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  1. I just called to check the status of my app, and they approved me! $3K with 2 collections (very small amts: $76 and $150, but fairly new) and 2 judgments (both paid). Only 2 inquiries, not counting the one Hooters put on my CR. I don't know what the interest rate is, but I will definitely find out when the card comes.
  2. Hey, haven't been here in a min. Just applied for the Hooters card. 2 baddies and 2 judgments with a 610 TU FICO. I'll let you know what's good in a couple of days....
  3. Dell, Hmm, let's see. If you have paid the Dell card off, then close it, unless you had it for some time. If you plan to buy something again, they don't change the terms of the card AT ALL. So if you were approved at a rate of 29.99%, the next purchase you make with the card will have an interest rate of just that. In my eyes, it's not even worth it.
  4. Does anyone have a Chase card? When did you receive a CLI from them, if at all?
  5. The AmEx Centurion card (Black Card) is offered by invitation ONLY after you spend up to $200,000 a year for 2 years straight on one of their other cards. Fsbate is right about the yearly membership fee. I actually know two people with that card and they are rappers...lol. The "black card" offers free hotel stays, free car rentals and free first class flights as well.
  6. The main trick is to be patient....if the OP is only a couple of months in and is looking for an increase. After a good 3-6 months, should they see an increase. Like others said, you can request one, but credit takes time and you can't rush into the big TLs. I've had an Orchard card for about 2 1/2 years and my limit is only $1,000. When I first got it, I always kept a high balance. But now, My balance is about $50 and my BT rate is 0% as well as my cash advance rate. They WANT me to use the card, but the only reason I use the card is to pay my TrueCredit bill every month. What I would do is, for a quick CLI, is request one, but they should be handing one out if what you're saying about paying your bill is true. Be patient, my friend...
  7. Well, I think they are good to me because I have a checking, savings, auto loan and credit card with them. I'm getting ready to get a personal loan from them, too (cross your fingers). I have about 1,000 to post against the loan, so hopefully that works in my favor.
  8. They'll usually do that with higher deposits. BOA is a good book, well...they have been good to me thus far.
  9. Do you have the link to that forum? I would like to read up on that.....
  10. Same here, and I got rid of all of her baddies, lol. We both have BOA Power Rewards cards, and that's the only card that I have that has a higher limit. All of her other cards (Citi, BOA Choice Privil and Chase) $5K and better. Mine, my highest limit is the BOA with $3K.
  11. I didn't even think Orchard would let you get that high of a limit. I thought the limit was $2,000 or something like that. Well, they are probably seeing a lot of "I'mma close this account" lately and they are calling your bluff now. My balance is $22, and I keep it at that or lower so when I'm really ready to close the acct, I won't have to lose too much money. Out of the 8 cards I have, the only card I use is my BOA Power Rewards. I put EVERYTHING on it (all monthly bills that money is already alloted to) and go right downstairs to put the money right back on it. I have like 45,000 points, lol.
  12. One way to prevent that is to pay via your bank and not on the site. Yes, it will take a little longer, but your bank will not deduct the money out of your account UNTIL they receive a confirmation # from the company. Just a thought.
  13. I tried to get the annual fee waived, but they said "no, we cannot do that at this time". They did give me their "gold card" (whatever that means) and a $100 bump. That was 4 months ago...I'm going to call them back in March and negotiate my terms again. I haven't used my card (the only charge on it all month, every month, is my $8.08 I pay for TrueCredit) and they send me "convenience checks" with 0% interest and I have a 0% BT rate right now. I'm thinking about taking advantage.
  14. They will offer you something to stay. They gave me an $100 CLI to stay with them. Then, in the same month, I called up to let them know that $100 wasn't acceptable, so they lowered my interest rate and gave me another $200 CLI. Can't hurt to try.
  15. I have an Aspire Visa. I've had it for 2.3 years and I just got my interest rate reduced to 9% and my credit limit raised to $5K. I emailed the CEO and cursed them out kindly.
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