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  1. Okay, just a few more questions. For the Roth IRA, how do I calculate how much my 401K inital balance will be taxed? Also, can I put money into an Roth IRA every paycheck or once I put my initial balance in, do I only make money based on interest? For the Traditional IRA, would I still have to pay taxes when I start withdrawing when I am retired or do I only pay taxes if I withdraw before being retired? Also, for both IRAs, do I have access to that money if I have an emergency and really need it?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. What is the difference between a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA? Also, would my money be safe and guranteed if I put it in an IRA, given the state of the financial section of the economy at the moment.
  3. I just had a question about my 401k that I had with my previous employer. I am going to be starting a new job soon and this job will not allow me to roll my 401k from my previous employer over. I was just trying to get some type of advice as to what to do with it. Some have said to put it into an IRA or something like that. To be honest, I am thinking about cashing it out and using all of it to pay off my Student Loan Balance as paying off debt is another form of saving money in the future. Thoughts?
  4. I think the OP just wants to know how to go about tackling debt in general. When I came to this forum a few years ago and started fixing my credit and handle debt, I just got a copy of all my CRs. I DV'ed the negative tradelines (you can search the forum for more on this) and the current debt that I had, like my car, I just stopped spending as much money on want items and put just about everything I had into paying the car off. I just started a new job last week, once I feel comfortable that I will be there for a while, I will start doing the same thing with regards to my student loans.
  5. I have never really seen a boost in my score because I paid a CC off. Personally, I do not believe in carrying balances for more too long. If you have the money, I think it is always good to pay any debt off that you can.
  6. My apologies, I thought you were serious. I didn't know about the discount codes. I will be purchasing my scores again, so I will have to do a search for those.
  7. Are you actually accusing me of lying about my Credit Scores from Unless I am missing something, I can assure you I paid $47.85 last night to and the scores in my signature are mine. Below is the order confirmation that I got in my email last night. Normally I would not even care but this board was very influential in helping me fix my credit, so I really take offense to someone calling me a liar.
  8. I know it has been a while as I am not able to post much, but Chevron did go ahead and remove the phantom late charge from my credit report after launching an investigation and being patient. I still cancelled the card as I never used it and I was still PO'ed about the mistake, even though mistakes happen. I thought it was really odd that they waited almost an entire year to report a late payment. Anyway, I am happy my scores are back where they were before this false late payment was placed on my Credit Report. Thanks, Mike
  9. I would have to disagree with #3. I bought a used 2000 Honda Civic back in 2003 for around 12K. It was a 5 year note but I paid it off in less than 2 years. I saved on interest and I have not had a car note in several years. I think as long as you are not buying a new car frequently and when you get your car paid off, keep it for another 4-5 years, is optimal, but that is just my opinion.
  10. I have an AMEX blue Card, personally, I would not apply unless I had a 700 Fico score from the CRA that they pull from. However, others seem to have gotten them with a 690. I posted on long time ago on here who they pull from, but not sure if that thread still exists.
  11. Thanks for the information. Yes, I worked pretty hard 3 years ago to clean my credit up and my testimony is around here somewhere. Unfortunately Chevron just decided to report a supposed late payment in 07/2007 (disputing now) now, so my scores went down drastically, so I had to say goodbye to the 794 score, but I will live. Oh, sorry for posting the wrong thread.
  12. I currently use TrueCredit's Credit Monitoring Service and I have been doing so for about 3 years. I was also able to get the service at a little over $7 a month through a special offer I found on this site. Is there a consensus on which Monitoring Service is better as far as Cost per month, Bumpage, Credit Alerts, True FICO scores etc etc. Last I heard, Equifax was the only company that had the license for the true FICO score and it seems as if has some sort of deal with them. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum and/or there is an existing thread discussing this matter.
  13. I think what I am saying is "I don't know if I was late". The $22 I stated was just an abritrary number as it is typically what pay to fill up my car, in reality I do not know what the figure supposedly is. Of all of my cards, the Chevron Card gets the least attention, so I would not be suprised if I was late at some point. But as I stated, this week was news to me that I was late and it was not being reporting that I was late up until this month and I have proof it wasn't. Any prudent individual would definately look into this. If they are able to prove that I was late, so be it, but I do have a right to know if this is a mistake or they were just simpling late reporting something they have the right to report. There is nothing crass or unappropriate going on here, just a private citizen trying to make sure new information belongs on the CR.
  14. Sure it is worth the effort, if one is contending that there was never a late payment. Now, when I first started this thread, due to time constraints, I had not researched all areas. Upon further research, I found that past CRs as early as 3/2008 do not show Chevron reporting that I was late almost 1 year ago, so it would only be prudent to question why they are reporting it now. In reality, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  15. Ahntara, can you expound on the comment in bold? Thanks
  16. Update, I was able to go through my past CRs from the Big 3 this mourning. Unfornately, I have not printed a hard copy of an EX and TU report since 2005. Fortunately, I printed out my EQ CR last month and based on EQ's Legend Key, it does not indicate that Chevron has ever reported a late payment. I just spoke with a CSR from Chevron. Chevron's records indicate a late payment in 6/07. She talked to someone who handles CR disputes and they asked me to fax them: 1) Equifax CR from 3/08 that shows that there wasn't a problem listed with my account 2) A CR that now shows there is a problem listed. I think they want this because their records indicate 6/07 and the CRAs are saying 7/07, not sure Here is the letter I faxed, along with all other items requested: Not sure how effective this is, but I am starting to think that this late payment from last year that is just recently being reported is causing my score to drop.
  17. Let me ask you all a question: I am looking at the Equifax Credit Report I ordered and printed out on 03/2008. I am looking at the Chevron section and there is no mention of a late payment. Is it odd that in 03/2008 there is no mention of it, but in 05/2008, there is a mention of it, even though I supposedly was late back in 07/2007? Tommorrow, I am going to go through my archives of credit reports and check this out. Unfortunately, I don't always print out my CRs, as I just log in and view them.
  18. Well, I just ordered my CSs and CRs from EQ = 735 EX = 714 TU = 701 Extremely disappointed and it PMO to no end that Chevron had the nerve to report a $22 balance as late. Even though most will disagree, I decided to just cancel the Chevron card. Yes, because they annoyed the heck out of me by doing this but I just found that I was forcing myself to use the card and of course would just forget to pay it for a while. I have a Student Loan, an AMEX Blue and a BOfA card and I don't plan on using credit anytime soon, so I will be fine. Yes, I will lose the history but I wont have to worry about missing a payment because we all know Chevron just has to have your $22 worth of gas money or they could go out of business.
  19. I do not think the late payment is hurting because for the last 3 years (since I found this site) I religiously check my credit every 2-3 weeks. That late is from 07/2007 and my credit scores from TrueCredit have consistently been in the 740s for the last 2.5 years, so it would be odd and unlikely for it to all of the sudden start to affect my score now. Also, as mentioned before, 2 months ago I ordered my Credit Score from Equifax and it was a 794, there is no way that late payment from almost a year ago could just kick in now. The reason I checked my EQ score was because I got into an interesting conversation with a CSR from BOfA while renwing my new CC. I actually was telling her about this site and how I fixed my credit. Long story short, after she told me they used Equifax, I told her that I thought I had a 764 CS with Equifax and legally she could not tell me what she saw on her screen, but she did tell me it that my value was alot lower than what she was showing on her screen. I think it is implausible for a late to start to kick in and drag a score down almost a year later. The only changes on my credit: 2 BOfA cards and 2 Chevron Cards, when there should be 1 of each. I really think this is messing with the CS calculation, but that is speculation. What is going to suck is I am about to lose a good account with 3+ years of history, since BOfA issued an entirely new CC because they merged with another company. I am strongly thinking about ordering my report and score from Normally, I just go to all 3 bureaus and order them directly.
  20. I have another question. Since I use TrueCredit to check my scores and credit, is there a way I can contact someone there about this situation, or do I have to communicate through the mail?
  21. The opening dates match, but the last repored doesn't. New card = 04/08 last reported Old card = 07/07 last reported
  22. A little bit more information. I just called BOfA and they said the reason I have 2 Accounts is because they just recently merged and they had conflicting Account Numbers with the new company. The CSR told me that the old account should be listed as closed and she is sending a request to the BOfA Credit Dept. to fix it. May not be the reason for the drop, but the information as it is now is wrong.
  23. Also, I looked at my TrueCredit Credit Alert history and the last alert was 06/2007, which was an address change. However, I do find it weird that they didn't alert me of the BOfA and Cheveron Accounts.
  24. Hi forum, I just had a few questions about my Fakos from TrueCredit. Over the course of the last 2-3 years or so, TrueCredit has consistently reported my Credit Scores as followed: 735(TU), 740ish(EX) and 750ish(EQ). After a hiatus of about a month, I checked my TrueCredit Scores yesterday and my scores are now: 700(TU), 699(EX) and 684(EQ). Bad Accounts = 0 TransUnion Inquiries = 2 (08/2006 and 05/2007) Late = 1, 30 day late on a Chevron payment in 07/2007 The Chevron late should not be hurting me and as I stated, I have checked my Credit fairly often for the last 3 years and my scores averaged in the 740s even with it on there. The last Equifax Score check about 2 months ago showed a FICO of 794 (scared to think what it is now). Now, what I suspect is happening is that 2 of my cards I got in 2005, a Chevron Gas Card and a BOfA Credit Card have recently expired. New ones have been issued and on my Credit Report I have: 2 Cheveron Accounts (New card/Old Card), but 1 is closed (that seems correct) 2 BOfA Accounts (New card/Old Card), but both are still listed as open (which is incorrect) When calculating my score, is TrueCredit looking at these recently opened and closed accounts and coming to the conclusion that I have too many Cards? Also, would I call BOfA or the CRAs about 2 BOfA being reported as open? Other background info, I have: AMEX Blue - open and good status (2.5 years old) Student Loan - open and good status (Over 5 years old)