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  1. When they responded with a letter that they would not validate, the letter stated where they served(my old address), I did not state that it was not mine, it very well could be. But if it is, it is so old I dont remember it. Basically I should have simply asked, is the burden of proof still on them, or does this judgment mean I already have to pay. If they bring the documents (if they need to) that show it is mine, I will work out an agreement. I just dont feel comfortable paying something that I dont even remember.
  2. I was served through the mail to an old address. I went to court to vacate so I saw who was serving me, but I still do not recognize them or the creditor. Excalibur I as assignee for Discover financial service.
  3. I am currently in the process of vacating a judgment, my court date is on Mar. 31. (NYC) I found out I had a judgment through my credit report. When I found out I sent them a debt validation letter. They responded with a letter that they would not validate because I had a judgement against me already. I followed up with another DV letter follow up. They did not respond. That is when I figured I would try and vacate. Does a judgment mean they do not need to validate? and what should I do or bring to my court date to help me? I do not know if this debt is mine, the amount is high and not familiar, I do not know if SOL is good or not.
  4. I am from NYC. I was with a debt consolidation company from 1999 to 2000. In Sept. 2001 I stopped paying all together. Does the statute of limitations start from Sept. 2001 or from 1999?
  5. I would like to start repairing my credit by opening a savings or checking account with a particular bank. I ask which bank because I would like to take out a small secured loan with the bank and hopefully have this bank report my payments TO ALL THE CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES. Im thinking it would be better as opposed to reporting to only one. Does anyone know which banks do this?
  6. I sent a DV letter to LVNV funding and to Schreiber & Assoc., 30 days past and nothing. Sent follow up 30 days past still nothing. Both letters CMMR. They have not responded and still are reporting to the CRA's (without even a "in dispute" note on CR) . Also have disputed with CRA's, they respond with "verified". Whats my next step with CA and with CRA (letter and Follow up were from this site).......Dont know if this is important but I notice on my credit report the last 3 months that LVNV funding keeps changing its reporting name from LVNV to Sherman then back(same address and account.
  7. OK...I got who not to buy from, I got who I can buy from WITH GOOD CREDIT but my question was never answered... and some comments I didnt even understand Ive gone on the net and found some who adverise they report to the big three but when I call them and ask them to confirm its usually just one. Thats why I wanted someone who used one of these computer online stores.
  8. Does anyone know of a computer online store, where I can get a computer on a payment plan (with bad credit), that reports to all 3 credit bureaus? Ive found a few but I would like to go with one that maybe one of you guys can reccomend or have used.
  9. On average ( how many months ) of good reporting from a credit bureau on say: personal loan or computer payment can boost my credit score? For Example, I can pay off my computer in 6 to 9 months easy and my personal loan. Will this help increase my score?
  10. If I take out a loan for say $1000 and pay it off in say 4 months will this look good on my report? Or if I buy a computer from a company that I know reports to the credit bureaus and pay that off in say 3 to 4 months will this help increase my credit score?
  11. If I take out a loan for say $1000 and pay it off in say 4 months will this look good on my report? Or if I buy a computer from a company that I know reports to the credit bureaus and pay that off in say 3 to 4 months will this help increase my credit score?
  12. Is there some sort of formal request I can make to a CRA or Creditor to place positve Info. on my report that is only being reported on one? Example: Equifax has two positive reports on me but TransUnion and Experian dont report. Can I get TransUnion and Experian to report ? If so, How?
  13. Thanks Glove...You know what they say is the sincerest form of Flattery.
  14. I want to know if someone with a score over 700 can give me an example of what they might have on their Credit Report. IE. Student loan-Revolving or Paid 2-3 Credit or secured Credit cards-with what % of balance used Car Payment - Paid or Revolving Personal loan- revolving or paid or even Collector paid or being paid? I would like to follow as close as possible to someone that leads by example Just praise is only a debt, but flattery is present. Samuel Johnson
  15. Thanks alot guys..especially Doc...I,ve been thinking about the piggy banking thing for a while(I think Ill do it). I never heard of the Checking, savings account or Phone in my name helping my score, I have all. Which reminds me of a new post.