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  1. please someone help me! i was just turned down for a car loan and the letter specifically said that i have a "serious charge off/ Judgement". could these sorry excuses for attorneys have gotten the judgement without my knowledge? i called the court house and they said the case is still pending. i also need to know what my next move should be. i have asked the new lawyer collecting on the same debt to validate and of course havent heard anything else. please help!!!!! you guys are awesome!
  2. ok, my case is still pending where CA is suing me. Now i'm receiving a letter from another attorney collecting on the same debt. i filed an answer a couple of months ago and still haven't received anything. I'm needing to file a motion to dismiss. can someone send me a copy to work off of or help me with the wording? any help is extremely appreciated!
  3. well i was served with it by a process server and it has a case number stamped on there by my county. i filed the answer with the court. wouldn't they have known it was bogus if it weren't? i'm just wondering how the h(%^ you can file a suit against me and then transfer the debt. so will i have 2 people suing me now if i don't pay it? ughghgh!
  4. ok, answered a summons to Matthews Law Firm on a debt. OC was fleet, CA then CACV of Colorado. Never heard a word after answer. Now, get a letter today from Bronson and Migliaccio in New York demanding i pay the debt in full. They are collecting on behalf of CACV. Can they transfer this debt after the suit has already been filed?
  5. Hi everyone, My car lease matures next month and i need to refinance it. I'm pretty much at 100% loan to value on the darn thing. I've been turned down by Household and E Loan even with my mother cosigning. she has perfect credit. I have three chargeoffs within the last three years but have never been late on my car payment. has anyone else gotten approved? i'm in south carolina. thanks for any advice. i have three weeks to do something! btw, don't think i can buy anything else because the trade in value on the car is $2000 less than the payoff! the retail value is a little higher but
  6. is it CACV of Colorado? they're suing me too for a fleet account. Definitely answer the complaint. they sue just to get the default judgements 90% of the time.
  7. not really sure what they're up to but we need a game plan. what do you guys suggest we do?
  8. ok, just got a letter from cap one today. they said in the letter "you owe the debt, you need to pay it, we will not contact you per your request but keep in mind that we are removing your name and address from our offer list for additional credit in the future. they also said that since i am not allowing them to contact me that if i should need them they reserve the right not to communicate with me. it says attached please find the copy of your customer agreement. they sent me a generic customer agreement that goes to every customer who ever gets a card! don't know what they're thinking
  9. guys: i posted this on the while you're in dv board but no one has responded. everyone always answers me here so here's my post! thanks! Received a letter from Van Ru Credit last month collecting on a cap one account. sent the dv request. Waited the thirty days. on the thirtieth day, no lie, i receive a letter from Cap One that just says your inquiry has been referred to the appropriate department for response. so, do i write the Van Ru guys back and say i asked you for validation and you didn't send it or do i dv cap one? you can dv oc in my state. thanks in advance for the help!
  10. Received a letter from Van Ru Credit last month collecting on a cap one account. sent the dv request. Waited the thirty days. on the thirtieth day, no lie, i receive a letter from Cap One that just says your inquiry has been referred to the appropriate department for response. so, do i write the Van Ru guys back and say i asked you for validation and you didn't send it or do i dv cap one? you can dv oc in my state. thanks in advance for the help!
  11. do not to the store and get a tape recorder. CACV harrassed the heck out of me and the will violate every law there is. answer the phone when they call and record them! you could take these guys for a fortune. check out this link...
  12. Have you checked out he has a long list of really bad collection attorneys on there. I'd be curious to know if this firm is. if they are, bud will give tips on how they operate, if they're being investigated, etc.
  13. no, i'm in sc. sorry i was out of commission yesterday. i was sick as a dog and couldn't get off the couch. i think this whole thing has just stressed me out and once i got the answer filed it was relief city and then my body just shut down! here's my question: can i bring these violations up even though the law firm that's handling the suit is not the one that was harrassing me? they are suing for CACV but they weren't the ones doing the calling. it was the Colorado office.
  14. My answer was very simple and i just basically asked for proof of everything they were saying. I don't have any counterclaims as this particular firm hasn't done anything but call an old place of employment posing as a client and tried to get my peronal phone numbers. The big firm that's suing me harrassed me over the telephone over a year ago but i don't have any proof. Talked with two different people there and the first told me they would settle for $1200. i told them i could pay that and when he transfered me to his "manager" she laughed in my face and told me they would never settle fo
  15. hey guys! I filed my answer today and served it myself on the CA. Bud Hibbs says on his website that these guys file suit only to never show up in court. they count on the default judgement every time.'s what happened. I walked in the front door and no one ever came out. I waited for about 5 minutes because I could hear someone talking on the phone. Then i realized that someone was trying to collect a debt as i stood there. I could hear this guy saying things like, "are you kidding me? that's all the money you have? are you just dumb? no i cannot take that amount of mo
  16. hey guys! i'm using this weekend to get my answer done and i've decided to just deny everything except for my name! here's the question: There are 3 parts to this summons. Jurisdiction, Facts and Cause of Action. under the cause of action section there are numbered items that state Plaintiff believes defendant is owner of visa, defendant failed to pay, plaintiff attempted to collect, blah blah blah. do i use the same verbage for these as i do for the facts? i'm pretty much saying, "Defendant lacks sufficient knowledge and leaves Plaintiff to provide proof." for everyone of these. I'm just
  17. ok, the attorney i saw couldn't help me and referred me to someone else. that guy won't return my phone calls and i'm not calling joe blow from the yellow pages. here's what these scumbags are asking. Please help me get this answer done because i'm clueless. FACTS: Defendant applied for and received a visa card blah blah and that the Plaintiff can provide documentation proving that the def agreed to the terms current balance of the abovementioned card is $9401 etc plaint purch def's credit account from fleet bank and is entitled to collect Cause of Action: That the Plaintiff is informed and
  18. They are reporting under Collect America, placed for collection 4/04. i have a ton of violations including threatening to throw me in jail, told me to expect a summons a year ago, and lots of "intimidating" tactics that are ridiculously against the law. problem is i can't prove any of them. it was over a year and i had no idea that this would happen.
  19. Is it a CA or OC suing you? What are the relevant dates (when did it charge off, when did they file the suit)? What type of debt was it? It is a CA. Matthews Law Firm with an address in my town. they're not in the phonebook. go figure. Charged off from Fleet in August of September of 2003. filed suit on June 20. i was just served last week. Credit Card I went and met with the attorney this morning. i found her on the website. she was one of three and the only one that called me back. she referred me to another attorney who handles these types of cases. i would really not h
  20. i'm in SC. they are suing for $9000 approximately. when it was charged off it was $4500. go figure. i'm meeting with the attorney at 10am. i'm sure she'll want a retainer to do anything and i have NO money. i'm so scared.
  21. i was served last week. can i ask them to validate this debt now? i didn't before because i've never heard of these people. CACV had been harrassing me, the calls stopped for months, didn't hear a word and then there's a knock on the door. these people threated me a year ago to sue, told me the file had already been sent out the door to the court house, that legal????? i don't have any proof of this though. i was so clueless i kept no documentation of anything. i'm scared to death! these people are blood sucking thieves. i have no money to give them! help!!!! i'm seeing a
  22. thanks for the advice. i'll got see her. i just can't afford to hire her. i'll get her to do the answer and we'll take it from there. i work in the finance industry and got into this trouble because of an ex husband. if i file BK i'll never get another job doing what i love to do!
  23. i have an appointment with an attorney monday morning. she wants me to file bk but i've told her absolutely not. she says she doesn't have much experience with consumer credit. i got her from the only other 2 attorneys in my state on the website won't return my phone calls. guess they're too busy. i'm wondering if i should just try to handle this thing on my own. Bud Hibbs website says this particular company (CACV/Collect America) usually doesn't even show up for court. they count on the default judgement. whatcha think?
  24. oc's are showing "sold or transferred" question: when i dispute the debt to credit agencies i use the one they have right? i know that may be dumb but i'm new to this. i have 3 charge offs now. one just served me with a summons. i wised up with the other two and am doing something about it now. i ignored the other one hoping they would go away and now i've been sued. this is so not what i need right now. have you had any luck with the CAs backing off after receiving the DV?
  25. I received a letter from a collection attorney and need to validate the debt. these people are not showing on my credit report. the charge off is there but it's with a different company. what should i do?