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  1. It's the "I never took out a payday loan, but if you can prove I took this out I'll pay it" bit. Seems strange to me for someone to absolutely know they've never taken out a payday loan but offer to pay it if there was proof. You'd think someone would just keep saying the CA had the wrong person.
  2. This is a very, ummmm, passionate thread.
  3. If they sent the notice to the wrong address, you can rebut their presumption that the letter was received. They may ignore you at this point, but I'd place bets on your side in a court case.
  4. So did you take out this payday loan or not? Your OP is a little on the coy side.
  5. Isn't that what I and others have been saying all along? It is not a violation of Cali law to engage in non-judicial collection activities (contrary to some other opinions).
  6. Courts have construed the "further action" phrase to mean a lawsuit... or the possibility of one. Many courts have ruled threatening suits on time barred debts to be violations of the FDCPA. 1692e(2)(A) specifically.
  7. You've got 4 weeks to answer. Get lawyer then answer, not other way around.
  8. A cheaper solution would be defending yourself, but buyer beware. Not saying its impossible and many before you have learned on the fly after being sued, but if you can make whatever arrangements you can to hire a good lawyer, do so. Pretty good ROI.
  9. Hire him. Have him explain everything to you so you understand the process. Read all his filings. Next time, try doing it alone. Better to get it right the first time, then be worrying about appeals.
  10. I don't see how it would screw anything up. If you have to, get the CU attorney to explain it to you like you're 5 years old so you understand the concept. Then reexplain that concept in your letter to whomever you send it to.
  11. I thought I answered your question. :shrug:
  12. Well there's a judgment out there against you. Did you know you were being sued?
  13. Were these joint accounts you knew about?
  14. Yes. Every state I've ever looked at, the statute reads almost identical. They will give 5 or 6 reasons to grant a vacate of judgment. Then they will list a 1-3 year SOL that applies to SOME of the reasons. Judgments with no personal jurisdiction can be attacked (set aside) at any time. Here is Georgia.
  15. Your credit score won't factor in AU accounts come September anyway. The issue is now moot.
  16. Dear debt collector guys; I am in receipt of your August 1st letter. I do not have any unpaid AT&T accounts. I believe you have the wrong person. Sincerely, The wrong guy
  17. I think there is something to this as it seems to happen to a lot of people. In my case, when I was disputing, I'd send my DL# and SS# as part of my addres field on the letter. I never got a "request for ID" letter from any CRA. Equifax did send me a letter back with the results of their investigation saying they couldn't process my request for changing my DL# and SS# without proof. Not that I in any way indicated that I was trying to do so. This is more in the class action lawsuit realm. You'd want to find a good FCRA attorney in your area and have a consult with him.
  18. Haven't sent CRA disputes in a long time but... EX was the only CRA that would refuse to delete an address if it was tied to any TL currently on your report. So to get rid of the addy, you had to get rid of the TL first. They'd delete the addy in 24 hours in an online dispute.
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