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  1. My only question is, why did you run up the CC debt when you haven't worked for 6+ years? How were you going to pay back the money? You will never do it only paying the min payments while continuing to use the card.
  2. When you went to court, did you not tell the judge that your name was not on the contract? Did you file for discovery? Your name was not on the contract, his was. I would send a ITS letter to the people that HE rented from telling them to vacate the judgement or see ya in court.
  3. PLEASE!!!!!! STOP using that thread title!!!!! You have been asked this before. It is offensive.
  4. LOL ahh you just don't know what we have went though with this dang school. I feel your pain. I know all about the 504. He is in a special ed class, somewhat. They wanted to stick him in there with the other kids fulltime that have worse problems than he does which they did for a while. The problem was that he started to pick up their bad habits like throwing things at teachers/other kids, hitting/kicking teachers/other kids etc. and refused to do anything that they wanted him to do. Things that he did not do at home for he knew better. But they let him get away with it at school so he figured it was ok to do it along with the other kids. They did not want to correct him because he was in "special ed". All they wanted to do was call us to come get him from school. I took a day off work to go sit with him in that special ed class, as my wife could not and watch out daughter at the same time, and witnessed how they let them do whatever they wanted to do and get away with it besides not teaching them anything useful. We wanted him removed from those other kids and placed back in his regular class with special help but they would not do it. In the next ARD meeting they were trying to steamroll us with the situation and not listen to anything we had to say and told me "on tape" (I started recording the meetings after the very first one), that they would do whatever they wanted without our consent. I have never been so mad in my life. I contacted a children's advocate and had him go with us to the next ARD meeting. They did not like that very much and changed their attitudes real quick and deny deny deny but would not budge on the 30 min week speech therapy. So my son only goes to special ed classes half the day and in his regular class the rest. I am so sick of that school it ain't funny. But that is ok. We close on our new home in August after which he will be going to a diff school. I just hope that school is better than he has now (which is why I don't need that collection on my report.) He has had tests after tests after tests done on him. The school tried to label him as autistic and throw him into special ed classes and forget about him and not teach him nothing. We knew he was NOT autistic (we researched and researched the condition) but he did have some problems. We refused to believe the school's test results because they came from paid EMPLOYEES of that school. (You see, they get and additional $5000 year from each child in special ed. They just wanted the money, so I have found out). So the Advocate made them PAY for another test from an outside facility of our choosing after we had already paid over a grand for the first outside test which they refused to accept the results for and had came back the same as the last one did. And it came back as NOT autistic but having Pervasive Devopmental delay. They did not like that and did not want to accept the result again but knew that we would take them to court if nessesary. So they are playing along for now and helping my son in the areas that he needs and sending him back to his regular class to learn with all the other normal kids which he also NEEDS! So you see, they do not like me very much It is so funny that some people think that active parents don't know their children and what they need. My wife does almost nothing but work with him during the evening and on weekends as do I when I am home. We do what we can to help him.
  5. We thought about that aswell. Still looking into it. Thanks for your suggestion.
  6. We already applied there twice and was turned down with them saying that they could not offer services for my son's condition!!! We also tried the one in Houston "shriner's". They also turned us down for the same reason. I guess that just because my son does not have full blown Autisim, they are unwilling to help. But that's fine. I will spend all the money I need to get him the help he needs. My wife and I are focusing on the speech therapy right now which is where he needs it the most. We have fought tooth and nail with his school to get him more than 30 min of speech therapy a week which is all they would offer. But they just don't care enough. And this is a rich school he is going to. So I now spend $208 mo (after insurance) for 1 hr a week (2 - 30 min sessions) at the local community college. With that and his regular 30 min session per week at school, we are making lots of progress. All of your thoughtful prayers are most appreciated!
  7. We have Aflac already. 5 diff policies just on myself in case something happends to me. My wife has tried a few work from home deals but most are scams. My kiddos drive my wife nuts as it is and I don't think she can handle watching other kiddos aswell. Besides, helping my son with his problem and trying to keep him somewhat caught up in his school class is a job in it's self. We have thought about a night job but I don't get off work untill I get done. I don't have a set go home time. Also, I am on call a few weeks during the month. So a night job for her is out.
  8. Thanks Chilton. I just don't know what else I can do. I already work 55 to 65 hrs a week. I do need to see my family sometime, right?
  9. Lol, some of you are nutty.... KY huh. Some of the nurses were hot! lol. Ok, I spoke with the Vise President of the hospital (Very large hospital btw) today. I didn't settle for the customer service rep's boss, I went to the top! She said that her hospital has guidelines that all debt be paid within 12 months. I told her that I understand that her hospital has those guidelines but I was unable to pay the debt off in 12 months. I said that I just got my credit report cleaned up from past mistakes and thought that is was wrong to send someone to collections and ruin their credit further when they are trying to pay their debt. I asked her what was the point in paying the debt if that was the course of action that her hospital was going to take even after my efforts to pay it? And that collections is a place for people who DON'T pay their debt. I told her that I am the only one working to support my wife and 2 kids. I told her my wife can't go to work due to daycare expenses will eat up her check with 2 kids and that there was no point in her going to work just to pay daycare without bringing in income. I also told her that I was paying on 2 other medical bills, $200 mo speech therapy for my son along with all other household bills. She finally gave in and told me that she would allow me to pay $50 mo without it going to a CA and that we will re-evaluate my situation in August to determine if I can pay more per mo. I agreed to that. I also told her that my situation most likely will not change unless I get a raise within that time which is very unlikely. At the end of the phone conversation, I thanked her for working with me on this. You know, one of the other medical bills is from Children's Hospital in Dallas on my 6 yr old son for his Pervasive Developement delay tests and evals. The bill they sent me is over 2 grand after insurance paid their part. I called them up and asked to set up a 50$ mo payment plan and they were just so nice about it. No problems for me to pay it out like that. They were probably just happy that someone was paying their bills or at least trying to without threatening to send them to collections right off the bat. And I know that they want their money. I understand that as a company, they have guidelines. But, they must also consider that medical bills are expensive even with insurance and (most) of us hard working middle to low income class people just don't have cash laying around and that we most likely WILL NOT be able to pay off the medical debt in 12 months or less. Therefor, they must be willing to work with us (the people that are actually trying to pay off the debt and not just throw 1 to 5 dollars a mo at them) so we can get the debt paid without our credit report looking like we don't give a darn about our bills. And I already have financial planning. That is not an issue. And just so ya know, my insurance sucks a big one! My employer switched to them due to the rising costs (employer pays for my insurance and half of dependent's). With this insurance co, I have a 70/30 and $2500 deductible per person per year. Really sucks!
  10. Hey guys and gals. Some might know that I have managed to clean up my credit enough to buy a new car and house. Now my credit report is in trouble again. I have a medical bill that is very recent that is the remainder of what insurance did not pay. Over a grand. I called the hospital up today to make a $50 mo payment schedule. The lady told me that they wanted $100 mo. I told her that I could not afford that as I was paying on 2 other medical bill also. She said that I could pay what I wanted but to understand that after a few months, they would turn it over to a collection agency for slow pay. That is CRAP!! I am trying to pay this debt and they want to screw me anyhow! I'm thinking about telling her that if they turn it over to a CA then they can just add it to their write off list because I will no longer pay on it. I mean, what is the point? Any suggestions on this matter?
  11. That is them telling YOU to validate the account to them. WRONG!! If it is valid, make them produce the proper documents. Make them prove it the DV. Good for you! NEVER give them a check, period! Money order only! A check has all the info on it to do an electronic debit from your account of an amount to their liking. Classic scare tactic. just blow it off. Bingo!!
  12. Uh... thats not how the Fraud Alert works. The Fraud Alert does not "lock" your credit file. It places a Fraud Alert "in" your credit file so that when a creditor pulls your credit file, they will see the Fraud Alert and deny you, or whoever tries to use your name, the credit that was applied for. Sorry, but you still get an inquiry for each pull. You just get denied each time.
  13. Yea, he is going to post a big fat link to our community on his web site. lol
  14. I, myself cannot answer your question but DUDE, A MILLION DOLLAR house!!!!? Dang!! And a $7500.00 mo house payment, OMG!! I wish you the best of luck with your situation.
  15. BanditMan

    ACC, Inc Update

    Isn't reporting to the CRA considered "collecting" on an account? Since they report in hopes that you will pay them in order to get a mortgage or something.