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  1. I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy 18 months ago and discharged in March 2017. I have had great luck getting credit cards with capital one, discover and I have been offered many others. I currently have a 700 credit score and a current home loan on an investment property. I also have a new car with 3.8%. I just want to get another home at a reasonable rate, but I am unable to do much of anything unless I want to pay 9% interest rate. Is there anything I can do to get better rates? It baffles me that I can have such a good rate for a car but can’t buy a $75,000 home unless I pay thru the nose. I hate to say this, but I would do anything to get that bankruptcy wiped off. I’ve heard there are some companies that claim they can do this.
  2. My situation is I make a modest income, about $600 after taxes every week, and I can't file bankruptcy because I have a rental property that I break even on every month after the mortgage payment, but is around $50,000 in equity. I'm guessing any bankruptcy court would make me sell it.
  3. Can't figure out how to change my location. I am in Oklahoma City, OK. I moved from up north in a rural county. Not many attorneys do business there. Plenty do business in OKC, but charge to travel 2 hours. Wondering what my options are. I called one and he said it is possible an attorney could get it vacated. It depends on the judge. Then you still have the debt. I dunno what my best option is?
  4. Is there anything I can do? I received notice that they will begin garnishment on my next paycheck. I honestly do not remember being served. I got a copy of the file and it says I was served at 9PM by a bail bondswoman in my county. I have recently moved to another county and it is less convenient to visit the court, but I could. I don't even know if the debt is valid. It most likely is, but I don't know what it is. Any advice would be appreciated. The total amount is $5400.