing, etc. and keeping the money instead of dispersing it. He now refuses to acknowledge the existence of this account even with hard copy proof. A gentleman from the Dept. of Labor has contacted him a few times for me with no response. Anybody have any ideas?
  7. Unfortunately, I have no resources for buying anything online. The number Smurfette suggested is the one on every CR and it's automated for the use of disputes only. Anybody else?
  8. Does anybody happen to have a number where I can contact EX and verify that my report was properly refrozen after recently having it temporarily opened? I dunno.... maybe I would rather have all my teeth pulled without anesthetic instead............
  9. Is there some sort of secret method for obtaining my free annual FROZEN CRs without a current report number? All three CRAs are kicking me out on the phone and their websites.
  10. I know, I know. I'll start reading up on the bankruptcy stuff but in the meantime just a quickie, er.....quick question: I have become disabled and can no longer work. I've applied for SSD and SSI and am waiting for them to come through, about another month. In the meantime I have NO income and am considering bk. I can't tell from the list of Virginia exemptions if I would be allowed to keep my car. I owe $13k on it and although it's a gas guzzler I need to keep it for lots of reasons. I know it is not worth 13k. Also, if CitiFinancial doesn't fight the bk, what happens to the car title? Has anybody over done a bk pro se? I'm not a pro se newbie. OK, that was 3 quickies.
  11. Exactly the same for me too....LVNV deleted from EQ last week and TU and EX reporting different types of accounts (you know, that "factoring" thing) and different amounts.
  12. Bump. I have both of these weasels on my TU and EX reports.
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