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  1. Please let us know what they tell you when you hear from them.
  2. Hi Forum. I get a free credit score through my credit card. An informed person on this forum told me that it probably wasnt as accurate as getting one from Equifax. I went and got my Score and my CR today and was pretty much floored. Providan Credit Card Score:688 Equifax Credit Score:629 Okay, here is a brief summary of my credit report. I am just asking all who have advice and knowledge to try to get me to understand why the score is so low, what I can do to fix it and at the end of the CR, I have some questions about the CR. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mortgage Accounts No Mortgage Accounts Installment Accounts 9 Installment Accounts All have 0 Balance except Student Loan $24K Revolving Accounts 5 Accounts 2 out of 3 listed as charge off credit cards even though I paid them via collection. 3 out of 5 are good accounts with 0 balances except one, which has a balance of $4100K (remaining balance of car note) Other Accounts 1 Account with 0 Balance listed as "Paid Collection" Open Accounts 4 Accounts 3 out of 4 have 0 Balances 1 has $4100K balance Closed Accounts 11 Accounts 7 out of 11 deal with the two banks that were involoved when I refinanced my student loan 3 out of 11 are charged off account but I paid them 1 out of 11 is my Car Loan (which should show as paid off next month) Accounts in Good Standing 12 Accounts 2 out of 12 have Balances ($4100/$24K) Accounts Currently Past Due None Negative Account History 2 Accounts Both are listed as Charge Offs but I paid them years later Inquiries in last 12 Months 1 Inquiry Inquiries 9 Inquiries (7/2004 - 4/2005) Collections 2 Accounts Both have been paid, but one says it is Unpaid Public Record None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shouldnt the 2 bad accounts under Revolving have a Paid Collection status too? And would it make any difference anyway? Under Collections, what it help my credit if I sent a letter stating that the account is paid and prof. I sent this type of letter out a month ago, and they said they were going to use a Month to look into it? My date of birth is wrong on the credit report, do I need that get that fixed? Last, all my accounts that are currently open are all in good standing and most have 0 balances. My Good Accounts far outweights my Bad accounts. In my opinion, my credit report proves I should be alot higher than 629. But of course, that is jmo, but anyone with some good knowledge please peck away at the info I provided and shed some light on this. Keep in mind, those bad accounts go back as far as 99 and if I would have known better, I would not have paid them and they would have been off my credit report. But of course, I was a MAN about it and paid my debt but you get penalized for that. - Mike G.
  3. Why would a CRA not want to sell a real FICO score to consumers? Shouldnt the Government force them to give consumers access to what they give Companies? - Mike G.
  4. Keep in mind, this car was paid off (and early) on 08/03. Okay, I had really bad credit when I graduated from College and so I had to go to a Tote-The-Note Place. They told me when I paid the car off, they would give me a so called LETTER OF CREDIT that I could mail to the CRAs and I would get credit. I believe they did this because they financed the loan and didnt use a particular bank but for some reason they give you a letter of credit. Anyway, I paid the car off early and they gave me a LETTER OF CREDIT, which stated how much they financed me for and that I paid it off and all my payments were made on time. I send this to the 3 CRAs and all of them say they do not take these type of Letters from the purchaser of the car and getting the car dealership to send it in was not an option. Unfortunately, the car broke down in early 2004, and I had to get another vehicle. Well, since the previous car was not on the CRs, I got stuck with a 18% interest rate. Fortunately that car is paid off now too (As you see I have a history of paying stuff off early ). Well, since I found this site a couple of weeks ago, I started thinking. Is there a way I can get credit for that old Pontiac Grand AM I paid off? I still have the letter of credit and the Tote-The-Note Place is still in business. - Mike G.
  5. Alexander thanks for posting all of this info. It is really helpful. Okay, based on what you said above, since I use both cards every month I should be fine right? Okay, I would put some thought into getting a Target Card, I just dont want to be denied and have an inquiry on my Credit. Also, I forgot I have a Dell Preferred Card, but I only got it because I wanted to use it once and that was on 9/04 according to one of my CRs. Yeah, I could not pass up this deal. I had already gotten my balance down to 4100 (Loan originally was $11,500 for 5 years) in 1 year because they screwed me on interest rate (which brings me to another question which I will start another thread about here shortly) which was 18%. Now, this Bank of America card came in the mail and I didnt even read the intro rate. I had planned to re-finance my car to get away from the 18% interest rate, but the balance was under $5,000 so nobody would give me a loan. So when I went to Bank Of America for a loan and the lady was like, you know the card you got has NO Interest until 01/06. I am already paying $600-$800 (the note is only $292 a month) a month to pay it off real fast so I put it on there because I could get it paid off before 01/06, and even if I dont, the interest on that card is no where near 18%. The credit limit on the card is $6500 btw.
  6. Thanks for the info. Is PrivacySource a free service? This may be a dumb question, but how do I know the due date? Is it always 28 days after I make the payment. I always look at it as an end of the month thing. I will put stuff on my Providian Credit Card (Just the Providian Now because the Bank Card has my car loan on it which is 3800 now) during the month and around like the 20th or so I pay it all off in full like I just did about a week ago because I assume if I let it go into next month I will get hit with interest. - Mike G.
  7. Okay, I have drawn a letter up stating that my Driver's License is wrong and the particular address that is wrong. I have made copies of the Credit Report Page and my Driver's License photo to put inside of the envelope with the letter. I also stated that I wanted my account flagged to protect me from fraud. I just happen to be surfing at work and decided to the last of my free credit reports which was Experian's and glanced over it. I am going to go home and check the other 2 before I send this letter off. - Mike G.
  8. How do I prove the wrong address portion? Do I have to get addresses from all of my Driver's License? It doesnt have a year on it, so I am not sure what year but I do know that the city that they have I have only lived there once which is my current residence. Also, does it cost any money to put an alert on the account. - Mike G.
  9. I just got my free credit report from Experian. Under the Personal Information Section: My Driver's License is wrong An address listed that I have never lived at Is this a big deal? I know to send them a copy of my driver's license, but how do I prove I never lived at the specified address or is the address not that big of a deal? - Mike G.
  10. I see...didnt know that. I just paid the entire balance of my credit card yesterday. I guess I will just use it for gas and keep the balance on there. - Mike G.
  11. Really? I thought it would be best to pay them all off. See I get my FICO score free from my Providian credit card. When I view it, there is a section that says "Paid Full Balance every month" and it seems that is looked at as plus when you do it every month. I may try that but these are high interest credit (which I dont know why since I have a 688 Score) so I am leary about leaving a balance. I was thinking about getting another credit card which would make the total 3. - Mike G.
  12. I have student loans and from my understanding you can apply for "Forebearance" as many times as you like. I graduated from college in 2001 with an IT degree and of course that was when the bottom dropped out the IT Market. I put my loan in Forebearance probably 4-5 times. Normally the bank you put your loan in Forbearance for 6 months to a year. You are just building interest still on it but it keeps you from having to pay and it keeps it from going on your credti. - Mike G.
  13. Yeah, I also have a student loan on there. The only reason I transfered my existing car loan 4100K to my Credit Card was because the loan was issued at 18% and the Credit Card I got had Interest Rate until Jan. 2006, which it will be way paid off by then. I thought I would get credit for paying my car off so fast. I got the car for $11,500 on 2/04 at 18% and at 5 year note and got it down to around $4100 (now $3800) 2 months ago. - Mike G.
  14. Hi, I just had a couple of questions for the forum. I am sitting right at a 688 FICO score right now. For 3 months it increased but for the last 5 months my FICO has not changed at all and is stuck at 688. I have obtained 2 credit cards and I always pay the balance off and even transfered balance from my car note to one of the credit cards, so the car loan is now paid off. What are some ways I can boost my credit score? I really dont need anything right now as far as buying something on credit. - Mike G.