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  1. a 3in1 report.... nco has called in the past but havent gotten a letter from them. i have just now started checking my credit often and that call those calls were over a year ago but non after that.
  2. nco isn't showing up on my credit report. just mbna so will the DV letter work in this case for NCO. from my understanding if mbna has sent it to a ca then it is out of there hand. The last thing i want is for nco to start reporting it.
  3. so i shouldn't dend them a version of a sample letter, and also state that i will sue. and shouldn't there be an account number on there not just xxxxx, can i get more clarification on what i should do
  4. I had a charge off account for mbna. I don't know the original date of the charge off because it is not showing charge off on the CR since 03(no 24month payment history)but is is under the comments section. There isn't an account number showing up on my credit report either, how can i know if its mine with out the account number.MBNA said it was turned over to NCO but they are not showing up on the CR at all. i have filed a dispute with the CB's and they say it comes back as valid. What steps should i take to get this settled, from what i have read i need to send a letter to NCO telling them to validate the account and send me proof that it is my account right. after that is done do i contact MBNA since theirs is the on on the CR or should i just wait to see what NCO does and the go from there. this is the only ding on my CR. MBNA this is from the report i pulled on july 8th. I hope this helps i need advice to get this settled Equifax Experian TransUnion Reported Reported Not Reported Account Type: Revolving Revolving Account Number: XXXX XXXX Payment Responsibility: Individual Individual Date Opened: 10/1999 10/1999 Balance Date: 10/2004 01/2003 Balance Amount: $0 Monthly Payment: High/Limit: $0 $1,300 Account Status: Collection Collection Past Due Amount: $0 $0 Comments: CHARGED OFF ACCOUNT ACCOUNT TRANSFERRED OR SOLD CHARGE OFF MBNAPO Box 15026 24-Month Payment HistoryEquifax No 24-Month Payment Data available for display. Experian CO 90 90 60 NR 30 * * * 90 90 90 60 * * * * * * * * * 90 90 Feb Jan Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar 03 03 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 Payment History KEY KEY: Meaning Pays or Paid as Agreed 30 Days Past Due 60 Days Past Due 90 Days Past Due 120+ Days Past Due/ Collection Account Payment Plan Repossession or Foreclosure Charged Off to bad debt Not Reported Symbol * 30 60 90 120 PP RF CO NR Seven-Year Payment History Equifax Experian TransUnion 30 Days Past Due: 0 0 60 Days Past Due: 0 0 90 Days Past Due: 0 0