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  1. Midland getting their a** handed to them is always a sight to behold. Never gets old.
  2. I was wondering if anyone had compiled a list of commonly used objections in JDB cases, such as when they introduce the affidavit, you object because it's conclusory and hearsay. My court date is tomorrow and I want to be prepared. I know I'll draw a blank if I don't have something written down.
  3. Always good to hear of another win. Congratulations!
  4. They could if they wanted to, but they would be coming dangerously close to being a legit business then (by actually trying to provide proof), and they seem to really enjoy being the scum of the financial industry. I think they get a kick out of scamming the court system.
  5. Never let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to lawsuits or JDB's.
  6. Congratulations! Good reminder that JDB's aren't the only people trying to extort money out of us.
  7. Any idea why lonewolf deleted his posts? Were there any good tidbits that we could use in our own cases?
  8. In post #4, the link to the case is broken up by dots and I can't seem to access the page. Any chance on getting the link fixed? Would be much appreciated. I wanted to read that brief.
  9. I'm in the same boat right now. If I can get my opposition statement to MSJ done and win this case, I plan on posting everything I have as far as templates, docs, etc., to help people in my position.
  10. The clerk filed a motion recently to dismiss this case and Midland's lawyers leapt into action after 2 YEARS of nothing. They filed a Response to Clerk's Motion To Dismiss, a notice of hearing in a courthouse 50 miles away from me, and a Motion For Judgement On The Pleadings Or For Summary Judgement with the same generic credit card agreement and affidavit. In 2 years the judge has yet to rule on my motions to strike the affidavit and generic credit card agreement. The date is only 2 weeks away. I just got this in the mail. Sounds like they're trying to get by something sneaky, knowing I'm pro
  11. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but it's been almost 2 years and I haven't heard anything else out of them, but it's still an active case with the court. Should I file an MSJ for failure to prosecute? I really want this off my shoulders. Bear in mind, I'm kinda rusty on all this. I shouldn't have ignored this and let it drag on, but I was waiting to see their next move, and it got out of hand. Sorry, diggingmyheelsin, I didn't see your post 'til now.
  12. Thanks trueq. I myself have wondered why the dicussion had went from "arbitration is bad" to "arbitration is good". I didn't have the pieces in the middle to explain it, but you provided them.