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  1. i have a line of credit and a card and yes they report the limits on all 3 bureaus
  2. MEADOWS no more. They no longer allow new member to take out personal loans. the lady i spoke to said they were having too many problems with out of state loans
  3. my aunt added me as an auth user about a week ago for JCPenny's... she has had the account since 1977. will the CC report open since 1977? that will give me 28 years of history(no lates) and the funny part is i am only 29... i hope this works
  4. congrats... what was your TU score when you applied
  5. right. i did it today lets hope it reports. i have a commercial deal waiting in the wings if it works.
  6. two reports but i am sure experian wont bite... because they are so slow. but this is awful. is it possible to piggyback a creedit card? will i also get their payment history? my dad has an amex since 1977 perfect history
  7. I had been trying to remove a repo from my report for several months. wlll finally i did it. BUT.... it took 4 years of history from my reports and dropped me from the 700 club to a dismal 593. i am very upset at my self.... is there anyway i can fix this? :'> :'> :'>
  8. i agree. i have went back in my records and looked at all my past reports and i called all the numbers and they all say the same thing!!!! this is crap!!!! i have a mortgage pending and i need to update some things. I had a direct contact with a lady at csc and she warned me this was going to happen because they are behind on disptes... she said they werent getting to disputes for 26 days which was causing some of the disputes to slide through the cracks and become removed. csc has shut down the email addresses i had and everything... i have some property in atlanta... what would happen if
  9. well the same thing happend to me. I was no status and recieved an email talking about the reward program and I recieved my card the same day as the email.....
  10. yes. *B* will be over very very soon... R.I.P MR. *B*
  11. applied on the 15th.... they told me i had to wait 7-10 days. i thought they were going to deny me... called today said card was mailed on the 19th.... 10k limit!!!!! WOW!!! 1 year ago i have to beg orchard banto give me 200.00!!!!!
  12. try this... or even go to google... type this in the search bar.... "" that will bring up everybodys name that uses that email... if you can find the ceo or someone hire up... pay attention to how the logistics of the email is set up... ie and ect.... then go to the customer relation screen at and get the ceo, or whom evers name.... presto....
  13. you may end up with a split file. i am not familiar with equifax becasue CSC Credit handles my experian file but I know with the other two you could experience a splt file and thats no fun!!!