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  1. Has anyone had luck notifying the CB's that a 623 letter was sent along with a copy of the certified receipt for removal?
  2. 1 case with BOA - Dismissed 1 case with Discover - Dismissed 100%
  3. They are all 3 coming on 3 years this month. The SOL in Virginia is 3 years so I won't be dealing with the CA any more. I haven't been inclined to pay as they still have not sent any details of the debts. The closest I have come to details is BOA telling me a transfer was done at a branch office for $6,500. As these transactions happened while going through a divorce I suspect a particular individual but have no way to prove anything. It's always interesting when they tell me to send proof. Aside from living in a state 12 hours away it is a bit tough to prove you did not make a transac
  4. Interesting, I had a similar outcome in VA. The creditors are very unprepared for any questions. I went through the WID and trial process 3 times now. Finally sued a CO myself this past year. The process is really quite simple if you do not think about it too much. You seem to get more from the judge when you don't pretend to be an attorney.
  5. I have a question that may have been addressed previously...but...her it goes. I've been dealing with 3 different creditors: BOA, Discover, and Elan for about 3 years now. BOA has sent me to 2 collection agencies. The 1st agency returned it back to BOA. The 2nd agency sued me and then dismissed when confronted with a forged affidavit and not providing materials requested by the court. The debt is now back with BOA. Discover sent me to 2 collection agencies. The 1st agency sued me and dismissed before trial. They sent the debt back to Discover. A 2nd agency sent me the warmed over legal thr
  6. How did your case end up? I am going through something similar in VA and would like to get an idea of how to proceed. Any chance you could message me so that I could compare notes?
  7. I'm looking for a way to remove a bankruptcy from my Experian credit report. Currently all three bureaus show no related accounts that are in bad standing. Experian is the only one left showing the BK in the public records section. I've disputed this item already and now they refuse to dispute the BK again. They have no way to speak with a live person and the online utilities won't allow me to dispute again. Is their any way of getting this item off the report? Please help!
  8. They are refusing to verify even though I have asked. It does not matter which way I dispute the item they refuse to investigate the items. I just don't understand how they think this is acceptable to do.
  9. It doesn't seem to matter the reason I dispute it for. They do not want to bring it back up. They claim the creditor has already given them proof. I sent out letters to the creditors requesting proof and also sent the Experian a letter telling them they have another 15 days and ignoring that letter they sent to me. Hopefully I am doing the right things. Evan
  10. I have had just about everything removed from my 3 reports except for 2 stubborn creditors Ford and Macys and a BK off of Experian. The other 2 credit bureaus have removed the BK. I am now at a bit of a hurdle....Experian is refusing to investigate anything more for me. What can I do to get past this.....any suggestions? How could I get these 2 creditors off of all 3 reports? Thanks for your help.