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  1. how did you find out who to contact that high up?
  2. I had a tradeline removed from one CRA, but it remains on the other two. Just wondering how that works. Would the CRA have deleted because they couldn't verify and yet, the other two did? Just a little confused.
  3. That's the biggest part of the Lexington scam. They don't send CMRRR!!! I feel like such an IDIOT for using these folks. I started in Feb of this year and stopped in July -- three weeks after I found this site. (make sense?) Anyway, After six months of sending DV letters on my behalf, all Lexington netted me was three frivolous dispute letters and big fat 0 response from the CAs that they were supposed to be DVing. After sending just one round DV letters CMRRR (MYSELF) and placing courteous and professional calls to the CRAs (MYSELF) I was able to get two deletions knocked out. And that's across all three CRAs, that's not counting the really difficult one that I'm working on. I was able to get a deletion from EQ. I am sure I will be able to get TU and EX to delete with some persistence. The important part is this: doing it yourself gives you credibility in the eyes of the CRAs (which i found is HIGHLY IMPORTANT) and it allows you speak in a proper authoritative tone with CAs. This is something I feel Lexington has NO CLUE HOW TO DO.
  4. Don't use lexington. I can send you actual copies of what they send. Trust me, you'd be doing yourself a service to justice handle matters yourself.
  5. I just scored a major win in my battles. I managed get Sherman off my EQ CR after 7 months of battling it out. My question now is, will the other CRAs follow? Disputing / DVing this one TL reached a fever pitch in terms of letters sent and phone calls placed, so I can't be sure which action actually resulted in this delete. How should I proceed with the other CRAs to insure deletion around the board? Thanks.
  6. I agree 100 percent. I waisted sooo much money with these clowns only to find out that I can do it better and cleaner than they ever could. I hope someone pulls a class action law suit against them. I'd love to recoup even a quarter of what I spent with them.
  7. Most credit reports have the contact numbers for the CRAs. I will put them in the thread in the morning. the numbers I used I got right through.
  8. I have a simple solution, maybe over simplistic but it did work for me. I ran into a siutation where all three CRAs were sending me the 'frivolous dispute' letter. Then, one day.. I just called the CRAs, starting with the worst of the frivolous letter senders, TU. After explaining my situation calmly and professionally, my customer service rep put through the re-dispute. It took all of 2 minutes. I then followed up with EX and EQ, both of which put through my re-dispute. Calling the CRAs and being pleasant and professional seems to help in getting disputes moved on through the pipeline.
  9. Can you point me to the statues that have them in violation? Any help would appreciated. Thank you all.
  10. an Affidavit of Debt? I DV'd a collection agency and they sent me back an Affidavit of debt which includes none of the items I think should be included in a debt validation. Can someone sound on this and let me know if this is a violation. They are still reporting on my credit report.
  11. 1-2 punch? I don't follow.. but, it has been reporting since 2002 bought from an old providian account that I managed to get deleted by doing simple CRA dispute.
  12. Well, that's just the thing, I don't know quite what I'd be suing for. I haven't gotten any collection attempts on this account for years however, they have been reporting since 2002. All I know is that I have a single negative item on my credit report.. it's sherman / LVNV. I'm not looking for any sort of monetary settlement out of the suit, I just want the deletion.
  13. I would like to send my latest DV though Fedex. Fedex won't ship to PO Boxes. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Today I will be sending my 3rd debt validation letter to Sherman/LVNV. In four months I've not gotten so much as a form letter. I've observed that I do have the right to proceed with litigation at this point. What exactly do I need to do?