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  1. I don't know if this helps in any way shape or form, but when I filed my CCP96, I never got a response. I was 20 days out, and didn't know what to do, so I filed a judicial notice, indicating the address of the person who signed the Bill Of Sale and Assignment that I got in Discovery, mentioning that the address was outside of the 150 mile range. I figured at the very least, I could bring it up at trial, since I didn't use a subpoena.
  2. Yeah, the court clerk had it waiting for me in the courtroom. Gave it to me on the spot.
  3. I’ve been litigating against CACH for the last 8 months. Got to court this morning, and they dismissed the case without prejudice the day before the hearing. Nice. I had really thought I had messed up. I didn’t get my trial brief in until 9 days prior, and submitted a judicial notice, indicating the location of the signer of the alleged bill of sale was further out than 150 miles. God is good all the time. So...is there anything I should do, or any actions I should file that would prevent this from popping back up in the future? I didn’t pay for any trial costs, but if anyone wants to add anything here for the sake of the others who may need the info, feel free. P.S. NEVER GIVE UP.
  4. So I'm about three days out from my CCP96 filing, and I want to put together a great defense trial brief for the judge. Does anyone have a good resource for the language and what should be included in the brief? I'm taking on Mandarich, and I'm in California.
  5. I'm being sued by CACH. I've done all the steps, answers, request for discovery, etc. I was confused and went to my CMC, which, of course, fell on the day I should have filed my CCP 96 here is California (45 days out) I didn't have my **** together, and didn't file it. Now, the trial is 10 days out, and I'm, in a pickle. Any suggestions on how to delay the hearing, if I need to?
  6. This is my situation: I'm in California. I've been foreclosed on, and I've delayed my trustee sale for the last two months, awaiting my loan mod from Chase. Got a loan mod denial letter the other day. They offer the option of either a deed in lieu or short sale. I've been reading about the downfalls of both here, and I really want to lawyer up to either force Chase to accept a mod plan, and/or take the next 6-12 months to clear up my credit a bit more before I move. I can delay the trustee sale through the verification process for at least another few months, but I also think that I may have a chance to contest my modification denial. Tell me what are my options at this point? Do I need top answer Chase within the next 30 days if I want to accept a deed in lieu? My mortgage is upside down, and I have a first and a second, but the second was sent to a collection agency over a year and a half ago, and not even the first would cover the current value of the house.
  7. ...chocolate covered taco! You've never tasted anything like this before! Come, on try it!" Even Nimrod was taken by surprise by this. Looking at the gravy-covered confection, he...
  8. ...term "stuffing" that much more interesting. Nimrod decided it was time to take serious action. Without a thought, he whipped out his...
  9. Thanks, Kristy. That rocks. I had questions about this very thing a while back, and started a thread about it here: http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=34057 Maybe some more clarification can come of it. Good job.
  10. Not to speak for Grim, or disrespect anything that he says, he could best explain why himself, but I believe that he speaks more from moral grounds that anything else. Also, Citibank is a prime card, with good, GOOD record keeping, according to Kristy. In other words, they're the WRONG people to play with. If you can't play nice and keep you're schedule of payments, you should consider another card. I'm sure that Grim would be happy to elaborate on his feelings regarding Citi.
  11. It's almost as if they AREN'T looking at scores, but at tradelines and times. I was approved with scores in the 560-580s. I'm guessing, but I think they are approving with: 1. At least two or three solid TL's of at least 18 months. 2. No collections. 3. No lates for at least 6 months. Those are the three reqs that stand out, as far as I can see.
  12. Not even arguing that one, Grim. Guilty as charged. I was writing, when I realized I had it in the wrong forum. I'm usually a LOT better about that stuff. I appreciate the boards, and it's the first (and the last) time it'll ever happen. Sorry again.
  13. IMHO, This thing with credit has become a life-or-death thing with me. I realize that much pain and turmoil will be removed from my life if I can just get this credit thing dealt with. And I think that's how you have to look at it. Kiyosaki said in one of his books, that its easier to borrow a million dollars than to save it. I don't know. Maybe that's not your mindset, and you would just be happy with enough new credit to buy that car or vacation. I look at it as much more than that. I used Lex Law, and it did more harm than good. In the end, it was "thanks for nothing". But it's your life, and your credit, and it's how you are percieved by the institutions that have the ability to make your way of life easier. If I were you, I'd make the time to "deal with it," because in the end, you're responsible for it. Sorry if I came off preachy.
  14. It depends on the agency. Some flinch, some don't. I've used them for 3 of my collections, and a scary letter from them got 2 of them to reverse their notations.
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