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    MCK is Down!

    Apparently they still use the same cancellation techniques developed by their parent company (Cendant, formerly Comp-U-Card or CUC, best known for fraud and SEC violations). The woman I spoke with immediately told me why I would not be cancelling, and she said she'd make sure my membership stayed exactly the same so I wouldn't miss any "benefits." The "benefits," apparently, include the ability to dispute your report using the printable paper form. It seems there's no way to do disputes otherwise, oh, like on the bureaus' own sites! Best of all, the knowledgeable associate told me that viewing my own credit report on any site other than Trilegiant's (including the CRA's own sites) would result in a lowered credit score! I'm thrilled not to give these deceitful people another dime, although I will miss the valuable service they once provided.
  2. Received same error message about invalid letters in the code
  3. Why

    MCK is Down!

    You can't. That's why we were all using this service.
  4. My understanding of the law is that they must keep positive information for "at least" 7 years. Beyond that, though, the policies seem to differ among the bureaus.
  5. On a related note, does anyone know if Equifax has any employees in this country who handle consumer calls? I've actually seen job postings on their website for call center positions, but I assume they're not for consumer disputes. I don't believe I've ever spoken to anyone in the U.S. when I've called them.
  6. I've found a very similar thing with Equifax. Over the last month, they have conveniently removed ALL of the old accounts that they legally can (ie closed over 7 yrs ago). It's glaringly obvious now when I view my tri-merged report, that there's a blank in the Equifax column for nearly a dozen accounts that are still listed with the other bureaus. It apparently has not changed my FICO, but it still looks awfully suspicious.