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  1. I've already paid the funeral home with my credit card. The insurance check is drawn on the same bank that I have a checking account and the credit card with. Could I cash the check at my bank and pay the credit card at the same time and take the rest in cash or prepaid debit card? But wouldn't my SS# be connected to a prepaid card from my bank?
  2. They didn't give me the option to open a checking account they just mailed me the check. I got it today and need to know the best way to pay the funeral expenses (credit cards) and buy a stone without the judgment creditor getting the money. Would opening a new checking account instead of depositing it into my current account be a better way?
  3. I have a summary judgment against me in Kentucky. My spouse died and I'm beneficiary of the 10k policy. Is there any way that the creditor will know about this either before or after I file the claim? Can they intercept my claim? I need the money to pay for burial expenses.
  4. JDB (Asset Acceptance) won summary judgment against me in 2003 based on a debt I owed before I married my wife. Wife and I have separate bank accounts and both of us receive SSDI. This month JDB decided to levy my account but the bank protected my money due to SSDI deposits only. This is the first action they have taken after 9 years into the 15-year judgment. We don't own real estate. Now my worry is that they will try to levy the cars. Both were purchased with disability money after the judgment was in effect. Both cars are jointly owned and our names are both on the titles. There are no lie
  5. I filed my answer 18 months ago and now the court has filed a Notice to Dismiss for Lack of Prosecution. I plan to show up at the October 4th hearing but hopefully the plaintiff will not. What can I expect to happen and should I be worried?
  6. You got that right, I've been waiting 18 months and now the court has mailed a Notice to Dismiss for Lack of Prosecution. I plan to show up but hopefully the plaintiff will not. What can I expect to happen at this show cause hearing?
  7. The reasoning is my 80-year-old mother wants to add me to the deed of her mobile home and half acre lot which are paid for. That's why I think I should file BK.
  8. I have a judgment againt me for $43k. My income is $715 per month from SSDI. I have a couple of credit cards with zero balances and my credit score is in the excellent range. (The judgment never appeared on my credit files.) I don't own real estate and my car is 6 years old and paid for. Can I file bankruptcy and still keep my zero-balance credit cards and car? P.S. The judgment is 7 years old and is good for 8 more years unless they renew it at the end.
  9. OK, What if I decide not to re-file this motion at this time? Can the plaintiff's attorneys use this against me? Or must I go ahead with it?
  10. Thursday, 6/25/09 I filed my Motion to Strike Affidavit as Hearsay. The same day the clerk mailed it back to me and I received it Friday. The document contained a note saying "THIS MOTION NEEDS TO BE NOTICED FOR MONDAY @ 10:30." What does this mean? What did I do wrong? I served the Plaintiff's attorney the same day. Will the attorney see this as a technicality? I'm lost at his point....
  11. Thanks to all for your input and help. I filed my "Motion To Strike Affidavit" in court today and served Plaintiff their copies. What can I expect to happen next? Or what would be the next course of action by the plaintiff or the defendant. Or will I just have to wait and see what happens next? Anxiety is strong.
  12. I have one important concern. Is it okay to file a motion to strike in response to discovery? Or should I wait until the plaintiff includes the affidavit in a pleading? This is what I get from reading civil procedure below: KENTUCKY RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE PLEADING AND MOTIONS CR 12.06 Motion to strike Upon motion made by a party before responding to a pleading or, if no responsive pleading is permitted by these rules, upon motion made by a party within 20 days after the service of the pleading upon him, or upon the court's own initiative at any time, the court may order stricken from any ple