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  1. Trust me... Don't get into a joint debt unless you are married. You will most certainly be sorry. All I have known personally have come to regret it.
  2. I had a CA call me and give me a docket number that was totally made up. I burned them for a tidy sum with the help of a good attorney. True Story. Keep good records and record calls if legal in your state.
  3. That is way too high. PM me if you want the name of my Houston attorney. She was much less expensive and very good.
  4. One of my baddies shows the creditor as "Company name is unknown". Should I dispute this as I dont owe anyone named "Company name is unknown"? Please delete.
  5. If you are being sued, I recommend finding a lawyer. I didn't want to part with the money, but she saved me more than she cost me. If you are in Houston, I can give you a number. PM me if you need the #.
  6. You can record in TX. I have done it and have used it to great advantage.
  7. According to my lawyer, it will hold up in court provided you have the transmission page from the fax machine.
  8. Is Wolpoff & Abramson shutting down? Closing the doors? Selling off their portfolios for .03 cents on the dollar? Pocketing $30 Million? Hundreds out of work? How bad is the paper?
  9. Find a lawyer to take this on contigency. They cannot tell you they are filing suit, and then not do it. I believe the case is worth $1000 to you plus attorney fees. My 2 cents......
  10. Citi sold my account to a JDB. Guess I will see if These clowns come after me. My Lawyer sent them a Cease Comm.
  11. Anyone here ever send Asset Acceptance a CEASE COMMUNICATIONS letter? If so, did they sue.
  12. gtty


    I sent you a pm. What that mortgage broker told you is not true.
  13. A fool and his money are soon parted http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews.aspx?type=domesticNews&storyid=2007-02-13T053517Z_01_N13447905_RTRUKOC_0_US-BOFA-CARD.xml&src=rss&rpc=22
  14. Something here sounds fishy. If they had a judgement, would they be talking about the 30 day dispute thing? Sounds like they are trying to scare you. I had a creditor (academy collections) give me a docket number. They werent really suing. Now they are talking to my lawyer.
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