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  1. I can vouch for that. I paid my car off in a 1 1/2 years and really didnt see that much of an increase and that was about 3 months ago.
  2. Works for me. The only reason I applied for one is because I knew what type of score you had to get it, which is in the low to medium 600s. It helps to diversify your accounts, fairly easy to get and helps build up credit history. But it doesnt give you any discounts on gas like I beleive Shell does and some Chevrons wont accept it.
  3. Okay, I will just contact them then. I have been putting all my gas purchases on there and have paid 2 times already. - Mike G.
  4. Last time I checked, I had a 763 from Equifax....thanks to this site of course . - Mike G.
  5. I got a Chevron Gas Card probably, 2 months ago and it has still not appeared on my Credit Report, do they even report to the Big 3?
  6. I dont know about the second question you have but as far as the first.. All 3 Credit Bureaus at one time or another had my name spelled wrong, my date of birth wrong and one even had my social security number wrong or my Driver's License, cant remember which. Make a copy of your Social Security Card and your Driver's License along with a letter to them stating that you need it fix pronto so you can avoid being associated with somene else and the fact that it is inaccurate. Also,yes it can help you. I started out on this board in like June 05 with a about a 630 FICO and about 4 negatives. Now I have zero negatives, and my Equifax Score, since it is the only Bureau that uses the FICO equation is a 763 as of 2 weeks ago. Anyway, when I was doing "Not Mine" disputes, I reminded them that they had gotten my SS#, DL#, Name and DOB wrong in the past so this could be another example of them putting wrong info on my report. I just used it as another weapon against them. - Mike G.
  7. If there is a will there is a way. I work for one of the largest Mortgage Originators in Texas as a Software Developer and we have huge databases that store all kinds of goodies and of course one of them is their Ethnicinity. If there is a will and IMO there is, there is a way to find out.
  8. Congrats DefeatCA You sound like me. Around June of this year, I had an average FICO of around 630 or so. After doing some of the things I did here, my average is around 730. Heck even my Providian FAKO is at 761.
  9. If I am not mistaken when you ask for an alert to be put on your account and you point to specific accounts as being fraudulent, filing a Police Report is one of the things you have to...this per Suze Orman's show. - Mike G.
  10. Is there a website I can go to to see most of the companies Citibank and Chase are involved in to make sure I can better avoid them?
  11. Got the same thing. He couldnt explain why my old one would not work. Oh, and you have to wait 5 minutes before you can use your new password.
  12. Your DOLA, which is used to determine how long your account will stay on a CR never changes. If you pay the debt off, make payments on the debt, the debt is sold to another CA, doesnt matter, that DOLA (Date of Last Activity) + 180 days Date never changes. Now, the date that is used to determine the SOL of when you cannot be sued for can change.
  13. They can put it back on but they have to inform you within 5 days. - Mike G.
  14. More security. I guess I dont mean "Fraud Alert" but another form of security where individuals must answer certain questions before gaining access to my Credit File. I have one on there now and it is nice to know that not even myself can attain credit without providing extensive proof.
  15. I was wondering why one cannot have a fraud alert placed on your CR indefinitely? If im not mistaken, the longest you can have one placed is about 6 months to a year. Is there a way to block people from getting your CRs until they verify 3-4 peices of information like when there is a current Fraud Alert on them?
  16. Interesting. I just opened up a Chevron card and still waiting on my AMEX Blue Cashback to come in the mail. So I guess I should see about a 12pt drop in my FICO? - Mike G.
  17. Grim, next week I am planning on buying a product that lets you view your 3 reports and your scores anytime you want for a monthly fee. I have heard and have this type of product, which do you feel is the best?
  18. Interesting... I just sent a letter to Experian for two things: 1)To remove addresses on my CR which I have never lived at. 2)To correct 2 addresses, which are almost correct but missing things like apartment numbers and/or Zip Codes were wrong. I have no negatives, so hopefully they dont refuse. My name is common and I dont want to get mixed up with someone else because they have totally WRONG addresses and ones that are INCOMPLETE on my file. I let them know this fact in the letter I sent them as well .
  19. One was placed on mine. I would assume that most of the time a consumer has seen his/her CR already and disputed something as "Fraud" and would get a free CR anyway after the investigation is over. - Mike G.
  20. Yep. If I am mistaken, even if one had to file for Chapter 7, it still would not rid you of them. - Mike G.
  22. I just talked to a Co-Worker who is going to Grad School at SMU and he said that they encourage you to pay interest on the loan, if you can while in school. He hadnt looked at his CR, so he didnt know if it reported or not. I am sure it is, but wont hurt you because it will probably have a "forebearance" status or something like that. - Mike G.
  23. Maikeru-sama

  24. Im with you. You are just letting the poster know that OCs/CAs may start asking question like "Who do you think stole your ID"? If you OWED me money and you claimed ID Fraud, my first question would be "Do you know the offender". I know when I went to court for a Ticket my brother got in my name, the first thing the Assistant DA asked me was "Do I know who could have possibly Misued my Driver's License". Since my brother's description matched the ticket to a tee, all it would have taken was for me to point the finger at him. - Mike G.
  25. Yep, a conversation consisting of warnings that ONE could have a CHANGE of heart and send you to jail if you do it again is usually all that is needed. - Mike G.