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  1. Hey thanks for the reply... I guess I'll give it a shot.
  2. My mother has excellent credit and long history with a couple of CC's. I'm right on the verge of getting the 100% loan I need for a house and the lender is taking a couple of items of proof of inaccurate reporting to rapid rescore my reports. I was considering adding on to my mom's cc's as AU to get a bump that could show during rescore. Does anybody have any idea if this could bump my score quick enough? Like in a couple of days during this rapid rescoring process? Thanks for your replies.
  3. OK, About 1 1/2 years ago, the first time I started credit repair, I screwed up an Orchard Bank card account that I had a $300 limit on and ended up in the hole somehow... can't remember why. In any event I have an HSBC collection account for $395 from an 4/05 charge-off. I'd actually like to see if I can't restart with them now that life is a little more manageable. Has anyone ever screwed up an Orchard Bank cc and then contacted them about it down the road? Would anyone advise I do this?... or advise agaisnt it perhaps and just shoot for a delete or something? Thanks for the imput.
  4. Upon having a lender pull my credit in May ' 05 I learned that I had a judgment for $16,000 from AA said to have been filed 12/2004. I was never served notice or notified afterwards. Interestingly enough in Oct I sort of DV'd them (had no idea what I was doing then) for one of my accounts (I have 3 with them) but it was never close to $16,000 even all combined. Well, I disputed the judgment online with Equifax and last week the results came in that it was verified but now it's only $1600. More in line with one of my TLs. However, my scores fell probably 70 points and I didn't qualify for the loan. That's how I came about finding this forum So, after learning what to do on this site I prepared to file a motion to vacate the judgement. Thing is there is no judgment. The clerk at the courthouse searched on my name, then Asset Acceptance, the case number given (in both civil and small claims) and could not find the judgement. Considering that I was never served (but they knew how to send me settlement offers), I was never notified of an outcome, and they can't find my last name even anywhere associated with a judgement for the entire county of the indicated court address, I've come to the conclusion that it's bogus. So, should I sue? Should I contact Equifax directly to expedite having this removed since they're investigation must have been nothing more that contacting AA? Any suggestions?
  5. Ok, a couple of days ago I received the demand for payment of $75.00 they promised they would send for frivilous disputes. It doesn't use my original account number, it's a new account but the letter doesn't reference what it's for and demands payment in full immediately or that it may be reported to the credit bureaus. It also describes the notice by which I have thirty days to dispute. So, I am at the point where I'd just pay them my original amount if that'll be the end of it (it's a medical bill and although I would like to get validation on the amount to follow-up with my insurance from then, I'm sure it's mine and can pay it)... but I don't think this new charge is justifiable. Isn't it the CRA's job to detemrine what is frivilous? We disputed like maybe 3 times within 6 months online and they took it each time. I'm just not sure they have the jurisdiction to demand on this. If I dispute this debt, how should I craft the letter? THe DV I sent the first time instigated this response to begin with so I don't want to send a straight-up DV.
  6. I follow you... but it's not the first time: I also had two other judgement alerts in the recent past...before I found this forum, and those have yet to show on the report either. Here is what is under my alerts: alert date name amount file date type 6/5/2005 ASSET ACCEPTANCE CORP $1,766.00 5/20/2005 Collections 4/4/2005 PARAGON WAY INC $345.00 3/28/2005 Collections 3/30/2005 AAA COLLECTORS INC $476.00 3/13/2005 Collections I disputed the underlying collections on the other two right away with the CRA and Paragon fell off my report. AAA is still there as a collection. I had a tri-merge pulled on 05-02 by a mortgage company and they definitely weren't there. I haven't followed up on these other two to be naively optimistic that they'll somehow disappear. In any event, I know I need to call the CRA to get the pertinent info. I'll post that as I find it out.
  7. How can I find this out? It's not officially on my CR just yet... I subscribe to Experian's credit monitoring and it's listed as an alert and filed 05/20/05 but that's about it.
  8. I sent a dv to asset acceptance in which I referenced validation for three accounts they had for me. The had also placed a jugement on my equifax report. It's been 25 days and instead of a valid reponse my experian report now has a judgement but for a different amount. I subscribe to all 3 CR's alert services online so I just received an alert that this was the case but I was never served. It also hasn't regesiterd on my actual report yet but it was logged as an alert. How should I proceed?
  9. I DV'd on older collection w/ Attention LLC with the address that was on my CR. It was returned undeliverable... I've gathered from the site that they are now West Asset Management. Does anyone have the right address? Should I DV again to WAM referencing that it's under Attention LLC?
  10. Hmmm... I guess I really don't know about the SOL then... Still a newbie to it all and have some more research to do here. I guess my real questions are: Can I expect anything better than 1) for them to mark my ChexSystems account as paid (no removal) and 2) Having a paid charge-off account on my CR(also no removal or better rating)? Thanks for the reply.
  11. Got a response to a standard DV letter from Alpine Credit regarding a $170 medical bill that was pretty interesting. Some exact quotes: "I received your ridiculous letter and demands and frankly those form letters are not worth the paper they are printed on..." "On December 6, 2004, I wrote you and advised you to cease communications with this office and frivilous disputes with the credit bureaus or I would charge you $25.00 per event for wasting our time. To date we have had to deal with your file three times... will be entering an additional account into our system for $75... you will receive a demand notice in the near future." -- never recall getting this letter although it may be true but I never received validation either. (We kept disputing the item online with CR's) "I suggest once again you stop your silly nonsense. It's a shame you do not spend as much time and energy towards paying your bills as you do avoiding payment! STOP YOUR GAMES." It was signed by the President of the company. So what should I think of this? Feels like a weak attempt to intimidate but no validation was sent at all. Also, can a CA demand a cease of communications??? Should I just follow-up with the standard follow-up punctuating "willful non-compliance"? This is one of my first reposnses so just wondering if this type of angry repsponse is the norm... And if I can sneak this in... if a CA responds early with inadequate validation or something like this should I wait the whole 30 days before reponding or follow-up immediately with the demand for a response within 15 more days?
  12. I have a bank account that went bust (old checks were honored) after I closed it and moved to Cali from Colorado. The bank is First Bank of Denver. There is no CA reporting... just them. It's been 4 years and exceeds the SOL I believe but after talking to a VP there they don't seem to be too interested in settling for anything less than full payment of $700. At that point he said they would only report it as a charge-off with zero balance. Is that the best I could hope for? About 1 1/2 years ago when I found out about it, and before I found this site, I sort of DV'd them and they provided ample proof. Because it is a bank account I got hit on my CR and by ChexSystems. So this one hurts especially as I've been sans the checking account for a couple of years. I need to pay the debt to get a zero ChexSystems balance and thus a checking account with my credit union... but getting a better credit rating out of it would be optimal. Any suggestions before I bite the bullet?